The Best Stylish T-Shirts for Men’s Dress

Dress Shirts

Whether you’re an executive who is building your wardrobe or a young man who needs your first men’s evening shirt for a replacement job, knowing the way to buy dress shirts will assist you to achieve the professional look you’re after. Style is within the details. While the color could also be the primary thing you notice a few evening shirts, it is the details that will define its style. Make certain to note the design of the collar, cuffs and pocket of an evening shirt before you purchase it. You’ll likely find that there are evening shirt details you favor over others.

Shopping for The Best Stylish T-Shirts for Men’s Dress

Size and Fit

Before trying to find an evening shirt, you’ll get to know your size. evening shirt sizes have two numbers; the primary is your neck size and therefore the second is your sleeve length. Ill-fitting shirts are going to be uncomfortable, so measure yourself to urge a particular fit.

For directions on the right thanks to measuring yourself for a men’s evening shirt, read our men’s measurement guide. If you’ve got any longer questions on your shirt size or men’s clothing sizes, make certain to ask our sizing guide.

Men’s Dress Shirts


Men’s Evening Shirt Fits

Athletic: Also called slim or tailored, this is often the narrowest-fitting men’s evening shirt.

Regular: This standard evening shirt fit may be a little looser than the athletic fit. If a men’s evening shirt doesn’t have a fit listed, you’ll assume it’s a regular fit.

Full: The loosest of all evening shirt fits, this is often appropriate for men with a bigger stature. Full-fitting men’s dress shirts also are usually a touch longer.


The collar on a shirt will determine how formal the shirt feels and the way much it flatters your face.

Straight-Point: The V-shaped points of a straight-point collar are the foremost common style and are flattering for many faces.

Button-Down: Less formal than other evening shirt collars, the button-down collar is usually made from a softer fabric and pressed with less starch.

Spread: With a much bigger gap between the ideas, a selection collar has many various tips to flatter about the roundest faces.

Tab: With a better collar and a smaller spread, this is often most flattering on men with long necks.

Club: Also referred to as a rounded collar, the club collar is brief, has rounded tips and appears very fashionable.

Pinned: With a high collar very similar to the tab collar, a pinned collar features a gpin that fastens the 2 points.


Barrel cuffs also are referred to as a button cuff because they close with a minimum of one button and possibly quite one. If there are multiple buttons, these are often wont to adjust the fit.

A French cuff or double cuff has fabric that’s long and folds back. These are closed with a cuff link or silk knot. French cuffs are considered by many to be more formal than a barrel cuff.

A convertible cuff is often closed with buttons or cuff links.


Pay attention to where pockets are placed. Men’s shirts with two chest pockets are considered to be less formal. Dress shirts with button-down collars are more likely to possess a chest pocket and shirts worn with a vest or with suspenders shouldn’t have pockets, so your chest doesn’t appear bulky.

How to Pick a Color or Pattern

With numerous choices, you’ll not make certain which color of a men’s evening shirt is true for you. Before you begin buying every color available, believe a couple of things.

How do others dress at your office? Take a cue from others around you to ascertain what would be appropriate. If most are wearing a white or blue evening shirt, then you’ll not be taken seriously during a brightly-colored striped shirt.

How to Pick a Color or Pattern

Is there an office dress code? Often, only law offices and financial institutions have official policies about the color of your stylish dress shirts, but there could also be an unspoken policy. When you’re noticing what others are wearing, you’ll want to also notice if there are any UN-official attitudes about what’s expected.

What will you’re doing today? Each day spent meeting with clients requires a special outfit than one where you are by yourself in your office. With a spread of men’s shirts in your closet, you’ll confirm you’ve got styles that are appropriate for what your schedule holds.

What does one do at your job? While lawyers, bankers and politicians are expected to project a significant image, a graphic designer or a publisher is predicted to be more creative. A lawyer during a print shirt might not be taken seriously, and like wise, not much creativity could also be expected from an ingenious director during a solid blue evening shirt.

What causes you to feel confident? Once you’ve found what’s expected in your office, choose dress shirts that you’ll feel good wearing. albeit everyone within the office is wearing a wild patterned shirt, you’ll still wear a white shirt if that’s what helps you feel self-assured.


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