The Best Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad

We’ve been having some issues with weight gain up here and that I wasn’t really prepared for the emotions that go alongside that. Adrian was within the 80th percentile for weight at birth, but dropped to the 60th at her one month check then right down to the 30th at her two months (she’s been steadily 95th for both height and head since birth). After we got the news at her two-month appointment our ped suggested that if she was still falling lower on the chart in another month we might want to debate formula supplementation. While I’m hospitably doing whatever we’d like to try to do to make sure she’s getting what she needs, I immediately started feeling guilty and stressed about her eating. The thing about breastfeeding is that it is a total recorder. All I could do was time how long she was eating but that does not really tell me what proportion she’s eating. When we’d visited our lactation consultant back within the very beginning she would weigh Adrian before and after eating so we could calculate what proportion milk she got. It had been so cool that once we were at the baby store and saw the Hatch Baby Grow we definitely considered purchasing it, but we convinced ourselves that it had been ridiculous and over the highest and obsessive.

Hi there, week one! This is often two months for us, and that we are ridiculous and over the top and obsessive and that we have zero regrets. Nice to satisfy you.

So yeah, we purchased a changing pad that’s also a baby scale, in order that we will weigh our kid obsessively and skills much she eats at each feeding. and that I like it. We’ve only been using it for 2 and a half weeks (I will update this review if we’ve any issues down the line) but it has been amazing. And because it seems I really like the app that goes with it such a lot quite the previous one we were using (and you’ll use the app albeit you are not using the size, so I’ll provide a little detail thereon below just in case you’re just curious about that).


Product Name



Baby Grow Smart Changer Pad Scale

Baby Night Light and Alert Timer

Kids Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock

Thoughts About the Hatch Baby Grow

They made an effort to make it look modern, but honestly, I liked our regular old changing pad better because I could put cute covers thereon and it had been brighter. I desire the grey maybe a little dark in our space. I can understand why they didn’t accompany white, but I quite wish it had been white or an excellent light grey.

The material is soft-ish plastic foam. it is not hard or slick but it definitely isn’t cushy in the least. Again, I prefer our conventional changing pad because with this one I even have to be super careful to line her down gently or I risk bonking her head (which wouldn’t injure her, this is not a brick surface, but it does startle her). On the opposite hand, you’ll just wipe this surface clean with a wipe, which is quite amazing.

The functionality of the size outweighs these cons, though. I really like the size. there is no alphanumeric display, so you’ve got to attach it to your phone via Bluetooth and use the Hatch Baby app. But it’s super easy to use and I have only had issues connecting with it once. Basically, you open up the size within the app, lie your baby down, then tell the app if you would like to record weight or do a feeding. If you record a weight, it just saves the data for you. If you’re starting a feeding, it takes a pre-feeding weight then you come after the feeding and weigh the baby again and it’ll automatically calculate the feeding amount then reserve it for you. having the ability to trace her feeding amounts has given me such a lot of peace of mind. I can see that she’s a reasonably consistent eater, taking in just about an equivalent volume a day and that I also can see that each one of my efforts to urge her to eat more often isn’t really making a difference. I realize that sounds discouraging, but it’s actually great info to have! Adrian naturally seems to require to attend and only eat every 3 – 4 hours during the day, sometimes even stretching it bent 5 hours if she’s having an epic nap. If I’m going by her schedule and let her do this, she’ll eat 3 – 5 oz per feed. If I attempt to encourage her to eat more and wake her up every two hours to feed her, she eats 1 – 2 oz per feed, and my daily total comes out an equivalent, albeit her total eating time is far higher. She also doesn’t sleep anymore in the dark. Knowing this makes me feel such a lot easier about letting her set her own schedule. (Standard disclaimer here – every baby is different, this is often definitely not medical advice and I am consulting both my LC and my pediatrician as I find out what works for us – we’d still have to supplement with formula).

daycare baby and infant contoured changing padTechnical stuff – it’s accurate to 0.25 oz, which is sweet enough for our purposes, and it seems to be pretty according to our doctor’s scale. Baby weight obviously fluctuates day to day, supporting what percentage of fluids they need on board, etc. I do daily weigh-ins for her but don’t stress about her being up and down on the day today. If day to day fluctuations are getting to stress you out, then weighing once per week is perhaps better. The weights you get for feedings throughout the day aren’t meant to be weight checks, because you do not bother to undress or undiaper them for those. Just keep them consistent by not doing outfit or diaper changes. I weigh her in whatever she’s in (with a paci, if she’s using it), feed her, then immediately weigh her again before changing her diaper or anything. That gets you the foremost accurate weight.

