How Much Does a Chicken Breast Weight in Grams

Knowing the weight of a chicken breast is important for people who want to absolutely serve it evenly. Otherwise, some health-conscious people also wish to know the nutrition value of a chicken breast. If you want to learn how much does a chicken breast weigh in grams, the following ways will help you know the exact methods and more about chicken and its nutrition value step by step.

What is Chicken Breast Weight?

Everybody knows how significant the weight of a chicken breast is to those people who are keeping their weight balanced on the basis of intake of meals. Hence the chicken breasts are an excellent addition to the meals of lean proteins. Amongst others, chicken breasts are some blend that makes your meals healthful and hygienic.

Still, the weight of a chicken breast depends on the size of a chicken you bring for your kitchen. The Australian birds have larger in size and so do the weight. On the other hand, the cage birds which are captive in cage and have fewer movements out are medium in size. This is truth that they will always give less weight than an Australian bird. For domestic birds, they are also little in size and weight.

To measure the weight of a chicken bird is important. The necessity of the measurement sheds light only when you maintain a food menu for your family program. Or, maintain dietary to health issue. With us, you will come to know the ways of how to weigh a chicken breast and what scales are used to. You can even know the best recipes that include chicken breasts in food items of less protein.

How Can You Measure A Chicken Breast Weight?

To the narratives of how much does a chicken breast weigh in grams, I’m a bit further to the points helpful for my readers. I’m considering some weight-Scales that come to taking weight of a chicken breast. Accurate and precise measurement of a balanced distribution provides a form of good management. Thinking the matter in-depth, my efforts will supply most useful tricks and tips so that you can be informed all around how to weigh a chicken breast for your service.

chicken breast nutrition

We know some nutritious foods like salads, vegetables and snacks include chicken meat. In this perspective, you are very much confused to what amount of chicken meat to be thrown in. This happens for almost everybody who is not a chef of that kind. Also for domestic helps, this is difficult to mix balanced flavor of chicken meat in foods without having any measuring scales.

For recipe purposes, your delicious bird poses an extra-ordinary sense in dishes. But thing is apparently not an easy spell read in the witchcraft. This will take you a path for walking and learning the upright of measurement for the job to be done. Let’s see some scales below.

An Electric Kitchen Scale in Use

You need accurate and exact measure for your needs. An electric kitchen scale is a preeminent and serves the result in digits. The increasing global demand for the scale keeps its breakthrough updated. As for you, it matches so perfectly for your kitchen that you can do well with it. Either way it measures materials. For your preference, you can read it out in ounce or gram swapping a toggle button on it. Also you will be able to convert your weight between two units (oz and gm).

A Mechanical Scale

Though a mechanical scale holds more space in your cupboard, but the result it delivers for your chicken breast or anything else is pretty good and satisfactory. It features internal mechanisms in high-engineering. So presumably, there is accuracy in measuring the weight. One thing you must remember is to subtract the weight of the bowl or pot in which you put your chicken breast to weigh. And, then readout the weights of how much does a chicken breast in grams.    

Conversion Table as A Scale

The conversion table scales are very useful. You can use it in marking the scales with either imperial or metric readings. When you are using it at home, you will be able to understand how the equal portion gives the weight in your measurement. Say for example, 25 grams is equal to 1 ounce. Notice in the process that the both portions look the same in size. Though for both readings, there is a slight contrast to measuring weight.

Table as a weight scale measuring weight

The readouts of the conversion table go in two ways. One is for the readouts of the portion size to calorie and the other is to protein. During cooking a chicken breast, on an average, 4.00 oz skinless chicken breast will be reduced by 25%. Then it will count the 4.00 oz chicken breast in 3.00 oz.

Now sense the nutrition value of 3.00 oz cooked chicken meat. 3.00 oz cooked chicken contains 100 cal, 1g fat and no carbohydrate. This is clear a 1.00 oz skinless chicken breast has 33.33 cal, and 0.33 fats.

Taking Preparation to Weigh The Chicken Breast

You do not want to weigh the chicken breast right now. Even you do not like to cook it. It’s Okay. So to keep chicken breast fresh you can straight store it in the refrigerator for up to two days. Do not put the chicken into refrigerator unless it is very urgent at that moment. If you store it in refrigerator, later defrosting is very time consuming and it spoils the original flavor of the chicken meat. After unpacking the meat, do not leave to dry. Use instantly for cooking.

weigh the chicken breast scaled

When you are going to unpack the chicken, notice well if there is any unhygienic liquids surfaced off the chicken meat or not. This is the sign of the meat is not fresh. During handle the raw chicken, be careful of salmonella. It is a kind of poison that raw chicken can spread it easily while handling unconsciously. Though the unpacking is so tough job, you can use some disposal gloves for safety.

Go To Weigh the Chicken Breast

This is good to weigh the chicken breast raw. If you are going to weigh the raw chicken, the portions of the chicken contain the same amount of protein, calories and macro- nutrients. But after cooking the chicken you will clearly determine a loss for your meat. But the nutrient values of the chicken remain still. Only some liquid and juice vanish from cooking. It does not any affect on the cooked chicken.

preparation to weigh the chicken breast

For a precise weigh for your chicken, we will discuss here about Tare. This function is easy and helpful for you. It will help you to weigh the portions of chicken singly, halves, two’s three’s four’s.

Make sure that you already have a digital scale. And, it also has Tare button on it. You can reset the scale to zero by pushing the Tare button of your scale every time of weighing things. For different containers you need not to extra mathematical calculation knowledge. Because the scale is good to weigh things accurately. Moreover, you will be able to know the portions of chicken breasts weigh.               

Protein Measurement of Chicken Breast

You may forget to measure your chicken breast before cooking it. We will mention the fine method that will help you letting know the exact cooked meat. Then you will come easily to calculate the calories and proteins in cooked chicken.

Protein Measurement of Chicken Breast

The formula is- 2 skinless raw portions of chicken breast of weight 4 oz. It contains 24 gm protein, 1 gm fat and 0gm carbohydrate. Now the calculation goes like this: Multiply 4 oz of chicken portion by four. The result shows like this: 2 chicken breasts of 6.8 oz altogether. Now 6.8 oz X 1.4 = 9.60 oz. this is here the 9.60 oz can be into 57 gm of proteins, 2 gm of and 0gm of carbohydrate.


The weight of chicken breast mainly depends the size of chicken. The different size of chickens has the different weight as a whole. But sometimes it is important to know of how much a chicken breast weigh in grams does. When you are going to calculate the nutrient values, this method will help you know the exact meat and its nutrition.

To control diet, one should always be careful of what amount food he or she is taking in the day meals. It is what that one can measure the expected portion of meat. Over consumed calories can harm the practice of dieting. However, if you want to keep your health steady and strong, everything you should take in a standard measurement. This way you will be able to gain success you efforts. Otherwise, the weighing of chicken breast comes to many feasts of dinner parties. By measuring the chicken breast the host can arrange the right portion the meals accurately. As a result, the program finishes in a balanced way that saves the extra cost for program hosts.

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