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It is time once again to look at floral print as a design trend. We love seeing flowers become fashionable through interesting designs, bright colors and unique choices. Still, it is easy to get lost in fashion trends and dismiss floral as a trend from a bygone era. We believe this is a mistake.

Floral trends seem to come and go with the seasons. Of course, this makes sense when you buy boutique clothing online, as fashion generally keeps flowers for the spring and summer months. There is no better compliment to a floral pattern than real flowers alongside it. But is anything changing in 2021 to make floral print a more interesting option?

What’s Different in 2021

On the surface, there is not much difference between 2021 and any other year. It starts in January and ends in December, just like the rest of them. However, 2021 may be significant for a different reason and that reason is “Prosumerism”.

What is Prosumerism?

A prosumer, not an expert consumer. No, instead, they are a hybrid between producers and consumers and they are set to change the way we look at not only fashion but our purchasing habits in general. So, how do consumers and prosumers differ?

Let’s use the example of buying boutique clothing online. Our two subjects, Sally and Anne, are both looking to purchase a new sundress. In this example, Sally will be our typical consumer, whereas Anne will take a prosumer approach.

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Sally’s Story

As she has always done, Sally checks out her local clothing store’s website and browses the new stock. She finds a couple of dresses she likes, adds them to her cart and begins to compare them. She finds the one that best fits her price range and style and orders the product for delivery.

Anne’s Story

When Anne goes shopping, her purchasing journey begins at the same store as Sally. She, too, browses the new arrivals but doesn’t find anything she likes. She checks a few more stores, but there is a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that she can’t quite place her finger on. So, she makes a list of the features she is looking for in her new sundress.

Anne knows that she is looking for a rose-pattern floral print with vibrant reds and whites. She also knows that she wants the dress to sit just above her knee and be sleeveless. Though it isn’t a deal breaker, Anne would prefer a locally-sourced product made from sustainable materials. In her search through online boutique clothing stores, she comes up empty. But, she does find a company that makes custom orders.

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So, Anne inputs all of her specifications, a few picture examples and sends off her request to the custom vendor. Though it costs more and takes longer to produce, Anne is delighted when she sees her creation arrive in the mail. It is exactly what she was hoping for.

What We Can Learn

Ultimately, both Sally and Anne got what they wanted. However, Anne’s approach took longer, cost more and left her more satisfied, whereas Sally had to compromise. Prosumerism works with both of their styles to allow customization in varying degrees. After all, Sally still chose her online boutique clothing store of choice and what dress she bought.

In this way, floral print and 2021 may be intricately tied together, as prosumers become more commonplace and more individuals can choose for themselves exactly what they want.


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