The Ultimate Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

The motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of gear that a rider must need to purchase. It protects the rider’s head and brain in the event of an accident. So the moral is that it should be worn all time while riding on public roads or highways. The laws state that it must be made by a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved company. It means that it has passed safety regulations for impact protection and penetration resistance. This motorcycle helmet buying guide will help you make sure you’re buying a motorcycle helmet from a reputable brand that provides increased safety for you.

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Full Face Motorcycle Bike Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2022

In this the best motorcycle helmet buying guide, we will review some of the top motorcycle helmets on the market. It will help find one that fits well and offers reliable safety while still looking for a good helmet for riding safety. In this post, I’ll review different types of motorcycle helmets and their using merits and demerits. I’ll cover it from dirt bike helmet to full face street bike helmet. So read below to know about the features of a good motorcycle helmet.

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Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Full Face Helmet

How does a Helmet buyer know if a helmet is safe? It’s ILM’s helmet. ILM’s helmet has a high resistance ABS shell and an adjustable strap that are not only important but necessary to keep your head secure in the event of an accident.

The helmet is designed to partially protect the rider’s head from injury during impact from other objects while at the same time; minimizes that impact by distributing it over a larger area.

The outer shell protects from abrasion or penetration by outside objects. And, the lining it features protects against shock waves caused by sudden contact with either pavement or gravel on motorbike crashes.

Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Full Face HelmetIn the USA, a motorcycle helmet must meet or exceed FMVSS-218 and DOT (Department of Transportation) safety standards to be sold. So ILM’s helmets meet FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards and all requirements. However, you definitely can buy this bike helmet that is released by either FMVSS-218 compliant or DOT approved.

A helmet liner is an essential part of a motorcycle helmet. It provides comfort and stability for the rider’s head and can also offer protection in case of a crash. The liner of ILM’s helmet is typically made from synthetic materials like polyester that are lightweight, soft and easily removable with Velcro strips.

The cheek pads of this helmet are another important feature as they provide additional protection to the face during falls or crashes. The pads are usually washable too.

This modular flip-up helmet is designed to provide a wide view clear visor and it has an anti-scratch, anti-fog and wide view clear visor. It also helps you avoid awkward moments when the wind hits your open face shield even while riding on the back of a motorcycle. The modular flip-up helmet is lightweight and has integrated interior ventilation that provides cooling airflow in hot weather. There are plenty of color options, so you can find one that matches your personality.

ILM stands for “Intelligent Light Management” which means they use LED technology to provide high-intensity visibility during nighttime riding. Every time you press down on the control button back, it sends out a flash of bright white light to warn drivers around you or pedestrians about your presence.

Helmet lights are a great way to make you visible on the road at night. So keeping it in mind, the ILM’s helmet contains several LED lights that flash at differing speeds. The flashing of these LEDs increases your safety in any situation by increasing your visibility to other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

This helmet also comes with a brake light system that alerts others when you’re slowing down or stopping for others to let them know not to get too close behind you. These helpful features allow you to stay safe while riding through the city even during low-visibility situations like rain or foggy days.

The control button on the back of the helmet allows you to rotate through these different modes without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel position. This feature makes it easier than ever before to use this smart LED technology while driving. It also prevents driver distraction which is dangerous due to its high visibility and brightness levels during low visibility conditions such as fog.

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Flip Up Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn has created the first Bluetooth helmet that can be used with multiple riders up to 2 or 3 riders at once. The intercom range is 1640 feet and it supports ECE/DOT safety certifications. So you’ll never have any worries about your own ride being safe while talking on FreedConn’s innovative product during a ride.

The FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet is a sleek, lighter motorcycle helmet with integrated Bluetooth 3.0 technology for connecting to your phone and music while you ride. When paired with your smartphone, you’ll be able to enjoy music, FM, GPS voice prompt, and intercom during your ride. It’s an innovative way to stay safe on motorcycles.

Flip Up Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetThe helmet has built-in 2 premium speakers and advanced DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology which offer excellent sound quality. The compact size makes it easy to carry around during your bike ride while still offering amazing protection with its dual visor anti-fog lens that blocks out UV light up to 400nm wavelength.

One of the best features of FreedConn’s Bluetooth FM helmet is that it can easily be used with hands-free calling. Pairing your phone for music and calls is easy, listen to stereo quality sound blasting through its speakers without ever having to touch your phone. 1 multi-functional button allows you to answer an incoming call, reject an incoming call or redial the last number without hassle.

