What is the Best Commercial Floor Scrubber

When your floor needs hygienic and frequent scrubbing, a floor scrubber will help you make your floor look the best. If you want to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your commercial establishment, then you must have to invest in high-quality cleaning tools. An excellent commercial floor scrubber will provide an efficient cleaning solution for your concrete or tile floors.

Floor scrubber is the best as well as efficient floor cleaning device rather than mops and brooms. In the past, it wasn’t easy to clean the floor even we had to get down on our knees and that procedure took a lot of time to clean the floor. But nowadays, many people and individuals now use this tool as part of their everyday floor cleaning.

Types of Floor Scrubber 

If we talk about simple floor cleaner or scrubber, then there are 3- kinds of scrubbers including-

  • Automated
  • Floor Buffers
  • Polishers

Types of Floor Scrubber

Automated Floor Scrubber Machine

This cleaning machine features a container for cleaning solutions and jets, which helps to squirt the mixture efficiently. After that, rotary brushes wipe the cleanser on the floor to eradicate grime and dirt. After scrubber, less water will be found on the floor and also dries faster.

Floor Buffers 

Floor buffers work the same as floor scrubbers. But it makes the floor as shiny as possible. Moreover, buffers use soft materials for the rotary brushes. As a result, it doesn’t damage the sensitive floor.

Floor Polishers 

Floor polishers are primarily designed for marble and wood floors. They can bring out just a certain shine at all.

When it’s About Commercial Floor Scrubber, then there are 3 – Types. 

  • Upright
  • Walk-Behind Automatic
  • Ride-Auto Scrubbers

Upright Scrubber 

The smallest scrubbers are upright scrubbers, with cleaning paths measuring between 12 to 14 inches. This range is ideal for cleaning 500- 1200 square feet areas. This type of scrubber is lightweight, which is a perfect choice for offices, restrooms, classrooms, entryways etc. Another fantastic benefit of this machine is that it can efficiently go under furniture due to its lie-flat feature. So this is an ideal choice for small areas.

Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber

Walk-behind automated floor scrubbers come in different sizes, especially around 13- 38 inches. These automated scrubbers are mainly designed for large areas. Also, they are ideal for 1000- 15000 square feet areas. It is suitable for hallways, warehouses, gyms, lobbies etc.

Ride Automatic Scrubbers  

Ride automated scrubber offers small to large sizes, cleaning path measures between 20 to 45 inches. The main benefit is that you can stand or sit on them. This scrubber is the most productive tool, especially to clean large areas. Even it provides a large recovery tank to carry the slurry.

The Features you Need to Consider 

All of these cleaning tools are designed to give you the best result you want. However, the best option should be chosen by the size, cost and purpose of their uses. Let’s consider some of the most beneficial aspects that the top industrial floor scrubbers possess:

  • Maintenance-Free Batteries and Onboard Chargers 

The limited reach of floor scrubbers is one of their key limitations. If wires are not long enough, it won’t be easy to clean every floor corner. That is why some floor scrubbers come with maintenance-free batteries and onboard chargers. This type of floor scrubber will help you to scrub every corner without any hassle.

  • Dual Counter-Rotating Brushes 

Brushes are an essential material of a floor scrubber. The high-power dual counter-rotating brushes help to remove even hardened grime from any form of surface. These types of brushes can work on both smooth and three-dimensional surfaces. As a result, any heavy soil stuck on the floor will be eradicated and will give your floor a new look. Cylindrical brushes cleanse and sweep the floor simultaneously.

The number of brushes in a scrubber is another important. Some scrubbers come with only one brush and some come with two.

  • Columns and Handles 

The handling convenience mainly defines the overall effectiveness of a floor scrubber. The column and handle must be moveable to draw handles without putting unnecessary strain on the handler’s hands and back. The best floor scrubber manufacturers use advanced ergonomics to ensure that the product’s handles deliver the best user experience possible.

With all of these factors in mind, you will never make the wrong choice for the best commercial floor scrubber. Pay a visit to a retailer that stocks all of these elements.

  • Ease of Filling and Draining Tanks 

When you are thinking of purchasing a floor scrubber, you have to determine where you will be dumping and refiling your tank.

How Do Commercial Floor Scrubbers Serve?

Commercial floor scrubbers are the most effective cleaning equipment for reducing labor requirements. These business floor scrubbers are appropriate for usage on various surfaces, including rubber, cement, wood, terrazzo, ceramic and marble. It would be best if you kept in mind that not all floor types are chemical resistant. That is why you should study your floor type and find the best scrubber that matches your floor.

How Do Commercial Floor Scrubbers Serve

There are three Main Parts of a Scrubber

  • The dispensing solution
  • The vacuum system
  • The solution recovery

All these systems work together to leave your floor dry and clean. 

Automated Dispensing System: The auto scrubber begins cleaning by dispensing a precise amount of cleaning solution onto the floor. These types of scrubbers can also rely on water and pad pressure to do the best job.

Scrubbing System: Scrubber comes with a brush or floor pad that scours the floor by applying the cleaning mixture. This brush eliminates the floor’s soil and dirt. Moreover, it also removes grime, dirt and grease etc.

Vacuum System: After that, a powerful and squeegee vacuum system is opened. It gathers the slurry off the floor. Then in an onboard tank, the dirty water is stored.

So, you can see that these combined features of a floor scrubber reduce the time to clean the floor and efficiently dry up the floor preventing accidents like falls and slips.

Final Decision,

Undoubtedly, Floor scrubbers clean the floor effectively and the floor dries quickly and thus helps you get a hygienic and shiny floor. Now cleaning your floor will never be as difficult as it was before. You will never switch back to a regular mop when you start using this equipment.

Check the size of the area that needs to be cleaned before purchasing any floor scrubber. Then think about the obstacles in the area and the budget you have decided on it. Considering this thing, you can get the best and most efficient tool as a cleaning solution.

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