The Best Small Toaster Oven in 2022

This is some what a big deal to find the best small toaster oven reading a part of product reviews that is written simply or not deeply. Our effort on this issue goes a bit otherwise. We have a closer look at the every product that we have picked and reviewed in this article. Hours had been spent, ran after the famous brands and models. Setting an eagle’s eye, scrutinized the customer’s feed backs and counted the critical issues, negative and positive too. Before finalizing the list, a counter-check on the product quality and features was our suffocating state, though we did at last. For you, reading the reviews will be the best practice to reach a product that you want to buy from this article signal.

None is left un-reviewed, all and everything is detailed to make you easy. To make a comparison for the small toaster oven air fryer is up to you. You are to match the right one that fits you well. The following part of this article will walk you through the whole reviews, read it now.

Our Top Rated Small Toaster Oven

Baking or toasting into a light toaster oven needs to have some features of the oven that make foods tasty and flavored. Our reviews are the hints that make you sense before finalizing a toaster oven as an attachment to your kitchen appliance. Hope you will be happy finding your right option briefed in short for each. Continue reading below.


Product Name



Hamilton Toaster Oven

Breville Electric Smart Oven

Cuisinart Chef Oven

Breville Air Fry Smart Oven

Panasonic Double Infrared Oven

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Hamilton Toaster Oven

The 6-slice capacity of Hamilton Beach will sit on anywhere left unused. The size is between large and small. Place it on the countertop; make an easy access to the toaster oven and food. Or, anywhere very much accessible to you, is the right option for your convenience.

The excellent door mechanism will tell you a lot when you make a push to roll it up. The roll top moving of the door will create a space to access inside easy. You will have a free space to reach in and out of the toast. This will make you easy that you are working in a way without a door, an open space left for you.

Countertop Toaster Oven with Easy Reach Roll, Bake PanWhile toasting a lot, crumbs of the foods will store in a tray that, it will not block door for closing or opening. It takes seconds to clean the tray that gathers pieces of toasts while you make them through the toaster oven. Messy spills and drips are impossible to be near the door of the toaster oven. So it lasts long providing an excellent service for you.

Cooking in the constrained heat is a beauty of the Hamilton Beach. It will bake things, broil and toast in the different heating settings in the oven. Double-layered rack positions and baking pan are convenient for cooking a variety of recipes in the list of your flamboyant foods.

For side dishes, Hamilton Beach has a vast interior to cook several types of snacks and dishes. It doesn’t require a frequent attempt to toast. The 6 slices of toast is easy while 12-inch pizza can be done in need. In addition, 9X11-inch bake pan is also an additional space to use for making toast. This is no doubt, enlisted as the best breville toaster oven for the kitchen smart.

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Breville Electric Smart Oven

Breville Compact Smart Oven is our best pick for toasting as its Element IQ transfers heat evenly across 4-quart elements for stable and accurate toast every time. 8-cooking functions of the Breville to guide you for the different cooking so that you can easily work with roast, toast, bagel, bake, cookies, broil, pizza and reheat.

Compact Electric Toaster Smart OvenThe interior space of the toaster oven is a room where many options for processing 4-slice toaster, 12-inch pizza, 6-cup muffin tray, chicken, roast or anything that you want to include for a perfect cooking. The available roomy space allows you to comfortably do whatever your choice for the delicious toast into the oven.

Before you placing foods in the oven, you need to preset the setting to calculate time and temperature for the correct results every time. Backlit LCD of the oven will display all everything you need to see. During preheating and cooking, you will see an orange light illuminating for the option. When it finishes job perfectly, a blue once cycle will signal you this is complete.

The non-stick interior of the toaster oven is free from steamed messy substance produced from the heat inside. The mirror-clean body inside is non-stick cavity coating to prevent mess and easy to clean. The super fast 1800 watts preheat is the smallest toaster oven to choose for perfect meals.

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Cuisinart Chef’s Oven

Cuisinart TOB-260N1 convection toaster is made of stainless steel. For your favorite toast, the spacious 0.65 cubic-foot capacity oven is a great option that fits 9X13-inch bake pan and 13-inch pizza. 15 cooking functions for a variety of cooking and toasting. The manual guide is to help of different settings for the different cooking. Bake, Keep Warm, Bagel, Waffle, Broil, Sandwich, Roast, Pizza, Left overs and Defrost are the options for doing with Cuisinart, the best mini toaster oven in the market.  Moreover, innovative dual cook at the same time of the oven benefits you to save time. The speed convection on the other hand, distributes heat evenly around the oven inside.

Toasts made from Cuisinart toaster oven is consistent all time due to having Even Toast Shade control for the oven. If you want to customize the number of slices (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-9) to toast, this is easy for you, as the oven will allow you to optimize for accurate results every time. Chefs Convection Toaster OvenAdvanced heating and cooking technology you can apply for toasting foods. Pizza size selection is programmable (up to 13-inch) that will guide you to setting the precise heating time as well as the temperature based on the diameter of the high-tech toaster oven. Plus, you have a lot of functions for toasting foods. An exact heat sensor to calibrate the oven’s 5-qaurtz heating elements to the optimum setting for each function. If you get all settings done well, this is the right place that you will have your meals according to the option you prefer.