In addition, with this Bluetooth helmet, you get an incoming phone call that overrides the intercom, FM radio, MP3 music, GPS voice navigation audio, and other audios. So you can take calls while still talking to your fellow riders. You also have Siri voice control at no additional charge.

Freedconn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet is designed with longevity in mind. Durable and reliable. This headset combines comfort and convenience so you can stay connected throughout the day. 8 hours intercom talk time means you won’t be stuck without a conversation while 110 hours of standby means it will last all week long.

This motorcycle Bluetooth helmet is ideal for those who enjoy riding motorcycles and need the same protection as a full helmet. The Bluetooth system provides up to 8 hours of talk time or 110 hours on standby which means you can answer that phone call while still cruising down the open highway. You can choose your size easily with M/L/XL sizes available in this product. If it doesn’t fit well, it’ll send you a different size liner at no cost to you when contacted with the customer service of Freedconn.

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Dirt Motorcycle Mountain Bike Helmet

The ILM’s Adult ATV Motocross Dirt Bike Motorcycle BMX MX Downhill Off-Road MTB Mountain Bike Helmet is a sleek, aerodynamic design made for speed. The front and back air vents provide maximum ventilation to keep you cool while the removable visor shields your eyes from the sun, dirt, or dust. This helmet is perfect for any sport where speed and agility are essential to winning the race.

This is made from ABS making it very lightweight and incredibly durable. It also features a removable visor which can be stored in the helmet when not being used. This product was designed with safety in mind as it has been tested to meet the highest standards of helmet applications.

Dirt Motorcycle Mountain Bike HelmetThe ILM helmet is an adult motocross helmet with a removable inner pad. The inner pad has been designed for easy washing. So you can keep your helmet clean and fresh all time. You can remove the inner pads from the outer shell by unzipping them and then throw them in the washing machine to be cleaned.

The ILM’s Adult ATV Motocross helmet is a full-face helmet that can be used in many ways. It has an adjustable visor that can easily be detached from the helmet for days when it is not needed. The visor also is great for protection against the sun that you can rotate slightly to dodge the direction of the sun. This product also comes with a chin strap and pads on the inside of the helmet to increase comfort and safety while wearing it. The outer shell of this product is made out of ABS plastic. So it’s durable too.

This helmet has a full face shield and it’s DOT certified for Safety. It meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards. It also comes with an integrated visor, a chin guard, padded cheek pads, adjustable head straps, and removable ear flaps.

This helmet is a good investment for bike riders. The quick-release buckle and strong, sturdy design make the fit more secure than other helmets on the market. No doubt, this product will improve rider safety while making it easier to take on/take off with just one hand.

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ILM Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

If you ride a motorcycle and want to enjoy your music without the hassle of wires, then the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Motorcycle Helmet is for you. This helmet features an innovative Bluetooth technology that lets you play music from your phone or another device, with no need for any dangling cords. No matter where on earth your adventure takes you as long as your phone has service and power.

The helmet will support you for 110 hours of standby time and 3.08 hours of talk time. This helmet is the smartest innovation in safety since motorcycle helmets were invented. The sleek design helmet sits around your head like a second skin. The size of this helmet is M: 55-56CM, L: 57-58CM, XL: 59-60CM. ILM Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle HelmetThe ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Motorcycle Helmet is the most advanced modular helmet on the market. Whether you are touring the country roads with your friends or taking on solo ventures, this innovative helmet will allow for communication up to 3,280 feet away with 6 to 8 riders. Moreover, two high-quality speakers and full stereo sound make your helmet smarter amongst many in the market.

It’s a must-have for motorcycle enthusiasts. The one-touch control to call, answer, reject incoming calls, and dial again will keep you safe during your commute. Simply press one button before answering or initiating anything other than the phone function to cancel incoming calls, FM radio, GPS navigation radio, intercom, etc. The Bluetooth Integrated Modular Motorcycle Helmet is just what you need if you want to take that call while keeping your hands free and ensuring total safety during a ride.

The modern helmet is a popular choice for riders who like to stay connected at high speeds. It offers the ultimate safety and comfort because it exceeds DOT safety standards without compromising on features such as noise suppression technology. For these features like DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology, you’ll always be able to hear clearer than ever before.

The ILM Helmet includes a Bluetooth integration you’ll love. When it’s not in use for some time, the battery will automatically enter deep sleep mode to save on power and protect your investment. To keep the helmet Bluetooth to work, you need to charge the battery. After about half an hour of charging you will get everything going strong until next time. If anything is missing from helmet accessories packages, feel free contact to customer service that can help get them to see again in action right away.

