Strength System Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Strength Training Material for You

There is no question that strength training is important to an overall fitness regime and is a crucial pairing to cardiovascular training. Individuals are discovered that strength training is critical for almost every goal, from injury prevention and post-rehabilitation to weight loss and better sports performance.

The keys to successful strength training are in selecting the right material and using it properly. For most individuals, buying a “Selector Home Gym” is the safest and most practical way to strength train. Selector means that you select the weight you want, normally by inserting a pin into a set of weight plates on the material.

A Quality, Selected Unit will have the Following things in Common

Weight stack that can be adjusted with just a push/pull of a pin

Highly adjustable lifting positions for different user sizes and shapes

Different exercises that are bio-mechanically sound

Accessories to increase the number of exercises you can perform

Shopping for Your Strength Material

Consider your goals and the goals of other potential exercisers in your house previous you start your find. From our years of personal training experience, we’ve got that most families have more than one person who is interested in fitness or sports. Understanding and discussing every user’s goals will protect you from purchasing a unit that will not withstand the use of multiple family members or have the proper adjust-ability for different user sizes.

Strength System at home

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  • Start your shopping by researching online to search for the material that interests you. Search out the top-rated brands through rating websites, product reviews and more. You should visit the manufacturer’s websites and even their Facebook pages to see who is using their material. Often the best brands also make commercial material used in gyms and health clubs. Each out where you can buy the material once you search a few companies and models that interest you. Most can be bought online through the manufacturer’s websites or other shopping sites and through retail stores. For retail stores, better quality material is sold through versification fitness retailers, not discount stores. Think about the level of service that you wanna. The highest level of service will come from a versification fitness retailer. Buying online is often less expensive, but you will require to do more research beforehand about which products you want and often have to assemble the c yourself when it arriving – though this varies by shopping sites. We recommend that you start your shopping with an authorized verification fitness retailer. Selling strength material is more difficult than selling a treadmill or other cardiovascular material. A salesperson must understand basic physiology and how to perform different exercises.
  • Make a list of local retailers who specialize in fitness material – not hockey, basketball or golf. These dealers will likely have a more educated staff to fit you properly with a house gym. Extra, house gyms need fairly intensive installation procedures. A versification dealer will have more experience in their assembly. A quality dealer will even be capable to recommend a certified personal trainer to help you found started on your house training program properly.
  • Go to the store prepared to test the material and perform several various strength exercises. Have a sales associate display an exercise then allow you to perform as many various strength movements as possible. Ensure that you found a chance to include major muscle group exercises – shoulders, back, chest, legs, calves etc. on the material. This is critical when you take into account that many house gyms will be comfortable with a few basic exercises, but it’s only when you begin to use the full spectrum of exercises that you will notice shortcomings in the lesser quality machines.


Measure your space. Measure the dimensions of the space planning for your house gym previous you venture out to a store. This includes the height, width and length of the space. Write it down and take it with you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the newer machines are amazingly spaced efficiently.


Simply put, this means how the appliance fits your body. The only way to determine this is to try the material performing as many movements as possible while in the store. You don’t have to be a personal trainer to know whether it fits. Let your body intuitive guide you.

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