The Ultimate Guide for Buying a Pull Up Bar

This Guide will help you to choose the best pull up bar for you. It is divided up into one section.

Types of Pull Up Bars

A pull up bar (or chin-up bar) is one of the best pieces of training equipment with a remarkable range of various types available on the market.

Doorway Pull Up Bar (Telescopic)

This type of pull up bar mounts inside of a value doorway. It is secured in place by-

  • Background two brackets onto either side of the door frame and then inserting down the bar into the brackets or twisting the bar to dilated and push against the door frame on both sides.

Pull Up Bar

It is recommended to use a bar with the background hardware to avoid any slip over time. One drawback of the second solution is the black marks left inside the door structure when you remove the bar. By hanging a Pull Up Bar in a doorway, you can simply do a speedy pull-up every time you pass the door. The disadvantage is that you have to bend your knees to hold your feet off the floor whether you are tall. Also, you may have a problem doing wide grip appetencies up. Before buying a Doorway appetence Bar, ensure it fits the door opening width.

Leverage Mounted Pull Up Bar

It rests on the front verge of the door frame and is secured in place by leveraging your own body weight. It is easy to install and does not need any drilling or fixed mounting to stay secure. You are capable to remove it from the doorway, after your workout. Many Leverages Mounted Pull Up Bars are portable-they are small enough to pack them along with you whether you travel. This Bar comes with more than one grip to give you more exercise different. Some models even let you make use of it at floor level for contraction, dips and crunches.

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However, these are not as hardy as the other types of Pull Up Bars and may be dangerous depending on your weight and what you are going to be using them for. Just be sure to read the weight limits and other search print on the package previous buying. Verify that your door structure trim is thick enough and the Bar fits the door opening width. As with the Doorway Pull Up Bar, whether you are tall you have to bend your knees during the workout.

Wall-Mounted Pull Up Bar

The wall-mounted Pull-Up bar is screwed among the wall. The bar should expand at least 15 inches (~40 cm) away from the wall to provide enough space for proper exercise form.

Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

This type of appetencies up bar is screwed into the ceiling. It is made to expand from the ceiling from vertical bars. The height of the ceiling determines the length of the selected plumb bars. Most of the Ceiling Mounted appetencies Up Bars are designed to fit value stud spacing. This Bar gives the most malleability for exercising: By placing it away from the wall, there is plenty of room to swing and move your body without hitting the wall or any other formation.

Joist Mounted Pull Up

It is screwed into the sides of a ceiling cowrie. There must be a ceiling step or an exposed joist to hang it from.

Free Standing Pull Up Bar

It does not require any fixing, but only substantial floor space to place it. It provides a more solid place to exercise without the possibility of doing any damage to your house. The majority of the Free Standing appetencies up Bars offer dip exercise attachments.

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