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Full Face Motorcycle Bike Helmet

The ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet features a stylish, sturdy and durable design. The helmet is made of an advanced ABS shell which makes it highly resistant to impacts, scratches, dents as well as long-term wear & tear.

Moreover, the helmet is a great choice for the rider looking for an all-in-one solution to head protection. The helmet includes one clear and one smoked visor which can be conveniently stored in the helmet when not in use. Each visor has two positions-one to block out glare and another for allowing you to see clearly through the visor. A neck scarf is also included with this helmet in case of cold weather conditions or if you want extra warmth around your neck while riding.

Full Face Motorcycle Bike HelmetThe Street Bike Helmet is an aerodynamic, lightweight and comfortable helmet that provides maximum protection. The streamlined design reduces wind noise and drags while the interior lining keeps away moisture to keep your head cool. Otherwise, the adjustable chin strap with a quick-release buckle ensures a secure fit. This helmet meets or exceeds DOT (the US Department of Transportation) safety standards for motorcycle helmets. So you can ride safely knowing you have the best possible protection from this quality product.

The Helmet is a high-quality helmet that features a quick-release clasp and strap as well as removable inner lining pads. It fits heads of all sizes even those with larger heads. It also has an adjustable chin strap for added comfort and security while riding your motorcycle or bike. The inner lining of the helmet is made from soft padded material not to irritate your skin when wearing the helmet for a long time.

The famous helmet is a great choice for riders who want the ultimate protection from head injuries. It’s made with an ABS shell that meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards ensuring it can withstand any impact. The interior of this motorcycle helmet has been lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam to protect your head in case of an accident. The lining also features a removable and washable liner for convenience. The chin strap on this motorcycle helmet is adjustable to ensure you get a secure fit all time.

Types of Motorcycle Helmet You Should Know For Best Fit

A motorcycle helmet is a type of head protection worn when riding a motorcycle for the rider’s safety. Motorcycle helmets are designed to absorb shock from impact and prevent or reduce brain injury. In addition, a helmet can also help keep the rider cool by reducing wind resistance.

Generally, there are five main types of motorcycle helmets found in the market. They are full-face helmets, open-face helmets, modular helmets, half helmets and off-road or dirt bike helmets. The type you choose will depend on your personal preference. But each one has its benefits in terms of functionality and style. For example, full-face helmets offer maximum protection with enhanced coverage. On the other hand, the open face provides more visibility at an increased risk for neck injuries. The following outlines will clear more about the types of the helmet used by different types of rider.

  • Full Face Helmet: A full-face helmet is considered the safest type of motorcycle helmet. The distinguishing feature of a full-face helmet as opposed to other helmets is chin bars. It protects riders from impacts around their head and neck area that often lead to severe injuries such as brain damage or even death during an accident.

Experts estimate that fifty percent of these types of accident involving motorcycles resulting in significant injury. Because these helmets lack protection for their jaw and chin areas specifically due to this design flaw with traditional style helmets including open-faced ones.

However, depending on your position and style, many variations will suit one’s needs perfectly. The sports riders have an angled riding position with crouched legs which requires helmets to not lift at high speeds. Because they usually opt for higher chin bars and visor openings towards the top of their headgear.

However, tours, who ride upright-cruisers, who sit in semi-reclined positions or for adventure bikes that often require more coverage than those other types do. Especially if you are traveling over rough terrain like dirt roads where rocks can fly up from beneath the tires, then you need to protect your face by wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet.

The full-face helmets are designed to keep your head safe while riding a bike. But the helmets also have different features that can make biking more comfortable and enjoyable. Full-faced helmets typically provide ventilation. As a result, you won’t have to overheat or get foggy vision from wearing the helmet too tightly against your face for a long time.

Whatsoever, this is especially important during warmer months when most people like to ride bikes as their distance coverage. The vents on these types of helmets can be closed in cooler weather to prevent wind chill and overheating. This way, a rider stays nice and cozy for both day and night, no matter what season it is at that moment.  Moreover, some full-faced motorcycle riders even use their Bluetooth speakers intending to stay connected without having cords dangling during faster riding.

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  • Modular Helmet (Flip-up): Modular helmets are a mix between ¾ sized helmets and full-face helmets. The reason is that the chin bar and visor can flip up to open the front of the helmet. It’s just still protection for your face when you’re using it as a half-helmet. Modular helmets often include an eye shield that prevents you from sunlight. It also protects you from dirt and dust or rainwater in bad weather conditions.

