17th Easy Tips to Improve Your Home Security

In recent years, home security has become a top priority for many homeowners. This is due to the rise in crime rates and burglaries across the country. There are many things you can do to improve your home’s safety but there are some basic steps that should be taken first. If you feel like it’s time to take action, this article will help you get started on how to improve your home security.

Let’s Know What Statistics Say About the Vulnerability of Home Security in the USA

The evidence of home robbing in the United States has increased by about 50% since 2008. There are many reasons for this increase including a struggling economy and an increasing number of people who do not have jobs. These two factors make it more difficult to afford homes or even rent and can cause someone to resort to stealing from others to survive.

The statistics say, each year, there are over 2.2 million burglaries committed in the US alone. The record shows that every 15 seconds a burglary occurs. Home burglaries occur for 70% of the crimes and typically increase during the summer months (July and August were recorded the highest in number). Knowing this information can help you better protect your home or apartment from being robbed as well as be aware of who is committing such crime whether it’s friends, relatives or neighbors.

The information that is shared in this article will help you determine if your own home is at risk of being robbed or anything damaged, how to protect your home from thieves and what steps need to be taken before anything happens.

⌛ Setting Up a Security System

Do you want to feel safer in your home? You can set up a security system to improve the safety of your house. First, decide what type of security system would be best for your needs and budget. Then, start by picking out some key pieces of equipment such as locks and cameras. Finally, make sure that all of the wires are hidden so the bad men don’t look unsightly or pose a tripping danger for your home.

⌛ Secure the Door

We all have a responsibility to ensure our safety. One area that we should always be aware of is the front door. It’s important to make sure it closes tightly and has a good lock for added protection.Secure the Door

The first step in improving your home security is by simply securing the door with a high-quality lock that will not break easily if someone tries to force their way to enter inside. You can also install an alarm system or motion sensor lights near the entrance of your house so that you are alerted when anyone approaches or enters at night time. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to feel more secure even if you are away from your home day or night time.

⌛ Lock your Windows Well

According to the FBI, over 1 million home burglaries take place in America each year. It’s comprehensive that the thieves are getting smarter and more tech-savvy every day. Knowing that it’s important to keep your home as secure as possible.

⌛ Lighting the Front and Backyard

The front and backyard of your home is the first thing that burglars look to see if they can break in and steal from your home. If these areas have light, it will be difficult for criminals to attempt a break-in. This is because most people turn on their exterior lights when dusk starts falling. So they keep the areas enlightened to illuminate their property.

But unfortunately, there are some states where lighting laws make it illegal for homeowners to install security lights without contacting local authorities. So if you don’t have any outdoor lights, now might be the time to consider installing one or more. These fixtures should cover as much ground as possible so that no blind spots remain left in your yard or around your house.

⌛ Keeping your Garage Secured Too

Every home should have a garage; it’s true because the garages are used for storage, parking the car and as an extension of your home. But do you know that garages can pose a security risk to your home?

The crime report says about 30% of burglaries happen because someone broke into the garage. If this is something that concerns you, then there are some things you can do to protect yourself. It’s you can install locks on all doors leading in or out of the garage including windows and sliding doors which would make it harder for thieves to get inside without being noticed by neighbors or passersby.

⌛ Locking Down your Wi-Fi Network

Do you know what your home network’s security settings are? If not, it is time to make sure that you lock down the Wi-Fi network to improve your home security. It may seem like a simple task, but when there is an unsecured wireless system at work, there is a potential for hackers to access files and networks from within your own homes.

Locking Down your Wi-Fi Network

⌛ Keep your Smoke Detector Working

The importance of a smoke detector is indefinite. Smoke detectors can save lives and keep your home safe from fire and any sudden incidents. So these devices need to be maintained to work properly. Make sure your smoke detector work. An eye out for chirping sounds that indicate the battery has run low or needs replacing. If there is any water damage near the device, replace it immediately as moisture can cause corrosion that will put off false alarms every time.