If she’s moving like hell it won’t get a reading, but I’ve found leaning over her and lecturing gets her to smile and hold still long enough for the size to capture the load.

Max weight is 44 lbs, at which point I’m pretty sure Adrian is going to be way too big for this scale anyways.

The app calculates the load percentile automatically. They use the WHO growth charts, FYI, which can or might not be what your doctor uses.

Hatch Baby App

Even without the size, I feel I might still love this app. We aren’t at the purpose where we’re making any plan to put Adrian on a schedule, aside from trying to line a bedtime for about 8 pm and trying to not let her stay up for much longer than 1.5 – 2 hours at a time during the day. But my favorite thing about the app is that it gives you a chart that allows you to line up the last several days and see the eating and sleeping patterns. This has been awesome on behalf of me because I can’t quite see how she’s developing her own schedule and it gives me a thought of when to expect her to be awake or asleep or hungry. The visual just helps my sleep-deprived brain such a lot.

Other things I really like about the app (we were previously using Baby Manager for reference):

You can easily navigate through it even while you’ve got a feeding running. With our other app, if you were in feeding you could not do anything until the feeding was finished. This sucks because I prefer to be ready to enter diaper changes, check sleep times, etc while I’m sitting there feeding.

The feeding interface is good because it times the general feeding and also the time spent on each breast. you’ll just tap to modify sides and therefore the app will save which side was last and show you that info once you attend and start a replacement feeding. My previous app showed all sides as a separate feeding, which made it really complicated to feature up what percentage feedings she’d had that day since she sometimes eats from each side but sometimes only eats from one.

Cute little detail – you’re prompted to upload a photograph for every day and it’s just way cuter to scroll through your data this manner.

Things I do not love – no place to enter head circumference, which we had previously been tracking also. Sometimes the app may be a little glitchy about letting me delete entries and that they reappear (this only seems to happen with the auto entries from the size, so it’d be a problem specific to that). I also wish for the visual distinction between wet and dirty diapers. you’ll see that info if you’re watching the list of diapers, but it might be nice to ascertain it within the daily summary visual. At some point, we’ll stop tracking wet diapers then it’ll be more clear, but since we’re still worried about her weight gain I’m trying to form sure we’re tracking everything.

Random thing that only a parent would ever request – I wish there was an app that permits you to attach photos of your diapers to the diaper entries. I realize this is often disgusting and before I used to be a parent I might never have imagined that I’d want to request a visible, timed record of shit. Now, I would like a shit slideshow, with dated entries, in order that I can find out what’s normal and what’s weird and pull it up later without having to scroll through my entire camera roll. I can not be alone here, right?

Watch Your Baby Grow

Grow and companion Hatch Baby app assists you to watch your baby’s weight gain, growth progression and more, all from the comfort of home. Because second-generation smart changing pads automatically record your child’s weight in easy-to-read charts, providing invaluable insights into your child’s feeding and sleep patterns. Although growth offers the power to seamlessly share data on weighing, feedings and diaper changes with other caregivers, it also compares growth percentiles with recent WHO data. The pad is formed of sentimental, easy to wash wipeable foam that creates diaper changing pad easy for caregivers and cozy for babies. Grow is an innovative tool that gives the parents peace of mind they have to successfully navigate those first few months.