However, it’s seen that a modular helmet is a perfect choice for those who are always on the go. This type of headgear allows riders to enjoy their time in the wind with a more open face and still have maximum protection against any accidents when needed. The modular design also provides added chin coverage which makes it an excellent option for less experienced riders looking to add something more to their safety gear.

The modular helmet is becoming increasingly popular among tourers, cruisers and adventure riders for its design that outfits upright riding positions. The eye openings are straightforward with the chin bar designed lower on your face. And, it has Bluetooth speakers or a dual visor system available options for riders.

Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

  • Open Face Motorcycle Helmet: Open Face (¾) helmets are a popular choice for bike riders who want to wear a helmet that is easier to put on and take off. These helmets protect the back of the head, but they hardly cover the front side protection of the head. Anyway, it’s important to wear additional protective gear like full-face or half-face motorcycle helmets in high traffic areas while using an open-face helmet.

There are many benefits of wearing an open-face helmet. If you’re using an open-face helmet, you will have easy access to sunglasses, ability to drink water even without removing your helmet. Otherwise, the design of open face helmet will have more air circulation that helps you prevent overheating. Moreover, the open face helmets offer some ventilation holes that reduce overheating on hot summer days.

  • Half Helmet: Half helmets are very popular among bike riders because they offer greater protection than a normal helmet. They can also be used as both full and open-face motorcycle helmets. Full face helmets will often have an additional visor, which provides extra protection from the sun’s rays.

There are some extra benefits you will have while wearing a half helmet. It has less head weight than other types of helmets. Otherwise, the weight distribution makes it easier to turn your head. The half helmet has more air space for better ventilation. So it’s easier to talk while riding. This is why you won’t have to take off your entire helmet when answering someone on the phone. Lastly, this type of helmet offers more coverage for the back of the neck and ears than most other styles of bike helmets available in the market.

  • Off-Road Helmet: A dirt or off-road helmet is a type of motorcycle helmet that differs from the standard street bike helmets. Dirt or Off-Road helmets are made to withstand more impact than other types of helmets. Because they are designed for riding on unpaved terrains like trails, mountainsides and deserts.

However, these helmets typically have a chin guard to protect against impacts from below and an expanded visor to shield rider’s eyes from blowing dust. A dirt or off-road motorcycle helmet can also include features such as vents in the top of the head area to allow airflow inside. It also has ventilation and the ventilation keeps debris out while the removable ear pads are used for added comfort for riders. The helmet design features long zippers at the back of the neck for easy entry and exit. There is padding around cheekbones and temples to provide additional protection in the event of an accident.

  • Dual-Sport Helmet: Dual-Sport helmets are a type of helmet that is designed to protect against both low and high-speed impacts. They provide increased protection for the back of your head and more coverage around your ears and jaw-line. It has a thick visor made of polycarbonate plastic or Lexan to shield the eyes from dust and debris.

The helmets are often more durable than other types of bike helmets as they cover the head in a protective shell. Dual-sport helmets are also made with vents that provide air circulation to reduce sweating. So you can stay cool as you ride on hot days. These features make this style of helmet perfect for riders who love to go outdoors whether it is on trails or just cruising on their neighborhood streets.

Anatomy of a Motorcycle Helmet

What is the anatomy of a motorcycle helmet? The shell or hard outer layer is made up of two layers of plastic. These are to protect you from any sharp objects that may hit your head while riding. The foam in the inside layer acts as an impact absorber and will also soften any blows to your head. There is also padding on the top and back for comfort when wearing it for a long time. Finally, there’s an inner lining where all these features come together to create one protective unit that fits snugly around your head and can be worn with ease by anyone. The following details will make you clear about the stuff inside and outside of a motorcycle helmet.

Anatomy of a Motorcycle Helmet


  • Outer Shell: A motorcycle rider’s helmet is the most important piece of safety gear. Helmets have an outer shell made of molded plastic, Kevlar, fiberglass, polycarbonate and foam lining that offers protection from head trauma in the event of an accident. There are many different materials used for helmets due to having their unique properties. What material you choose will depend on what your riding style is and how much money you want to spend on it.
  • Impact-Absorbing Liner: Motorcycle helmets come with an impact-absorbing liner that provides added protection for your head and brain in case you ever need it. You may not know what type of system your helmet has or how much padding is included in its construction. However, many people who do wear helmets don’t even notice the extra cushioning system made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. Because it’s hidden from view within the shell itself.
  • Chin Strap: A good chin strap is essential to keeping your helmet on and in place when you are riding. It keeps the front of the helmet from coming off too easily which may cause serious injuries.

