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If you are choosing an HD portable projector, there are a few key points to consider. These are material cost, image quality and portability of the device. Each of these key topics has specific elements to explore which I will discuss below.

Factor In The Bulb Cost

Material costs are very important. When I talk about the cost of components, I am referring not only to the cost of projectors but also to the cost of projector bulbs. Manufacturers often have very low-cost projectors and this is because the cost of bulbs for these projectors can be flat-out ridiculous. Before buying a projector details here, you must look at the price of a bulb. A common mistake when buying a projector for the first time is to look at the cost of the projector without thinking only about the bulb and deal with a lot of higher overall cost.

HD Portable Projector Buying Guide

Lumens And Contrast Ratio Are Key

The second thing to consider is the image quality of the HD portable projector. The two main components of image quality are brightness and contrast. Brightness is measured in lumens and your image will be much easier to see on a poorer screen or in the presence of more ambient light. The second thing to consider is the contrast ratio and the brightness is just as good. Try to get as high a lumens rating and contrast ratio as possible for the best image quality.

Does it Have a Case?

The third key issue to consider is device portability. It has various components, including the size and weight of the device, how easy it is to set up the device and whether any suits are included. A good portable mini projector will have some settings for quick setup. You don’t want to wander around with settings for too long. Also, you don’t want to spend extra on case purchases because none of your projectors are included.

Don’t Forget The Projection Screen

The final and often overlooked factor for you is the projector screen. Your projector will always be limited by the quality of your projector’s screen. Projected on an old bed sheet or regularly paint off the walls does not give good results, even if you are using the most expensive portable DLP projector.

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