The Best Floor Scrubber For Home Clean 2022

When it’s a matter of staying hygienic and keep safe from germs, cleanliness is a must. But getting a clean and shiny floor can be a time-consuming job. A floor scrubber will help you in this case to look your floor the best. It is a tool that can clean, polish, and buff floors without any hassle. This device can reduce your struggle while cleaning the floor daily. Yet, it is an efficient cleaning device rather than brooms and mops. So, collect this best floor scrubber and keep your floor always clean and dirt-free.

Review of 7-Best Floor Scrubber

You will find a lot of manufacturers of floor cleaners with different features on the market. Thus, choosing the best one is tricky. Your choice over various floor scrubbers relies on the size, budget, and need. Besides this, there are many more things which you have to think about while purchasing. To help you get the best one, we come with the 7-best floor scrubber’s review. So have a look at this article.

Quick Comparison


Product Name



Cordless Hard Floor Mop Cleaner Machine

Floor Cleaning Scrubber Equipment

Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaner

Hard Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner Machine

Floor Scrubber, Adjustable Brush for Tile Cleaner

Expert Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner

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Cordless Hard Floor Mop Cleaner Machine

Bissell is a famous American floor care device manufacturing company. This brand has an excellent rating on floor scrubber. Bissell SpinWave Cordless PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 23157 is the best collection of them.Cordless Hard Floor Mop Cleaner Machine

Moreover, Bissell 23157 comes with a moping head of 14 inches. The machine has power spin pads that spin in opposite directions and work in pairs. This function reduces the need to run the mop in different directions to remove stains. The spray trigger on the handle allows you to control the cleaning solutions. It has two types of pads – soft touch and scrubby. The scrubby pad features bristles that help to remove stubborn stains from the floor. On the other hand, the soft touched for efficient mopping and dry mopping.

However, it is the best buffing machine suitable to clean and polish any stains or dirt. Bissell is a famous and trusted floor cleaning machine, and this fantastic floor cleaning machine lives up to its name.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Multiple cleaning heads
  • Multiple surface cleaner
  • Comes with warranty
  • Easy to use


  • Not designed with wheels
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Floor Cleaning Scrubber Equipment

Floor Cleaning Scrubber EquipmentThose who are looking for a floor scrubber for a small room can pick this one. It is mainly compatible with small areas. It comes with a very lightweight design at only 7 pounds. Because of its lightweight design is the best option to use in a small room or small area.

Furthermore, the brushes provided by Gloss boss are powerful enough and can clean much more effectively than other cleaners. For multiple surfaces, it offers interchangeable pads. After spraying any cleaning solution on the floor, pick the suitable brushes or pad and let the machine clean the floor. You can easily get a shiny as well as sparkle look with this B200752 scrubber.

Moreover, it’s a time-saving machine and also keeps the strain off efficiently. It’s the best choice for everyday use.


  • It has a lightweight design
  • It provides straight forward assembly
  • It is ideal for home and residential use
  • It gives a budget-friendly price
  • You can push it around with minimal drag


  • This machine is noisy
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Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaner

If you are looking for a budget-friendly floor cleaner machine, you should look at this new Shark Sonic Duo. It is a very professional cleaning machine and works very efficiently. Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaner

Moreover, it comes in two different modes- one for carpets and another for hard floors. The machine weighs only 9 pounds, and there are no heavy metals, making it so lightweight. This cleaner is not a steam cleaner and so doesn’t use any heat. That is why it is safe for all floor types.

Also, this machine provides different pads for different surfaces such as carpets, tile floors, polishing bare floors, etc. The cleaning solutions and pads are also color-coordinated- purple for carpet, green for bare floors. Besides, it provides a soft ergonomic handle which makes it easier to grasp.

However, this machine is easy to move around all corners of your floor. If you buy this one, you will notice many new features that Shark Sonic floor cleaner provides.


