Guide To Purchasing A Hack Squat Machine

A hack squat machine works like an adjustable barbell squat with a few variations. You can perform the hack squat at a 45-degree angle, which appreciates a more controlled movement and allows you to go deeper than a traditional squat. The added depth makes it great for working your quads, hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

What To Look for

⌛ You Will Require Sufficient Space to Use the Machine Safely.

  • Hack squats tend to have a very bigger footprint, so you will require to check the levels of the machine against the space you’ve chalked out.
  • There demands to be enough space so that its movement is not resisted by any nearby items and for you to happily load and unload the weight plates.

⌛ The Machine Should be Regular to Suit Your Height.

  • The ideal position to break off the back-pad needs bending your knees so you can use your quadriceps muscles to lift the weight.
  • Look for a regular footplate or shoulder pads to set the machine to your height and happily disengage and put back the weight.

⌛ The Security Handles Must have Enough Locking Points.

  • Make sure that the security handles on the sides have at least three locking points for you to safely stop the machine at any point from squeezing you among the shoulder pads and footplate, in case of an accident.
  • Furthermore, the handles should be simple to reach so that you can grab them in time Whether you feel the weight is more than you can handle.

⌛ Ensure the Machine is Sturdy and Snug on Your Shoulders.

  • The hack squat is an exercise where you can add a lot of weight, so the machine’s frame must be elasticated and solidly constructed.
  • Extra, the shoulder pads should not dig into your collarbone or trap during intercourse, as that can lead to injury.
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Top Picks

Best Hack Squat Overall

Body Craft F660

  • Highly regular, can be used for multiple individuals
  •  Comfortable shoulder pads 
  • Lifetime warranty Doubles 
  • as a leg press
  •  Expensive

Best Hack Squat/front Squat Combo

York STS Power Front Squat Machine

  • Reduces stress on joints
  •  Non-skid footplate
  •  4 weight storage racks
  •  Bigger footprint 
  • Not a true hack squat

Best Hack Squat On A Budget

Body-Solid GLPH1100

  • Sleek and stable during movement
  • 1,000 lbs weight capacity 
  • Reasonable price compared to others like it

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