The 8 Best Tools for Guys – Must Own Toolbox

From the carpenter’s table saw to the weekend mechanic’s worn-out socket distort, men, define themselves by the tools they use. But that ones are really worthy of prime placement in your garage? Hither, we’ll go through all the pliers, drivers and drills that are so versatile, they’ll motivate even the most reluctant handyman to go out and fix something. Now let’s get to work. Here are the 8 best tools for guys –

Torin Floor Jack

Ideally, the whole man’s garage would come with an auto shop-grade lift to bring your chassis to eyeball height. But since we’re woeful without Bruce Wayne’s budget, your best bet for sliding under your ride with ease is this two-ton capacity hand-cranked floor jack from Torin. It even contains a security overload system to prevent you from attempting to dangerously boost up more weight than it can handle and is this the best tools for guys.

Auto Scanner Plus

Ah, the mysterious and maddening “Check Engine” light. Any time that blinks on, you’re guaranteed to drop at least $60 at the shop just to have it turned back off—and that’s before you pay to repair whichever problem triggered it. It is unless you own a personal R2-D2 you can plug into your car’s computer and figure out what’s wrong. Actron’s Auto scanner doesn’t just simply spit out inaccessible problem codes. Instead, that suggests potential fixes and the most likely solution since ranked by their staff of ASE-certified auto technicians.

Griot’s Garage Knee Pleaser

Any car maintenance more connects than a wash is going to demand you spend a lot of time close to the ground. Save your knees and your rump with this strong pad. That’s filled with a long-lasting gel instead of a closed-cell foam that could collapse over time and the waterproof cover means spills won’t soak up and come back to container you the next time you take a knee.

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Snap-On Socket Set

This is the everything-you’ll-ever-need kit. You get a 1/4-inch drive socket wrench, 22 shallow and deep sockets in both English and metric units of extenders, metering and a hinge screwdriver with flat, Phillips and hex bits. There’s even a padded divider in the case to keep all those handy components neatly organized when you pull your socket set around. Whether you’re just starting your tool collection, a first-rate socket set should be your first purchase.

Snap-On Ratcheting Screwdriver

Modern cars cram a lot of hardware under the hood and even classic muscle machines sport their share of ugly angles. Luckily this interchangeable-tip screwdriver from Snap-On flexes and locks to 30 and 60 degrees to let you work almost corners.

Matco Tools Six-Drawer Rolling Toolbox

Store your gear like a pro. This box has shallow drawers so you won’t have to dig almost for your socket wrench and deep drawers to hold clunky power tools. Putting the entire box on rollers means you can bring the best tools for guys instead of making repeat trips to your wall shelf.

Snap-On Ratcheting Box Wrench

Car designers don’t accurately build engine compartments and chassis with the auto hobbyist in mind. For working in a tight distance where a meaty socket wrench just won’t go, you’ll need a ratcheting box wrench. Plus you’ll save yourself the aggravation of having to reset the wrench head on the nut after the whole pull.

Craftsman Microtork Wrench

If your mechanic might pay a couple of hundred dollars for a heavy-duty torque wrench, most of us need something less laborious, that makes Craftsman’s Microtork a great option for guys who primarily work on the car and bike engines.

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