  • It can clean hard floors
  • It provides washable cleaning pads
  • It gives smooth operation
  • The machine is lightweight
  • Cleaning solutions are non-toxic


  • The machine needs a lot of cleaning solutions
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Hard Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner Machine

Oreck ORB550MC floor scrubber provides every feature that you need to do to keep your floor surfaces clean and polished. It is a multi-purpose floor machine that gives you everything you need. Hard Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner Machine

Every Oreck commercial floor machine comes with a 6 amp, ½ hp, 115V motor, and thick bumper to protect baseboards and walls. This machine also includes a long safety power foot of 35 with hospital plugs.

Moreover, this Oreck 550MC provides 24 lb. of cleaning power to each application. This machine cleans the floor 4- times faster than any other traditional cleaning tool. The 12″ brushes or pads give a cleaning path of 13″ with orbiting pattern. Aside from that, this machine has an on/off thumb switch and comes with a pad driver.

Overall, this floor is highly versatile and suitable for all types of floors. You will experience this machine as the best floor scrubber compared to other scrubbers.


  • This machine is great for hard floors
  • It works best for all types of floor
  • The product is versatile
  • Orbital drive restrains floor gouging
  • It loosens dirt from the carpet


  • The unit is relatively heavy
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Floor Scrubber, Adjustable Brush for Tile Cleaner

If you are searching for a lightweight and efficient floor cleaner, Tilswall Spin Scrubber is the best solution. Enjoy this cordless version and save your time. Floor Scrubber, Adjustable Brush for Tile

Furthermore, it appears with a 3.7V powerful 400mah rechargeable battery which can increase speed up to 300 RPM. It generates torques of up to 35.4 kgf. cm, allowing you to clean the entire house in a single sweep easily. This floor cleaner provides 4- different brush heads for multi-purpose. Long and thick bristles will remove any scratch; small flat brush for kitchen, shower, grease, grill, stove; flat brush extra wide for hard floor, glass, tile, window, pool; lastly comer round brush for curved surface, bathtub, toilet or baseboard.

Additionally, its operation loudness is less than 70db, which provides a more pleasant experience. Again, the highest extendable length is 43.3 inches, and it is adjustable too from zero to 80 degrees.

However, this cleaning machine can clean off most of the hard stains. Moreover, the four brushes of multi-purpose have extended the versatility of the product.


  • It has a lightweight design
  • The machine is easy to maneuver
  • It provides 4-multi-purpose brushes
  • It offers impressive battery duration
  • It features an extendable brush head


  • It is not so powerful
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Expert Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Here comes another best floor scrubber from Bissell. Bissell 20393 could be the best choice for its lightweight design. Expert Floor Vacuum Cleaner

This floor cleaner comes with two soft pads for buffing and two hard pads for scrubbing. The pads are safe to use on vinyl, laminate, tile and sealed wood. This device gives you both wet and dry facilities. Its two spinning pads of microfiber and different cleaning solutions efficiently scrub away dirt and gives a shiny look.

Moreover, the SpinWave measures 3.25 inches in tall and 12.25 inches in diameter. Again, it can automatically avoid and detect carpeting while mopping. Besides, it comes with a tank for mopping and a dry tank for vacuuming. The wet tank is featured with two round mop pads that spin for scrubbing hard floors with plain water or a cleaning solution.

Afterward, the 22-foot cord perfectly moves around the floor. 

Undoubtedly it’s an affordable and versatile floor cleaner if compared with others. However, this product provides a long time warranty too.


  • It has a lightweight design
  • It works with cleaning solution
  • It automatically avoids carpet
  • Easy to use
  • Wet and dry facilities


  • Not designed with wheels
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Wet Dry Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner Machine

Those specifically looking for a floor cleaning machine for the hard floor can pick a thin one from Hoover. Its lightweight and compact design will surely catch your mind. Wet Dry Floor Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover deluxe floor cleaner weighs only 13.8lbs and comes with dimensions of 13x12x44 inches. The Hoover FH40160PC has two tanks to separate dirt and clean water. Both of them are very easy to remove for washing, emptying, and filling. Hoover floormate provides multi-purpose spin scrub technology, which is suitable for hard floors. That is why it works efficiently on hard surfaces like tile, marble, timber, etc.

Besides, this cleaning machine provides two cleaning modes-dry and wash. Again, Hoover floormate is featured with two patented 360-degree counter-rotating brushes, which are removable also. The first brush is built specifically for use on hardwood floors. The second brush can clean all corners of your floor and grout with ease.

