How to Choose a Your Hand Watch: Tips & Expert Advice

Watch Buying Guide

Buying with confidence involves knowing the materials, movements and case sizes and then applying what you have learned to your personal style.

Buying a watch can be an easy shipping purchase. You can pop in any department or off-price store, spend -1 25-100 and you’re done.

But at some point, whether you are male or female, you are likely to have something more impressive. A delicate timepiece can cut any outfit – be it a suit, cocktail dress or Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt.

For women, a watch acts as a companion to other pieces of jewelry, ideally combining its style and other accessory choices for the day. Are you wearing a gold necklace and ring?

For men, since it’s often they just wear “Jewelry” a watch acts as an anchor for their appearance. Of course, whether they cost 49 49.95 or 000 5000, watches do the same thing (and if they stop working, your phone will work as a sufficient backup). But a watch also makes a statement: this is who I am; This is what I aspire to be.

watch buying

If you are going to spend more than 100 on a watch, you need to understand the basics of what you bought. Theoretically, you could run the name and spend $ 2 million on a watch. But in all likelihood, you are spending -7 500-7,000 and may be unsure about the intelligent way to do it. Here’s what you need to know to buy with confidence, starting with content, movement and case size.


When considering materials, it is important to include cases, bands, crystals and movement.

The case is the outer covering which is usually made of metal, which was designed to protect the inner works. Your style and durability should be considered when you are thinking about case materials. The style is about what you like best; Stability is effective in how you use the watch. For example, do you swim regularly? In some cases, it is designed to prevent water from entering the clock. It’s a great idea to take the water-resistant watch, even if you’re washing the food closest to the water. Stainless steel is the most popular case metal used in high-quality watches. Stainless looks great forever because it prevents staining and discoloration. You can consider titanium, it is a new choice that is becoming popular because it is as durable as stainless steel but not heavy on the wrist. Different carats of solid gold (not gold plated) are expensive and this is the standard for luxury men and women’s timing – although the gold may appear shiny and not every man or woman looks comfortable wearing it.

Bracelet or Strap?

Another key element to consider as well as thinking about the right watch for you is the band. Bands come in two forms: bracelets and straps.

Bracelets are made with interconnected metal links, usually, bracelets can be resized by adding or deleting the same material links as in the case. Bands can come in a variety of labors, rubber, plastic, fabric and other materials and can really change the look of a watch. Sports watches often come with sturdy outdoor activities with durable rubber or nylon straps. Certain women’s fashion watches are sold with complementary leather, rubber or plastic bands that can be matched to different outfits and men can always expand their style options by buying extra bands. The color choices are endless when it comes to bands.

Case Size

If you’ve been studying the wrist lately (less awful than that), the size of the watch case is definitely increasing. Case diameter is measured in millimeters – on average women have a diameter of 34 mm or less. The average diameter for males is usually at least 40 mm or more, which is slightly more than one and a half inches. However, it is not really unusual to see case diameters of 48, 50 and even 55 mm (which is 2.2 inches!). And these giant faces are not limited to men. Women have become very confident about making statements with big face watches.


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