An oven light to see the progress of cooking during a meal gets cooking. The technology will conveniently help you to observe inside without opening the oven to inspect your food. Being a non-stick cavity coating, the interior of the toaster is easy to clean. Because the cooking area looks almost clean all time.

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Breville Air Fry Smart Oven

Breville features convection and air fry technology to evenly distribute heat for baking, roasting, and toasting. The technology uses a fan to storm air movement as well as heat up the whole interior of the oven when you start it for making your recipes, especially toast or roast. A two-speed convection fan of the oven controls super and regular speeds based on what recipe you are making then. Super convention delivers a high volume of air to make it faster and evenly distributes heat interior of the oven. The perfect air frying of convection helps dehydrates and toasts as to the optimum level you want to it.

Element IQ technology monitors the oven heat. The 6 independent quartz elements monitor the pulsing or flickering of the heat when the oven is run for baking foods. So for a precision cooking, Element IQ supervises the whole process of heat distribution inside the oven.

Foods that need to dehydrate and air, the presets of the functions of the oven will absolutely do what you need to make foods according to the level of temperature. You will get foods dehydrated up to 4 trays of goodness.

Air Fry Smart Oven and ConvectionThe size of 1 cubic feet roomy interior fits 9 slices of bread to cook. You will also get it suitable for roasting a 14 pounds turkey, you favorite air fry like French fries. The slow cook with 5 quart Dutch oven is also comfortably perfect for 12-cup muffin trays and 9X13-inch bake pans. This is simply great and the best small toaster oven in our top pick list.

If you want to draw your attention to the diversity of toasting cook, the versatility of the Breville Convection is an option you need it right now. There are 13 functions for the different types of cooking that includes toast, roast, fry etc. The functions are the guides to add increased taste and flavor when you are so much keen to your favorite foods like warm pizza, 9-slice toast, broil, proof air fry, cookies, bake, slow cook, reheat and dehydrate. The motor runs on 120 volt and 1800 watts electric power and the steadiness of dispensing energy is great so far.

It automatically shuts off when your cooking is finished. You will need not to stand by the oven, it integrates an oven light and turns it automatically on at the end of the cooking. The manual off/on is also available for the oven. Moreover, LCD buttons that sit on the control panel are seen in the dark for the poor visibility people. 2 years limited warranty for the product is much satisfactory while no clients dropped a single feedback against the agreement given on selling the best toaster oven to the customers.

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 Panasonic Double Infrared Oven

Pansonic FlashXpress is a compact toaster oven. But does its best overall. If you want to have a faster toaster oven than any conventional one, just stand before the Panasonic one. It features a double infrared ray heating technology up to 40% faster than a conventional toaster oven.

The preset cooking button integrates with 6 cooking menus. It also calculates the cooking time for a certain type of recipe you are ready to cook. The toaster oven has a perfect cooking results when you are ready to make frozen food (pizza, brown, hash), reheat (leftovers, breads, rollso, bread (waffles, bagels, toast) etc.

Panasonic Double Infrared OvenA digital timer setting is for cooking a particular item to escape from overheating. If you preset the timer and start cooking for what you want, within the time it will finish your cooking creating the dishes tasty and flavored. You will also have the temperature setting (250-D,F to 500-D, F) to maintain the temperature for the oven interior during a toasting or baking the foods.

Panasonic FlashXpress features a square shaped inner tray for cooking pizza up to 9-inch of 4 slices of bread. The huge size and the moderate numbers of slices provide an excellent serving for your family members.

The removable crumb tray is to collect the residues from the baking or toasting foods. It sits beneath the inner tray that is used to cook foods. A single pull out for the crumb tray releases the whole part out. So it’s easy to clean.

A reminder beep of the Panasonic toaster oven will call you in to see that the food is done. So if you forget it or remain busy with other works, the complacent is that you are not wasting your foods due to having lack of supervising your cooking time. The beeping is a reminder for you.

The tech master of the Panasonic includes an interior light to view inside. When you are confused to calculate the water or other materials, the interior light will allow you to see and step to improve your cooking quality.

 What is the Best Toaster Oven to Buy?

Your kitchen cabinet may be congested with so many appliances that some of them are seen not using within a month or more. If you replace one of them and choose a small toaster oven, this is no doubt; you are getting huge benefits and saving your time even after finishing almost kitchen tasks in a certain time frame. The digital functions of a toaster oven will not hang you beside the oven. Even the functions will faster your cooking without damaging the food quality you have preset on it. The following points will help how you will be going to be benefited using a toaster oven as an advice kitchen appliance.