However, for better flexibility and lightweight design, this hoover deluxe floor cleaner is liked by many customers. Its cleaning ability is outstanding.


  • It is lightweight
  • It has two modes
  • It includes a washable filter
  • It is compatible with hard floors
  • It provides two years warranty


  • It is not so powerful and takes a long time

Buying Guide 

Floor scrubbers are available in all sizes and shapes from different manufacturers. But getting the best floor scrubber among them is not so easy. Considering that, there are some necessary features to see while purchasing yours.

Machine Size

Take time and carefully decide which size of a floor scrubber is ideal according to your need. If you have large surface areas to be cleaned, then you can take the large-sized floor scrubber. But if you have small rooms, then it is better to take a portable size floor scrubber.

Power Source

While purchasing must consider how you want to be powered your floor scrubber. There are two options. You can either take one with a rechargeable battery or take one that has a direct power plug-in socket. Between them, battery-powered ones are best as well as efficient as they are easier to maneuver anywhere.

Tank Size 

Each floor scrubber has a tank that is filled with water and a cleaning solution. It is essential to focus on the tank’s size because it plays a significant role in the overall design. A larger tank can store more water.


Before purchasing, you must check out the background sound level that a machine produces. Because you surely wouldn’t like any overly loud tool.

Additional Features

It is sensible to urge your hands on a machine that has some nice features that make cleaning easier. Search for things just like the ability to change scrubbing pressure as this may be so helpful when tackling tough marks/stains. Also, another useful feature is that the ability to vary how diluted your water is with the cleaning chemicals. You’ll want to only use water to wash something, on the other hand, want to feature some cleaning solution afterward.

Floor Scrubber

What Types of Floor Scrubber Can You Buy?

As alluded to, there’s quite one sort of floor scrubber out there. Primarily, they fall under two different categories:

Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers

These floor scrubbers are pretty self-explanatory in their approach to the work. You stand behind them and push the scrubber around as you please.

You can get this sort of scrubber in many various sizes, starting from ones with the dimensions of a little mower to ones that are much larger. More often than not you discover these utilized in most commercial businesses from small offices to large retail stores.


Easy to use and maneuver around
Available in several sizes with different tank sizes too
Lead to faster cleaning times


Some of the smaller models require constant cistern refilling
It May wasn’t ideal for enormous surface areas of flooring

Ride-On Floor Scrubber

While the primary option is that the commonest and popular choice, there also are ride-on scrubbers out there. These function in a similar way, the sole difference is that you simply ride around on the machine rather than pushing it. These are primarily found in massive warehouses or places with a lot of floor space to wash.


Less tiresome to use
Can clean large spaces very quickly


Too big for several commercial premises
Requires an extended learning period to work correctly


Q1. What Does a Floor Scrubber Do?

Answer: A floor scrubber can remove dirt and stains from floors efficiently and quickly. After applying any cleaning mixture to the floor, we usually use floor scrubbers to scrub and dry surfaces with a quick swoop.

Q2. When Should Floors be Cleaned?

Answer: The floor should be clean daily. But if you have a large family or a lot of traffic, you should clean your floors once a week.

Q3. How Long Floor Scrubber Lasts?

Answer: Most floor scrubbers feature batteries. Usually, the best floor scrubbers vacuum can last 2 -3 years if used daily. They could stay longer. However, when used daily, the run time decreases. Proper maintenance is also necessary in that case.

Final Decision,

Floor scrubbers are so effective that they can reduce time and clean your floor without any hassle. Now cleaning your floor will never be as difficult as it was before. Once you start to use this tool, you will never go for an ordinary mop. But, before purchasing any floor scrubber info here, make sure where you are planning to use it and then consider the following things. Hopefully, you will get your desired one among them which will meet your need. So, get the best floor scrubber according to your demand and always keep your house neat and clean.

When buying a floor scrubber handheld, you would like to believe a couple of things. Firstly, consider what proportion of floor area you would like to wash as this may determine the dimensions and sort that suits you best. Then, you ought to believe all the different features, like the tank size, power source and so on.

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