How to Buy The Best Vibration Plate

This section should help you with features and issues to consider previous buying a vibration plate. Whether you still make sure about anything, please found in touch with our expert team who should be capable to help you make the right decision.

Ensure You Have Enough Space

Although vibration plates are fairly compact, ensure that you have enough space near the base of the instrument to comfortably carry out floor exercises. Remember that your vibration plate will also require to be plugged in so it will require to be positioned around a power socket. Vibration plates transmit vibrations to the floor so they require to be positioned on a solid floor.

Size of the Motor

This is important when selecting a tri-plane vibration plate. The frequency is how fast the plate can vibrate and it is measured in literary per second. For example, at 50 Hz the plate will step up and down 50 times in a second. The higher the frequency the harder the workout because the force applied to your muscles and bones increases. We advise a low frequency to start with and for working with injuries. Tri-plane plates can be used for stretching and massage by setting the instrument on a low frequency (Hz) setting.

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Oscillation plates are measured in speed not Hz as the vibration they offer is various. Most will have 100-speed settings so you can accrual the speed as you gain experience.


Measured in mm, it refers to the summit to summit displacement of the vibration. A higher amplitude accrual the extent of the movement and therefore the intensity of your training.

Size of Plate

Size really does affair when it comes to doing floor exercises on a Tri-Plane vibration plate: the large the plate the more exercises you can do and in more comfort. A large plate also requires a bigger motor to operate properly, so an ordinary rule is you’ll have to spend more to found both.

Independent Reviews

Vibration Plate

This is a great way to understand whether a company is as good as they say they are. We are proud that we offer great levels of customer service so we show all our reviews- the good, the bad and the inelegant..gulp. JTX Fitness Customer Reviews.

Money-Back Guarantees

Whether you are purchasing a fitness material over the internet make sure you have the right to change your mind once you have assembled the machine and tried it out. Most reputable companies have a 28-day money-back guarantee as long as you return it in the original packaging and pay the collection spending (approx $75- $100). However, some companies have extremely steep spending to put off people who want to return their items. They may also restrict returns to within 7 days and even worse, the instrument must be unopened and unused – which makes their money-back guarantee worthless. See our no quibbles returns policy.

Retailer Or Manufacturer Warranty

Often warranties are from the original manufacturer rather than the company you purchased the instrument from. Ensure it is clear who your warranty is with. It is also worth understanding if your warranty is automatic or needs activating and whether so how you activate it. Whether the warranty is with the manufacturer rather than the retailer it is worth checking they are in the UK and that you can actually contact them! One of the great things about purchasing from JTX Fitness is that we are the manufacturer and retailer so you know exactly who to call. You also have the confidence that you are covered as our warranties activate automatically on buy.

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