Watering Tools & Equipment Buying Guide

Watering Tools

Keep your Garden Well-Watered with Watering Tools and Irrigation Systems Are your plants in requirement of a good watering? Keeping your flowers and lawn well-watered is the key to a healthy and predominant garden. With so many watering and watering options out there, it can be hard to choose which is best. Or maybe you need a tool to supply or collect water for cleaning your car or filling your paddling pool? From watering cans to hoses, sprayers to sprinklers, we’re here to help you find your ideal watering tool Before you begin When choosing tools and materials for watering in your garden, first consider the following things, to help you decide on the most appropriate for your needs.

What are you Using the Watering Tool for?

Looking for a tool to water your plants? Various plants thrive under different conditions so the best way to water a plant will vary depending on how and where it is planted. You won’t want to turn a full-powered hose onto young seedlings, but a small watering can isn’t going to be a lot of use if you have a lawn or several large flower beds that need watering.

Whether you are looking to use the watering tool for filling a paddling pool or entertaining the kids in the garden on a hot day, consider a hose pipe and maybe even a sprinkler attachment.

For cleaning the patio or car you could use a hose, but for more ability opt for a electric pressure washer. Search out more about pressure washers in our buying guide.

How Big is the Task?

You may need different watering tools depending on the size of the watering task. For example, if it’s just a few houseplants or pots that need watering you’ll only need a small capacity watering can or sprayer. But, whether you have a lot of plants or a large area of lawn to water, investigate more specialist watering tools that give a high volume of water in a way that suits the task.

How Big is Space?

Consider the size of your garden or outdoor space and how you will transport your watering tool around it to reach all the plants or objects that require water. For example, for a small garden or balcony, you might only need a small watering can or short hose. For a larger space, you’ll require to look at longer hoses and sprinklers.

Watering cans

For carrying water and for simple watering of plants

The simplest and most general method of watering gardens is the watering can.

Our Watering Cans

Are available in plastic or steel. Plastic is most common, being lightweight and rust-resistant. Steel watering cans are more rustic-looking so fit well in a rural-style garden. 

Come in a variety of sizes, from 1.5 liters (L) to 13L. The best size for you will depend on the number of plants or the size of the area you’re watering. Opt for 1.5 to 5L for small tasks like a watering balcony or indoor plants. 5 to 9L is suitable for a medium-sized garden, whilst 10 to 13L suits a large garden.

Are available with a rose – a wide head that attaches to the spout that sprinkles the water as opposed to pouring it. This gentler watering system is better for delicate plants. Roses can also be bought separately.


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