Hatch baby changing pad

Weighing in on Hatch Baby

Almost three years ago our first son, Fischer, was born at seven pounds, 11 ounces and appeared to be perfectly healthy. However, at his two-week appointment, it had been discovered that he had not gained the acceptable amount of weight (babies should be copied to their birth weight by 10 – 14 days after birth). As new parents, we were confused, worried, and even blamed ourselves to a point. Looking back, we all know that there was nothing we could have done to stop his weight loss or improve his weight gain, but getting him to where he needed to be was very stressful. For months we were constantly worried about him being on target.

Fischer ended up being diagnosed with severe reflux, also as a dairy-protein allergy. After my very own dietary changes were unsuccessful in helping things, we chose to feed him only formula. He still gained weight slowly as compared to other children of an equivalent age, but he did gain, and by seven months he was a touch chunk! We were thrilled that at eight months he was within the 40th percentile for weight, after spending numerous months either not on the spectrum or on the very low end.

 Hatch Baby Grow Changing Pad

Fast-forward to the autumn of 2021 and my husband and I were watching one of our favorite shows, Shark Tank. We saw an episode that featured the Hatch Baby grow Changing Pad After taking note of the pitch and performing some digging online, we found that the changing pad is much quite just a changing pad.

It has a classy and sensitive technology that captures a baby’s weight and other important aspects associated with development. While we couldn’t purchase at that point (the system was only in pre-sale) we decided it had been something we might circle back to when it had been released. Now I do know we shouldn’t have jumped to the conclusion that baby number two would have an equivalent issue as the baby favorite, but when your only frame of reference is your first experience…well, we were worried, to mention the smallest amount.

In February, I developed a partnership with Hatch Baby and that we were fortunate enough to receive one among their changing pads. we’ve been thrilled with it so far!

What Makes Hatch Baby Grow So Amazing?

Part of what we love about the Hatch system is that it’s amazing tracking features. First, with its super-sensitive technology, it accurately tracks the baby’s weight. It provides readings right down to the tenth of an ounce! The peace of mind this brought us within the first fortnight with Barrett’s home was absolutely priceless. It showed us that he was gaining weight just fine and every morning was a touch celebration because this point around feeding was successful!

Secondly, there’s a feed-tracking system. Like most of the people, we weren’t conversant in what this suggests within the beginning.  Then the system provides a particular count of what percentage ounces the baby transferred from the breast. If you recognize the baby is struggling to realize weight, this feature will assist you to notice after a feed if they haven’t gotten enough. Then you’ll supplement with pumped milk or put them back to the breast and encourage more nursing. I could see that he needed quite what he was getting!

Barrett only had 1.75oz so I do know that he can still have more and can be hungry again very shortly. Back to the breast we go!

Lastly, Hatch Baby tracks diaper count. We’ve all heard that the baby should have an “X” amount of wet and dirty diapers throughout the day counting on age. As hard as we may try, sometimes we forget to stay count. The diaper icon on the screen provides a reminder to trace it whenever the baby is modified. How easy and convenient is that?!

 About Your Hatch Baby Grow

Congratulations on your new baby and thanks for selecting Hatch Baby Grow. We’re parents too and that we understand the incredible joy (and the challenges) that you’re going to experience as a replacement parent. We’ve worked tirelessly to form sure that your Hatch Grow can assist you to track weights, feedings and growth over time.

How Does Grow Work?

First, there’s an enormous difference between weighing an adult and weighing a baby. Quite simply, an adult knows the way to stand still on a scale. Your baby, on the opposite hand, likes to wiggle! Weighing an object that moves is hard and requires extra-special engineering to filter all those wiggles to offer you a particular weight.

Unlike a standard scale, Grow expects that your baby will move (because, babies). Our Hatch Smart Weight Algorithm, designed with a baby’s movement in mind, adjusts support for the quantity your baby moves. the size senses just how wiggly your baby is and factors that into the calculation when weighing your baby. We’ve honed this by taking up 1,000,000 measurements of babies (this isn’t an exaggeration – we’re seriously hooked into getting it right!)