However, when wearing a helmet during a ride, the chin strap should be snug enough that it feels secure. But remember, it will not be so tight that it is uncomfortable or causes a headache. If you have an open-face motorcycle helmet, make sure to use a chin strap every time for maximum protection.

  • Padded Comfort Layer: Padding is the comfort layer used in the helmet’s inner part for impact absorption. It provides the necessary cushioning between your head and the hard inner shell. The type of padding used in a helmet can vary, but it typically includes expanded polystyrene (EPS) or some other foam material that provides a cushion-like feel during an impact. However, to maximize protection, it’s important to ensure that the padding is positioned correctly and not compressed too much.
  • Face Shield or Visor of Helmet: A motorcycle helmet visor is a transparent part on the front of a helmet that protects the rider’s face from wind, dust-dirt, debris and insects. The visors are manufactured in various types of materials. But the most common material is polycarbonate plastic. A helmet visor is for snapping or sliding into place on helmets. Visors also come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs such as anti-fog, anti-scratch or tinted. Whatever you choose for your helmet it is important to make sure that a visor will provide adequate protection against dirt, wind and rain while still allowing you to see things transparently when heading along the road.
  • Cheek Pads: A cheek pad is the cushioning on the helmet that rests against the rider’s face. It is usually made from foam and can be found inside or outside of a motorcycle helmet. Otherwise, the cheek pad is used in other helmets such as a bicycle or hockey helmets. The purpose of this padding is to provide comfort for the face and to protect the head by absorbing impact during an accident.

There are different types of cheek pads depending on what function they serve such as additional protection, ventilation etc. But all work together with a helmet’s shell to create a secure fit around the head. So you need not worry about protection when unluckily it’s coming off an accident during riding a motorcycle.

Things to Consider When you’re Heading Toward Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is the most important piece of safety gear you can buy.  It’s what keeps your head safe and sound in case of a crash or accident.  There are many factors to consider when buying a helmet. But one of the most important things to think about before purchasing is whether it will fit your head size. This is because the helmet comes in different sizes and shapes in the market. However, consider the following features before carting one from your wallet bucks.

  • Design and Outer Shell: If you’re a rider, the first thing that catches your eye when looking at helmets is design. Choosing one smarter and stylish will make your riding even more fun. Another important factor to consider in helmet selection is materials. Usually, for the helmet outer shell, the polycarbonate is used for its lightweight qualities and ability to absorb impacts during accidents.

Nowadays, there are so many cool designs available from high-end brands which have become popular among riders of all ages. The reason-the helmets fit right into the rider’s lifestyle of fashion sense. However, check the design and outer shell reviews before a purchase.

  • Padding and Ventilation System: According to this best motorcycle helmet for beginners, a motorcycle helmet is a vital piece of equipment for any rider. It helps protect the head and brain from injury in an accident. A helmet’s padding and ventilation can have a large impact on how comfortable it is to wear and how much noise it blocks out from outside sources. It also helps you benefit in many ways include less neck strain, a cooler head and more comfort. So this is important to check those feature’s quality before finalizing your purchase.
  • Visors of a Helmet: A visor is a piece of clear plastic or other material that attaches to the front of a motorcycle helmet. It can be used in combination with eyeglasses, goggles or safety spectacles. The purpose of the visor is to protect your eyes from dust and rain while you are riding your bike on an unpaved road. Motorcycle helmets with visors provide optimal protection for your face and eyes when driving through dusty roads as well as heavy rains. For you, the quality of the visor needs to observe when reading reviews on the helmet.
  • Checking the Signature of Safety Standard Regulation: There are a few standards that bike riders should be aware of before they going out and buying a helmet. If you have ever been shopping for a helmet, there are most likely two or three symbols on the back of it saying DOT, Snell M2010, CPSC and ECE.

However, the first one is the Department of Transportation (DOT) which is an American standard for safety when it comes to helmets. The second symbol is Snell Memorial Foundation’s M2010 standard which tests how well your head reacts in an accident and reduces chances of injury to the rider’s brain. Next up is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that ensures that any product sold in America meets government safety regulations. However, look into the signature of the regulation board before cutting your wallet money for a helmet.

