Basic Tattoo Equipment Every Artist And Studio Needs

Basic Tattoo Equipment

Most people have a general perception of what it takes to do a tattoo, however, some aren’t certain of the basic necessities that are required to perform a sterile and proper tattoo. The following are names and narrations of the Basic Tattoo Equipment items you will need to get started.

  • Autoclave: By far one of the most significant items in a tattoo shop. The autoclave provides a way for the needles, grips and tubes to be sterilized rightly. Autoclaves are a device that publishes items to steam at high pressure in order to decontaminate the ingredient and render them sterile. All of the items will need to be involved individually and unwrapped in front of the client.
  • Ultrasonic: The ultrasonic is a device that emits high-frequency vibrations to take aside deposits of ink throughout the tattoo. It should also be used before alternative ink pigments. It is also used prior to the asepsis of grips and tubes to break up dried ink.
  • Tattoo Machine: This, of course, is one of the greatest items in a tattoo artist’s arsenal. The machine utilizes electromagnetic coils in alternation to step the needle bar up and down which drives the pigment into the skin. You will further need a power supply, clip cord and foot pedal.
  • Tubes and Grips: The back tube is compacted into the machine and is used to align the needles properly in the machine. The grips are a vital part of making sure your hands don’t get bound during the tattoo process. Most of the male artists find that 1 ½ inch grips are the most comfortable fit, as a female artist, I prefer the 1 inch or ½ inch grips depending on what I am doing.
  • Needles: Tattoo needles come in a difference of sizes, your standard needles for lining are 3 round liners or 5 round liners. Common shading needles are the flats or mags. Glace needles stack the needles on two or three rows depending on the size. Mags have a staggered stack of needles which allows an evener stream of pigment.


  • Green Soap: This is a liquid soap formed of vegetable oils, it is used in cleaning the skin in formulation for the tattoo. It serves as a pattern way to clean excess ink from the work in progress and also upon completion of the tattoo before it is encircled.
  • Petroleum or Bacitracin: These are used in a similar process, however, the Petroleum is only used for the lubrication throughout the tattoo. Bacitracin can be used throughout to aid in lubrication and after the tattoo is rich.
  • Plastic Cup: This seems rather mediocre, however, it will provide a way for you to use your ultrasonic without the risk of cross-impurity.
  • Spray Bottles: You should have a spray bottle loaded with Green soap and one with water. The water will aid you in features washes of color.
  • Plastic Covers: You should constantly cover all of your non-disposable items. Spray bottles, Machine, Clip cord and ink bottles.
  • Plastic Wrap: The plastic wrap should be placed on any back that the tattoo will be on. Such as chair instrument and tattoo beds. This also confines cross-contamination from one client to the next.
  • Ink: You may find that you will have to go through different brands of ink to find the ones you like. Look for an ink that stays resonant in the skin after completion of the tattoo, ease of application and make sure you don’t have to turn your client’s skin into hamburger for it to properly enter the skin.
  • Ink Caps and Holder: The ink caps are short plastic cups that are used to hold the ink. You should constantly fill the cups prior to tattooing. If you need to refill the caps, gather in your gloves and do so. Keep the tip of the ink bottle afield from the ink caps! As they will become defiled throughout the tattooing process.
  • Gloves: The gloves are self-exegetical, you should always try to use latex-free gloves as some clients may have allergies. Gloves that are powdered can tease the skin.
  • Sharps or Hazard Bin: This is a bin that you will deposit needles and ink cups into as they are one-time use items and become defiled through the tattooing process. The trouble bin should be disposed of properly after it is full. You will need to look up your local laws on hazardous misuse disposal.

What About the Beginner’s Tattoo Kit?

Although there is fully a few impure tattoo ingredient in the latest tattoo kits offered by the wholesale tattoo supplies, speaking about the most common equipment, they are as follows:

  • Transfer Paper
  • Needles
  • Tattoo Machine (choose between liner or shader)
  • Practice Skin
  • Basic ink Set
  • Tattoo Designs


It is really great to see that even most of the cheap tattoo supplies consist of these equipment alluded above. It is dead false to think that all cheap tattoo kits are of low quality. In fact, if you are quite used to the internet, then the tip for you is to extra some time carrying out brief online research, as there are hundreds of online stores offering top quality professional tattoo kits for incredible prices. For the beginners, since they will be less knowledgeable of the different tattoo equipment and supplies, there will be a guide given in the form CDs or manuals in order to make them feel simple when they are up to assemble the tattoo kit machines. In addition, there will also be a book given, which structure of quite a few tattoo designs. You could try inscription those designs in the practice kit. There are also usual tattoo inks found out there in the market as well.

Make secure that the shop, which has put up tattoo equipment for sale is ready to offer a free bearing case for that equipment. This bearing case will reduce your stress when you have a necessity to carry the basic tattoo equipment from one place to the other. Follow these instructions and start generating good money with your tattoo business.


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