Outdoor Gas Push Lawn Mower Power Equipment

Northern offers a huge selection of tough, viable, brand-name grounds maintenance materials for any size lawn or garden. Let our Outdoor Ability materials Buyer’s Guides inform you of the many options within our selection that will help you get the job done at the right price. 

Brushless Electric Battery Lawn Mower for Garden

⌛ Horsepower

In order to improve mulching performance, higher horsepower engines are desired. Or, if you regularly allow your grass to become tall before cutting, additional horsepower helps get the job done.

⌛ 4-Cycle Engines

Mowers with 4-cycle engines used the same gas as an automobile. All of our Walk-Behind Mowers landmark a 4-cycle engine.

⌛ Self-Propelled or Push garden strimmer Equipment

All walk-behind mowers can be pushed almost to the yard. For larger lawns (at least 1/3 acre) or hilly lawns, self-propulsion will help reduce the time and effort to get the job done. Some self-propelled mowers offer a single speed while others come with a changeable speed system, allowing the user to adjust the pace of the mower.

⌛ High Wheels

Mowers with larger rear wheels offer extra maneuverability, which is particularly helpful on hilly or uneven lawns.

⌛ Grass Cutting Options

Most walk-behind mowers feature a convertible cutting deck system equipped to disperse grass clippings in at least two ways. Mowers with 2-in-1 capability can handle lawn clippings by either discharging or mulching them (or in some cases by either mulching or bagging them). Mowers are also available with 3-in-1 versatility (mulch, bag, or discharge) and 4-in-1 ability (mulch, discharge or bag from the side or rear of the mower.

⌛ Mulching

cuts the grass into fine clippings that act as natural manure for the soil.

⌛ Bagging

This choice is ideal for collecting grass clippings or for leaf pick-up. Great for those who like to fertilizer.

⌛ Discharging

When grass is too wet or tall to mulch practically, this option disperses the clippings uniformly out the side of the cutting deck.

Cordless Push Lawn Mower Tractor

gas push lawn mower

⌛ Lawn Tractor or Zero Turn Radius Tractor

Garden Lawn tractors and Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) tractors are similar in that both are searching for cutting lawns. However, if your lawn has landscaping that requires added maneuverability to mow, a ZTR tractor could be the right option. The ZTR tractor is designed for a 360 degree turning radius to mow effectively anywhere you need to around trees, shrubs, and other landscape obstacles with ease.

⌛Cutting Width

While all mowers can get the cutting job done, yard size helps determine the optimum cutting deck for your riding lawn mower .

Up to 1-1/2 Acres -select a mower with a 42″ cutting deck.

More than 1-1/2 Acres – select a mower with a 46″ cutting deck.

⌛ Horsepower

If you plan to use any attachments or lading with your tractor, riding mowers with higher horsepower are recommended. Similarly, additional horsepower is suggested if you regularly allow your grass to become tall before cutting.

⌛ Automatic or Manual 5-Speed Transmission

Like cars, riding mowers are available with various transmissions.

⌛ Hydro-Automatic

A foot pedal controls forward and reverse speed. This premium transmission requires no shifting or clutching, allowing both hands to remain on the steering wheel at all times.

⌛ Automatic

Similar to hydro-automatic, a pedal controls ground speed. This transmission is various in that it must be shifted into forward or reverse (like a car).

⌛ Manual 5-Speed

Shifting and clutching are necessary to change speeds.

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