⌛ Setting Up Security Camera

Home owners have begun adding security camera systems to protect their homes from thieves and other intruders. Determining where it should be located before buying a new camera. If you want coverage of an entire room or house, then you will need multiple cameras, that can cover all angles to maximize surveillance capabilities. You may also want cameras installed outside so no one can enter the property without being detected by a motion sensor alarm or CCTV camera.

⌛ Using Home Automation System

Home automation is a term that has been used to describe the ability to control and manage individual devices in your home from one place. Homeowners are using this type of technology to improve their home security and make it easier for them to monitor their homes remotely if they are away. The system includes an alarm and surveillance cameras that make it easier to keep track of what’s happening inside or outside the property. So this is important to get a home automation system as soon as possible.

⌛ Using Home Air-Purifier

The air in your home is a key component to the health of your family. It’s a known fact that allergens and pollutants in the air can make you sick. But do you know many other things in the air that could put your family at risk?

However, the average home has nearly 200 contaminants including VOCs, lead dust from paint and pipes, asbestos fibers from construction materials, bacteria from pet droppings and rodent urine. These contaminants can linger for months or years without being cleaned up by vacuuming or cleaning products. So it needs to take care of your Air Purifier so that it continues to protect your home’s indoor environment while also protecting yourself against these dangers lurking in our homes.

⌛ Using Touch-Screen Smart Lock

A touch-screen smart lock is a tool you can use for your home security. The touch-screen-smart-lock is one of the newest innovations in home security. This lock comes with an app that lets you control your locks from anywhere whether you’re on vacation or work. With this lock installed, you can make sure your family and pets are safe at all times. The best part is it’s simple to install. When you will buy it, the user’s manual of this unit will show how easy it is to install a touch screen smart lock for improved home security.

⌛ Install the Notifying System to Police Administration

In today’s world, we are constantly living in fear of what might happen. With the recent events happening across the world, it is more important than ever to take steps to protect yourself and your family.

So one way you can do this is by installing a home security system that will alert police when something happens at your house. Also, when you have contact with the police, it will help keep your property safe and secure.

⌛ Installing Motion-Activated Light

For installing a motion-activated light, you should have at least one outdoor outlet that is close enough to where you want the motion sensor installed as well as any necessary tools such as a drill, screws, and screwdriver.

Remember, when installing the motion sensor outdoors; be sure it is in a location that has good visibility from all sides so that everything is visible from both outside and inside of your home.

⌛ Automatic Windows Curtains Puller

You can do this by installing an automatic window curtain puller. This device will give the appearance that someone is home by opening and closing curtains throughout the day. In fact, it has been found that homes with automatic window curtain pullers are less likely to be broken into than those without them. It’s a simple way to make your house look lived-in and secured.

⌛ Do not Leave Keys Outside

When you leave your keys outside, it’s like leaving a key to your home for any potential burglar. If someone takes them then they can enter and rob your home without breaking in. It is much safer to keep the door locked when you are going out for hours.

⌛ Keep your Outside Area in Excellent Condition

If you’re a home owner, your outside area is one of the first things to keep it crystal clean. If it’s a bushy area, the potential intruders may be hidden for burgling your home. This is why you need to keep it in excellent condition so that intruders don’t have anything to work with.

⌛ Use A Peephole Cover

Your home is your safe haven. One way you can do this is by installing a peephole cover. The most common type of peephole cover is one made out of metal or plastic that slides over top to block viewing from outside. The other type is a lens-shaped piece that blocks viewing while still allowing people inside to see out through it. Both work well for security purposes and both have their own benefits depending on how they’re used for.

Finally, Your home security is an important part of your life and safety. It’s always a good idea to take preventive measures before you have any problems. However, follow these simple steps and make sure that no one will be able to enter your house without permission. Make sure the doors are locked at all times, set up a surveillance system so you can see what’s going on from anywhere inside or outside of your property.

Also, invest in an alarm system with motion sensors for each entry point as well as windows and glass areas like sliding doors or patio entrances. Following these simple steps will make you happy in your living life.

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