7 Unexpected Fitness Tools That Really Work

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While the last few years fell short of motivating you into six-pack abs and easy breathing during the company 5K, then you might benefit from a couple of fitness hack tools in 2022. They help remove the roadblocks between you and your destination and optimize the effort you’re already giving.

Battling Ropes

Steadily growing in popularity over the last few years, battling ropes might be something you’ve seen in your local gym or broadcasted as an intrinsic part of a celebrity workout regimen.

The idea is that these thicker-than-average ropes are not only a fun new way to work in your cardio but that the actions required to move them will extra dynamically assign muscle groups all over the body. That’s a great way to work up a sweat at the same time you work out the entire body using one tool.

Leggings with Built-in Resistance Bands

Physiclo’s leggings with built-in resistance bands have to be among my favorite fitness hacks that I’ve to get while on the job here.

They can be a challenge to get on and off and the fit might not be as flattering as your pair from Lululemon, but they’re an actually helpful novelty to fitness in a sea of gimmicks.

While working at an NYU rehabilitation center, co-founder Frank Yao and his fellow med students and physicians wanted to make it simple for patients to improve their fitness with limited time and fewer benefits. “Resistance clothing” helped patients turn daily activities into amenities to improve physical fitness and tone muscle.

The same opportunity apply to athletes and casual gym-goers. You can find a full review here, but if you’re looking for a way to optimize daily errands to arduous gym sessions, you might want to look into checking out a pair of Physiclo’s resistance leggings yourself.

Ankle/Wrist Weights

They might not be the most stylish thing in the world, but they’re one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get a workout at home. I actually have this exact pair, and on the nights when I don’t want to heap up and go to the gym, I put a movie on and work through some exercises with this on to keep myself efficient. They’re also helpful on “Rest” days when you don’t want anything rugged but like the consistency of a routine.

Fitness Tools

A Bike Desk

While it’s tough to trace time for the gym or money for classes, you might benefit from some creative tweaks to other everyday tasks like working from home or wasting time on the computer. We had the possibility to try out a bike desk in the office and loved it, but my own mother happens to swear by this more compact option.

An AB Wheel

Just like the battling ropes, the beauty of an ab wheel hides in its simplicity. That might not seem like a strong workout from afar, but you’ll know from the first roll that it is working. You’ll need to use your arms to roll the wheel out and back, but the instability desire engages your core and other harder-to-reach muscles. While you’re looking to target obliques, simply roll it from side to side.

A Foam Roller

Foam rollers are crucial for a growing range of motion and mobility. That makes the shortlist of the best at-house exercise buys you can make, according to personal trainer Chris DiVecchio, because “extra mobility means extra muscle fiber recruitment, that translates to bigger and stronger muscles.”

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