How to Choose A Floor Lamps – A Complete Buying Guide

Always standing at attention, floor lamps are the unsung heroes of any lighting scheme, providing much-needed illumination to a spread of rooms without time-intensive installation.

Offering both widespread ambient lighting and direct task lighting, floor lamps are versatile enough to suit whatever mood you’re going for during space. But finding the simplest one can still be daunting. Read on to find out about the items to seem for while seeking the right lamp.

Types of Floor Lamps

The general setup of a lamp is simple; a sturdy base that stands steadily on the floor; a tall stem extending from the base and well, a light-weight which may be direct or diffused. While the bare bones remain an equivalent, floor lamps are available in a spread of designs, each with its own unique functional benefits.

Ambient Floor Lamps

The most common sort of floor lamps, ambient floor lamps are meant to supply general light to space. They’re topped with a standard lampshade, which diffuses the sunshine for semi-direct illumination, making them great for a front room corner or next to a cushy sofa or easy chair. They typically provide enough light for reading nearby, though not as focused because of the light from a reading lamp—but more thereon later.

Reading Floor Lamps

A lamp meant for reading provides more direct, focused light than other sorts of floor lamps. If you’re trying to find a lamp to decorate up your favorite nook, a desk or an area you are doing other daily tasks, a lamp will usually offer brighter illumination to space directly below it. For added versatility, search for a lamp with a tilting shade, flexible arm or other adjustment capabilities so you’ll move the sunshine exactly where you would like it.

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Uplight and Torchiere Floor Lamps

The unique direction of this sort of shade makes the sunshine more of an accent than ambient or task lighting and may add dimension to corners and walls with it’s pop of up lighting.

Arc Floor Lamps

While standard floor lamps stay pretty stationary where you set them, an arc lamp offers a touch more versatility. Combining a lamp and an ambient lamp, arc lamps have a stem that extends up and out. Other arc lamps can duplicate the effect of an overhead light, stretching high and over an area in order that they are often used over front room conversation spaces or maybe over aboard.

Floor Lamps

Considerations for Selecting a Lamp

Obviously, each lamp has its own unique aesthetic. It’s important to settle on a lamp that not only looks good to you but also matches the space you plan to place it in. Sometimes a lamp will look great in pictures, but it’s important to think about the size and the way the lamp will look in your particular space. Here’s what to stay in mind.


Generally, the more intricate the aesthetic or desirable the name, the costlier the piece is going to be. But the character of a lamp often means an incredible design can function a piece of art for the space it’s in.


Size can vary quite a bit also. Shaded or torchiere lamps, while tall, take up a narrow amount of space thanks to their vertical orientation, making them easy to suit into the encompassing space. Meanwhile, arc floor lamps take up more room thanks to their horizontal extension. It’s crucial to understand what proportion of space you’ve got to suit a lamp into, so you’ll be proactive about finding the proper size.

If you’re watching a lamp with a tripod base, confirm you’ve got enough land on the ground and within the surrounding area therefore the lamp doesn’t feel cramped or is consistently being run into.


Height is another factor to require under consideration. the upper the sunshine source, the broader spread of the sunshine. This is often great for ambient lighting, but maybe less ideal for task lighting where you would like the sunshine closer and more focused but out of the way so you aren’t bonking your head when you’re sitting next to it.

Also, consider the size of everything else within the room—if you’ve got a penchant for low, platform-style furniture, confirm the lamp you select isn’t getting to tower cartoonist above it all. Some floor lamps accompany adjustable heights, which may be handy if you’re susceptible to switching things up often.

Finally, choose a lamp that permits the sunshine source to be concealed outside of your eye level to avoid an uncomfortable glare. So if you’re standing nearby, the sunshine source of the lamp should be covered by the shade.

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