Beyond having the ability to (magically) filter your baby’s wiggles, Grow is additionally a super-precise, sensitive device capable of taking measurements from 0 to 44 lbs, at up to 1 / 4 of an oz of accuracy (we round for convenience!). The “Load Cells” (aka the items that detect weight) embedded within Grow are sensitive enough to detect minute changes in weight and send signals from the feet of your Grow, spitting out the variety that gets calibrated into your baby’s weight. It’s a touching piece of engineering magic!

Watching your baby Grow is seriously awe-inspiring. So, as parents, we believe Grow should be used as a tool to watch and track your baby’s feeding amounts and growth over time. Grow is meant to assist you to track your baby’s trends.

Setting Up Your Hatch Baby Grow

Hatch baby grow may be a super-precise, finely engineered instrument of baby-weighing magic. so as for it to try to its thing, it’s gotta be set upright:

  • Set it abreast of a FLAT and LEVEL surface. It’s a scale, after all!

Make certain NOTHING is touching it. No walls, no lamp cords, no diapers, no cute one sies — zip, zilch, nada! (Seriously though, nothing should touch it).

Click the security belt into place. #babies are wiggly #safety first

Download the Hatch app within the App Store to require your first weight.

Want to undertake your Grow’s amazing weighing capabilities? Test it!

Why Does My Hatch  Baby’s Grow Weight Seem to Fluctuate?

Simply being a hatching baby grows requires plenty of energy! Your baby is burning calories all day long (all that sleeping, eating and pooping is tough work). For fun, weigh your baby right after an enormous meal and again after an enormous diaper change – your baby should punch in at different weights all day long. what’s most vital is that you simply are seeing overall weight gain over a series of days.


Product Name



Baby Digital Weighing Scale with Free Growth Chart

Toddler Weigh Scale with Growth Health Chart Book

Toddler Multi-Function Growth Scale

Here’s What to Do

  1. Fire up your Hatch app. Tap the Grow icon within the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Let the size zero out by tapping “Zero” within the upper corner of the app, then place your two-liter bottle on Grow.
  3. Tap “Record Weight” and note the load. Take the two-liter bottle off your Grow.
  4. Tap the Grow icon again (the app will take you back to the house screen after your first weight).

How Does Grow measure a Feeding Amount? 

 Grow does the math’s for you). so as to urge the foremost precise measurement, keep your baby within the same outfit and diaper (if possible! #blowouts) for both weighings. Major spit up, fresh diapers, outfit changes, etc. can affect your baby’s weight and intrinsically, affect accurate measurements for feedings.

Measuring a Feeding Using Grow

Ready to know exactly what proportion your baby is eating? Growing makes it easy! Our exclusive Hatch Smart Weight Algorithm takes away the guesswork, so you recognize exactly what proportion milk your baby is getting.

  1. stir up your Hatch app. Tap the Grow icon within the upper right-hand corner.
  2. together with your baby ON the size, tap “Start a Feeding”.
  3. Go feed that baby!
  4. come when you’ve finished and tapped the Grow icon again. Tap “Calculate a Feeding”.
  5. Save the quantity in your Hatch app.

How to Connect to Baby Hatch Grow

There are two ways you’ll register or hook up with your Grow:

  • After creating a Hatch Baby account for the primary time, follow the prompt to line up your Grow.
  • If you have already got a Hatch Baby account, you’ll attend More >> Hatch Baby Devices >> Hatch Baby Grow >> found out a tool. Follow the prompts to attach.

Once your Grow is registered, you’ll connect any time by tapping the Grow icon displayed within the upper right corner of your dashboard.

Recording Weight Using the Hatch Baby App

  • Tap Weight on the navigation menu.
  • Tap the + check in the upper right corner.
  • Enter any relevant information (date, time, etc). Tap Add Weight Entry to save lots of.

Android User:

  1. Tap Weight on rock bottom navigation menu.
  2. Tap the “+” check-in rock bottom left corner.
  3. Enter any relevant information (date, time etc). Tap Add Weight Entry to save lots of.