  • Budget Plan: Helmets are a great way to protect your head from injury during bike accidents. They are not only necessary, but they also come in many different styles and colors. The cost of these helmets can be steep for some people. So it is important to have a budget plan when purchasing one.

This motorcycle helmet buying guide will remind you to create the perfect plan for buying a helmet with your own money. For example, how much money do you want to spend on this purchase? What type of helmet would you like? Where can you find the best deal for your new helmet? Do you need any accessories?

This article will walk you through all these steps for creating your budget and making sure you get the best deal possible after reading this whole through.

A helmet is the best protective gear on your motorcycle. It will not prevent crashes, but it will protect you and reduce serious injuries. A good helmet makes climbing even better. It helps stop the rain of wind in your face, roars the sound of wind in your ears and reflects street dirt, bugs and other UFOs. This protects you from weather changes and reduces rider fatigue. Your helmet is the most important part of your kit, so choosing the right one is very important. Simple enough, picking the size and color is not so easy without finding the right helmet. You should consider the whole package. What’s more, it’s hard to know where to start with all the different options and brands on the market. We’ve been here for the last 17 years, we’ve helped thousands of customers find their perfect helmet across our 14 stores and now, we want to share our combined knowledge with your people. If you are an experienced tarmac grinder for an experienced macana replacement or you are just starting out, this guide is designed to equip you with everything you need to know to find your perfect motorcycle buying reviews.

How do Motorcycle Helmets Work?

The helmet has four main components that work together to provide protection; an outer-shell, an impact-absorbing liner, comfortable padding and a good retention system.

Shell Out

Usually made from fiber-reinforced composite or thermoplastic, it is stiff stuff. It is designed to shrink when it hits something powerful, reducing the force from the impact before it reaches your head. Impact-absorbent liners are usually made of expanded polystyrene, this dense layer absorbs cushions and shocks. Comfort Padding This is a layer of soft foam and fabric that sits on the side of your head to help keep you comfortable and bring the helmet back.

motorcycle helmets


The system is also known as another important part of the China strap helmet. This is the piece that keeps the helmet from crashing into your head. Whenever you put on your helmet, your strap should be fastened securely. Both the shell and the liner synthesize when hit hard, spreading the force of impact across the helmet. Some helmets outperform shell impact, others can crack and break during a fatal injury. These two ways the helmet can work to absorb the shock and mean it is working.

Security Standards

Helmets should meet the minimum safety requirements for European standard ECE22.05. ECE22.05 Motorcycle helmets are standard European helmet standards that include both standard helmets and visors. ECE is the Economic Community of Europe, 22 means the number of examination rules and 05 refers to the amendment to the rules in 2005.

Motorcycle Helmets and Noise

There are a lot of variables here that can make it extremely loud when you ride the bike, including the motorcycle, the weather and your helmet when you get on the bike. Some helmets are individually designed to be cooler than others although they are so different based on the rider that it can never be said ‘This Helmet is the Coolest’. Getting a helmet is the shape of your head that fits the shape of your head correctly, this is another reason especially around the neck. So you should wear good quality, properly fitted earplugs whenever you run. Weight It is incredibly important to keep a properly fitted helmet (have we said that before?!) So the weight of the headband is evenly distributed around your head and shoulders. Lightweight helmets can feel heavy and can put a strain on your neck if the fit is wrong.

Motorcycle Helmet Ventilator

Heated airflow through the helmet is an important issue when it comes to comfort. Clear air helps keep you cool during hot weather and ensures you stay fresh inside your id. Look for blanks and outlet vents on the top, side and back of the helmet that is easily opened and closed with gloved hands. A good ventilation system should provide a direct path for air to flow over your face/head and be able to block airflow completely. The vents of the chin are also readily available as it prevents the viscera from creasing.


The motorcycle helmet buying guide for beginners will help you decide on an appropriate helmet for your needs. First of all, you should consider what type of rider you are. A full-face helmet with a drop-down sun visor is recommended if you participate in high-speed sports such as motocross or enduro racing. But these types of the helmet may not provide sufficient protection during off-road riding where dirt bike riders can encounter unexpected obstacles.

Anyway, if you’re looking for something more versatile to wear while cruising around town, then a modular motorcycle helmet might work best for you. You’ll also want to take into account whether or not you need ventilation features like air vents and fog-resistant coating when making your decision. The protective qualities of each model can vary, so it’s important to read the whole review and take your decision wisely.

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