You Choosing a Toaster Oven

  • Compact Size: This is compact in size, not has a huge weight like something that you will bend over it to lift it up. It also sits on a small place or kitchen countertop that you have left unused for years. Though the small kitchen master looks simple, it does a lot when you want to make something different in your cooking diversity.
  • Convection Baking and Toasting: Convection feature of a toaster oven means ultimately huge benefits while cooking a variety of foods in a short recipe time. The convection technology fans and distributes heat evenly using several speeds of the system for oven interior. This is the way, the foods inside get heat from all angles retaining natural taste and flavor. So people of modern technology like toaster to make their fashionable foods in a short period of time.
  • Energy Efficient: The conventional ovens are more expensive that toaster ovens. If you are determined to use toaster ovens means you are taking steps to save your energy bills. Since the toaster ovens uses 1200-1800 watts, which is less than that of conventional ovens. So saving energy is great even after using for cooking big meals every day. The preheating feature of toaster ovens is an added benefit that is faster than conventional ones.
  • Save Time and Energy: The exact heat the toaster ovens use for cooking. Because of timer-function that works properly finishing cooking in preset time of user’s will. So overheating is impossible, hence, it saves time and energy. Therefore, the toaster ovens remain cool, as there is no heavy-duty to perform.
  • Versatile Use: A toaster oven is seen featuring a lot of functions to complete baking, or toasting. There is a wide range of temperature used to cook variety types of foods. From light to heavy dishes are made from an ideal toaster oven. Defrost, reheat, bake, broil, cake, bread, heat and many more options are possible with a toaster oven. The body construction is also made of iron alloys and is corrosion and rust resistant. The versatile application of the toaster oven is widely popular in the global market places.
  • Food Browning Feature: To turn foods brown is one of the most favorite options when it comes to cooking foods using a toaster oven interior. The broiler component of the oven ensures the state of browning foods. If you already have used a microwave oven full information, you will have noticed that the broiler feature is not available for browning foods. However, the mini toaster oven is featured with that option that is very essential to all those are using this sort of ovens. So this feature is the most useful and you need to check it out whether the feature is available or not. Sometimes you may spend much for the advanced toaster oven for you.

 What Usefulness Does Have a Toaster Oven?

Unlike microwave ovens, the toaster ovens are used to cook fast foods such as bake, bread, pizza, broil and many other side dishes favorite to us. If you use a toaster oven, the versatile use of the oven will induce you with more benefits mentioned below.

Usefulness Does Have a Toaster Oven

  • Warming Foods: A toaster oven can be used as a food warmer. The function on the oven you can set for warming food for a particular time that you need. The temperature control button will guide you to maintain the level of temperature.
  • Toast Nuts: This is an item you can prepare with a toaster oven. The aluminum sheet or baking pan of the oven is used to make nut toast. The food chart will help you arrange the ingredients for nut toast.
  • Cookies, Muffin and Cake: Since a toaster oven is versatile kitchen appliance, you can use for making different types of child foods such as Cake, Muffin, Bread, Pizza etc.
  • Side Dishes: Side dishes are more essential when you have invited friends to meet together. So your main dishes may include some dishes for them. However, not wasting much time, you can use your toaster oven to make some side dishes fast.
  • Roasting Meats: An item you will always look for, if you are so concerned about your weight loss. Roasting meat is healthful while a toaster oven burns fat of the meat. So this is great to use a toaster oven for you.
  • Reheat Leftover Foods: you have finished your meals, the leftovers that remain after a meal is not wise to bin them. So if you have a toaster oven, reheat the leftovers for the next meals. It will save your cost for daily meals.
  • Defrosting: Very often we store food stuff into refrigerator for using later. But the instant use of frozen ingredients is not easy and sometimes it’s a disturbance for cooking or eating. However, in this situation, it comes to an easy way if you defrost those ingredients into a toaster oven. It’s matter of seconds.
  • Bake Potatoes: Baking potatoes is an essential steps to prepare foods. If you do not use a microwave oven or any cooker, just take a single step to bake the potatoes into a toaster oven. Without any risk issue, it will get it done easily.
  • Sprinkle Cheese: During a cooking is running on, you can get out the bake pan of the toaster oven. This opportunity will help you sprinkling cheese or onion soup on your recipe at the same time when it’s being heated for cooking.

There are some points mentioned for what a toaster oven does for cooking meals, and how a toaster oven benefits you. Except for the mentioned issues, you will find a lot when you face your challenges with foods what to do. The circumstances will guide you through solving your baking or toasting lessons.

The Bottom Line

You have read the reviews on the best small toaster oven in this article. Now, the ability you have got to compare each other. You will have noticed that some products are seemingly expensive but smarter than other ones. Some are medium or big. Your budget will tell you everything what to do. If you want to dance with some toaster ovens that really make you smiley, shake your hands with your wallet to get it closer for your home kitchen applications info. It will be absolutely stunning for you. Or, stop buying the expensive one. Wait until the new model’s arrival on the market. You may not wait until the time that is a long path for you. Just be determined in a cool mind, step ahead, stop for a moment, open your eyes and see — the best for you.

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