Recording a Nursing Session Using the Hatch Baby app

iOS User:

  • Tap Feedings on the navigation menu. The feeding timer will appear on the highest of the screen.
  • To time a nursing session, tap Nursing then tap either Left or Right depending upon which side you begin on. To time a bottle session, tap Bottle and begin the timer. With either option, you’ll pause and restart any time.
  • Tap Save to finish and record the feeding.

Android User:

  • Tap the “+” icon on the house screen and tap the bottle icon.
  • To time a nursing session, tap Nursing then tap either Left or Right depending upon what side you begin on. To time a bottle session, tap Bottle and begin the timer. With either option, you’ll pause and restart any time.
  • Tap Save to finish and record the feeding.

Hatch Baby

Recording a Pumping Entry Using the Hatch Baby App

iOS User:

Tap More on the navigation menu.

Tap Pumping.

To record a live pumping session, start the timer and tap end once you are finished. Or tap the “+” check in the upper right to manually record a pumping session.

Android User:

Tap the Menu icon within the bottom navigation menu.

Tap pumping.

To record a live pumping session, start the timer and tap end once you are finished. Or tap the “+” check-in rock bottom right to manually record a pumping session.

Sharing Your Hatch Baby App Account with a Partner, Nanny or Caregiver

OS User:

Tap More.

  1. Tap Baby Info.
  2. Select the child’s account that you simply would adore sharing.
  3. Under the Caregiver section, add the e-mail address of the person you’d wish to ask the account. Tap the + sign.
  4. Tap Update. The caregiver will be received an email invitation to share the account.

Android User:

  1. Tap the menu.
  2. Tap Baby Info.
  3. Select the child’s account that you simply would adore sharing.
  4. Under the Caregiver section, add the e-mail address of the person you’d wish to ask the account. Tap the + sign.
  5. Tap Update. The caregiver will be received an email invitation to share the account.

Troubleshooting Smart Changing Pad connection issues

 The networking requirements for the Smart Changing Pad and a few troubleshooting steps if you’re having problems connecting. If you’re still having problems, please feel free to bend us at Baby We’re here to help!

Home Network Requirements

Use 802.11 b/g/n products. The Smart Changing Pad isn’t compatible with 802.11 ac networks.

  •  We recommend that you simply use WPA2 encryption on your home network. Our products don’t support WEP because it isn’t secure.
  • The router must be broadcasting on 2.4GHz (this will likely be the case unless you made changes to your settings and are only running a 5GHz network).
  • you want to be broadcasting your SSID during the initial connection process (it can’t be hidden).


  • Please follow the instructions within the manual and on the Hatch Baby app so as to attach your Smart Changing Pad. If you get to the top of the setup and therefore the Smart Changing Pad fails to attach to your home network, please try the subsequent steps.
  • If you can’t see your home network within the list of networks presented within the Hatch Baby app.
  •  Verify that your home WiFi is active which you’ll hook up with it with a phone or computer.
  •  Disconnect any network extenders that you simply have a reception to simplify the setup.
  •  confirm that your Smart Changing Pad is on the brink of your home router so it can see your router’s WiFi signal.
  •  Verify that your SSID isn’t hidden which you’ll see your network name being broadcast
  •  Verify that you simply are running a 2.4GHz network. The Smart Changing Pad won’t hook up with a 5GHz network.

Reboot Your Home Router

If you’ll see your home network within the app and enter your password, but the Smart Changing Pad still won’t connect:

  1. Confirm that your home network meets all of the wants listed above.
  2. Verify that you simply have the right password for your home network. One of the other disconnects or forgets your home network on your smartphone or computer. Then try reconnecting using your phone or computer to verify that you simply have the right password.
  3. Reboot your router. This solves several known problems.
  4. If you’re employing a network extender, turn it off for the initial connection and connect on to your home router.
  5. Check your network security settings. We recommend that you simply use WPA2 encryption on your home network. Our products don’t support WEP because it isn’t secure.
  6. Prove that MAC address filtering is turned off. See your router documentation for instructions.
  7. Try connecting the Smart Changing pad to a special WiFi network. This may both help isolate the matter and permit the Smart Changing Pad to download the newest firmware (which may help solve the connection problem). you’ll try connecting the Smart Changing Pad at a neighbor or friend’s house. If you’ve got two smartphones, you’ll use one among them as a private hots pot and use the opposite phone to connect the Changing Pad thereto hots pot.
  8. Verify that DHCP is turned on which you’re not using static IP addresses to attach to your router. it’s very uncommon to show off DHCP. Please check your router’s documentation for further instructions.

