Best 5 Battery Powered Chainsaw


Makita XCU07PT

With this moccasin, you get a compact saw that displays outstanding fit and finish as many of the company’s power tools. Consider that the saw is only 5.5 inches wide at its widest point. Of course, others have made more cookies but they are more than two inches wide; You use any power tool by adding bulk and weight. We like the Makita’s crisp chain brakes, its defined power switch on the front of the handle, and a bright, well-positioned battery gauge that you can read even in the harsh sun. If you already invest in the company’s well-known 18-volt power equipment platform, this tax would be a wise addition to it. No, it had no echoes or Milwaukee; It is not cut as strongly as them. However, it is sufficient for landscape maintenance and is completely lighter than about three pounds compared to other saws.

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Ego Power+ CS1604

The CS1604 saw impressively calms and boasts a large dial to tighten the chain. It can even zoom large-diameter hardwood logs and it comes with a five-year warranty. A few words of caution about user-friendliness: the filler neck for bar oil is narrow and easy to fill, and the cap can’t protect it from getting damaged or turning dirty.

Milwaukee 2727-20

Fully on board with Milwaukee’s 18-volt platform, contractors will appreciate this stubbornly powerful tool that runs on the same battery as its drills and other saws. It cuts ugly and we pushed it as hard as we could. You take a look at a tax that is the speed of the log, cut after cutting until its battery. And you get a little more advantage than the other boys. The big red machine is equipped with on-board storage of its scratch (screwdriver-wrench). The tool is clipped to a carriage at the bottom. The downside is that if you really try to make wood out of wood with this saw, you will get the bar quickly. We did, and we got it right. But maybe it’s okay. We have produced full sheds of wood in the process.

Echo CCS-58V

Anyone who has followed our tools review knows that we are fans of Eco Outdoor Power Tools, especially the company’s string trimmers and chains, which are easy to use and very effective. So with this saw. If you go cordless from a gas model, this would be a good choice. Yes, it is as heavy as a gas-engine chainsaw. And its length, width, and balance will make the gas-engine feel familiar to the users. Its cut performance is very good and mimics an engine-driven saw. Our only complaint is a small complaint. We are satisfied that the company shows Karata such as small wooden thorns. And it’s plastic. Even in these saws, a sharp metallic wooden spike hole needs to be dug up and a pivot point formed.

Stihl GTA 26

One of the notable chains we recently experimented with is the smaller GTA 26, a 10.8-volt model weighing about three pounds with a four-inch guide bar. It is built for trimming and woodworking, yet it is surprisingly capable and it can perforate its weight class. How high? A limb of an eight-inch-diameter tree was torn from our office and fell onto the sidewalk over the entire footpath. It only took 15 minutes to cut through the tangled chest-deep mess using this petite shot. Its six-inch-diameter branch had the largest limbs spread from the stem of the main branch. And while at work we tackled a few spring poles that were in the grip of excitement. The saw is so light, you can hold a branch in one hand and look with the other. When the work is done, we return to the office with a small tool bag (designed for cordless drills) with a saw, its battery, a pair of work gloves, and safety goggles. During their lunch break, several pedestrians came out of the new recovery path, with branches widened on both sides. The tool was so quiet, Walker seemed unconscious that a chainsaw had just been used to clear the path.


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