What About You Need to Know LED VS. HPS Grow Light

As we compare LED Grow light vs. HPS Grows light, we can compare all the power, but that will take longer. So we will be focusing on high-power Grow light such as 1000w LED vs. 1000w HPS Grow light.

If you cannot choose between LED and HPS Grow light, you should read our article. We can ensure it will bring befit for you and you will be able to choose your Grow light. So, we will be covering these points to give you a better understanding.

  • What is the difference between LED and HPS Grow light?
  • Which is better, an LED Grow light or an HPS Grow light?
  • Should you choose an LED Grow light or an HPS Grow light?

The Difference Between LED and HPS Grow Light

Before we get to the difference, we better look at its ability. So what’s the point of buying a Grow light? You ask, well, light is one of the fundamental sources of Growing plants, seeds, crops etc. People used to Grow them outside under the sunlight, but now it’s possible to Grow them under any rooftop with the help of these Grow lights.

There are many different types of light, but LED and HPS Grow light is ideal for Growing plants and seeds. These light’s power is measured in watts, which you will find from 1 watt to 1000 watts. They may have similarities in power, but there are many differences as well.

LED Grow Light

Light Emitting Diode, known as LED, is an energy-efficient light; quality full LED Grow light can save up to 90% of energy, saving many electricity bills. A 1000 watt LED Grow light is capable of providing 130000 lumens, which is suitable for 4-plants. A 1000w LED Grow light will cover 20-25 square feet. Also, it will provide clear light that increases the Growth rate of your plants. The cost of this type of light is within reach, which is best for budget-friendly people.

The difference between LED and HPS Grow light

HPS Grow Light

The full meaning of HPS is high-pressure sodium. It can provide yellow, blue, red and orange light with a high wavelength. It is ideal for bigger plants entering the blooming periods. The power of these Grow lights is similar to LED Grow lights, but they are not energy efficient; they consume a lot of electricity. A 1000 watt HPS Grow light can provide 130000 lumens; this light is not preferable for small plants or seeds. It comes with a high expense; you need to maintain it every month.

Which is Better, an LED Grow Light or an HPS Grow Light?

Both of these lights are best in their ability; if you compare them side by side, you will not understand the differences. Such as LED Grow lights are energy-efficient; on the other hand, HPS Grow light consumes a large amount of electricity. But HPS Grow light has a blue, yellow light, which is best for the growth of leaves and branches of a plant.

A 1000 watt HPS Grow light can obtain 1.7 joules of efficiency if equipped with electronic ballast. But if it was magnetic ballast, even a 400-watt HPS Grow light will surpass a 1000 watt HPS Grow light in terms of efficiency. So the quality of an HPS light will depend upon its ballast.

LED light is more efficient than HPS light; LED light efficiency is around 2.8 joule. And for the quality depends on its engineering, the quality of diodes also on its composition. With a low spectrum, a 1000 watt LED light will not provide a good environment, but with a good spectrum, a less-watt led can outperform a 1000 watt LED Grow light.

So to buy the best LED or HPS Grow light, you need to see the details of that product and clarify its capability. If you are looking for an efficient one, an LED Grow light will be the best choice & check others gardening equipment.

Should you Choose an HPS Grow Light or an LED Grow Light?

We have talked about both LED and HPS Grow lights, how capable they are. Indeed you have known the advantages and disadvantages of these Grow lights and come to a decision. So we want to point out the main facts of these Grow lights that will help you make your mind.

Choose LED Grow Light if you Want these

  1. If you want a Grow light that will be capable of saving energy, that will reduce the electricity bill.
  2. Choose if you are trying to Grow small plants, such as Growing seeds that don’t require yellow, blue or red lights.
  3. If you want your Grow light to cover more than 20 square feet.
  4. Less expensive and easy to replace with high efficiency.

Choose HPS Grow Light if you Want these

  • It is suitable for flower type plants, with a large number of leaves and branches
  • These lights are capable of providing yellow, blue and red light with a high wavelength
  • It has 130000 lumens that are best suited for 4-big plants
  • Less energy-efficient and it consumes a high amount of electricity

These are some main facts of LED and HPS Grow lights; these points should be enough to determine which Grow light he should buy.

Final Verdict

Grow light is a marvelous creation of modern days; this light helps a lot in research, indoor cultivation of plants. Many types of Grow light are available but LED and HPS Grow light is famous because of their ability. LED light is energy efficient. On the other hand, HPS Grow lights are capable of replication sunlight.

We have tried to give you the best output on LED vs. HPS Grow light; we tried our level best to bring all the information and comparison of these two lights. We sincerely hope you will be able to choose between LED and HPS light, but if you are still unable to do so, do more research.

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