 If you’ve been using your Smart Changing Pad for a short time and just started having connection problems, please replace the batteries and check out again.

Editing a Smart Changing Pad Feeding

  • Since you have got recorded maintenance using the Smart Changing Pad, open the Hatch Baby app on your phone and tap Feedings on the navigation menu.
  • Scroll through the log to seek out the feeding you would like to edit. Tap the entry.
  • Edit any of the small print (amount, duration etc) and tap Save.

Light and Sound Selection Using the Remote Screen

The Hatch Baby Rest app gives you access to all or any of Rest’s features. After connecting, you’ll see the remote screen, where you’ll control all of Rest’s main functions (light, sound, timer, programs). Rest is preset with a variety of popular light colors, a rainbow set and a choice to set custom colors. additionally, you’ll select from a spread of sounds and music to accompany any setting.

You always need to use Rest with the lamp or sound turned off, as needed.

Using Grow with a Caregiver

If your Hatch Baby account features a Grow registered thereto, your caregiver will automatically be ready to hook up with Grow once they use the app on their phone.

If you’ve got not yet shared your account with a caregiver, follow these steps:

iOS User:

  • Tap More.
  • Tap Baby Info.
  • Select the child’s account that you simply would really like to share.

Under the Caregiver section, add the e-mail address of the person you’d wish to invite to the account. Tap the + sign.

Android User:

  • Tap the menu.
  • Tap Baby Info.
  • Select the child’s account that you simply would really like to share.
  • Under the Caregiver section, add the e-mail address of the person you’d wish to invite to the account. Tap the + sign.

Hatch Baby Mobile App

We also love the Hatch Baby Mobile App and therefore the ability to share information. The mobile app is incredibly user-friendly and syncs with the changing pad so you’ll always have to-the-moment information. It’s also wonderful because, again, you don’t always remember to write down information. I can track things like exactly when the baby last ate (tracked by the weighted-feed feature), or what time the baby visited sleep/woke up (super easy to trace with the touch of a button). you’ll even track which breast you ought to offer baby (also tracked by the mobile app).

You can also manually add information if you receive that information from somewhere aside from the changing pad. All information is shared between each app user so anything my husband inputs will show abreast of my app. Or if the baby is with a sitter (or grandma!) I can keep track of the baby by being alerted whenever they use the changing pad. Another cool feature that the app provides may be a development chart. supported the quality provided by the planet Health Organization, you’ll confirm that growth improves instead of stalls or begins to say no.

Best Changing Pad — Hatch Baby Grow

 This isn’t Hatch Baby’s first raid changing pads. But they’re back with a replacement iteration that packs plenty of features into an oft-forgotten product. And they’ve slashed the worth too.


Product Name



Waterproof Changing Mat

Waterproof Baby Changing Mats

Washable Mattress Underpads

  • As solid but soft to the touch, the Grow is impermeable to fluids. No staining, no seeping liquid—no cover required.
  • What’s so smart about it? It doubles as a scale, allowing you to trace and record baby’s weight on an app while comparing it to World Health Organization guidelines.
  • That app also offers logs for diapering, feeding and sleeping so you’ll monitor and share data with other caregivers or baby’s pediatrician.

Every diaper change doesn’t need to be a weigh-in. But this comfy pad offers peace of mind once you want to make certain the baby’s on target.

Connecting Your Smart Hatch Baby Changing Pad

As though you haven’t registered for a Hatch Baby app account: click here for details

If you’ve got already registered for a Hatch Baby app account-

  • Open your Hatch Baby app.
  • Go to More and tap Settings.
  • Tap Smart Changing Pads and follow the prompts to attach.

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