Essentials for Beginners Garden Hand Tool Set Reviews


Garden tools have evolved a lot over the years, from the digging sticks of antiquity to today’s highly learned tools. The whole season brings new garden gadgets and having the basic tool groups will help you continue your garden year after year.

Selecting Garden Tools

Employing the right tool for each garden job makes your work easier and more efficient. This can mean that there are lots of tools with various designs and sizes. Know about the basic tools you’ll need to simplify the shopping system with our garden tools list.

Because of selecting garden tools, don’t just ensure you achieve the right tool for the job; try to imagine how it’ll feel after a few hours of use. Mind, as the size of the tool increases, its weight increases too. Larger tools can be more efficient, but be sure to choose one that won’t wear you out too fast. Looking for tools with cushioned grips to make the job more satisfying.

Garden Tools

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Shovels, Spades and Other Digging Tools

The shovel is one of the most ordinary landscaping tools and is the workhorse of the garden shed. Spades are essentially a short version of the shovel with a flatter blade. Other tools let you dig holes for posts or plant and transplant bulbs and short plants.

Round Point Shovel: It is a great tool for digging, lifting and throwing soil. The round point cuts into the soil, because the rim on the top of the shovel blade allows added foot pressure for digging holes.

Square Point Shovel: It is excellent for moving materials. The larger size is known as a scoop.

Garden Spade: It is similar to a square point shovel and it’s great for cutting, edging, digging and lifting sod.

Rakes and Pitchforks

Rakes take the concept of the human hand and finger dexterity to a large scale. They come in all sizes and styles. Likely to having produced from a forked tree branch, what we often call the pitchfork has its roots in agriculture. Forks are designed in various styles and with various numbers and sizes of tines, depending on the material to be moved.

Leaf Rake: This is for moving leaves, grass clippings and other materials. The humble steel or poly tines do an honest job of cleaning yard debris from grass. Leaf rakes arrive in a wide range of sizes.

Garden Hoes

The different simple and ancient tool, the hoe is designed for weeding and light ground breaking. There are several different head sizes and shapes.

Standard Garden Hoe: That’s a tool that has a squared blade set at a right angle to the handle for cutting.

Other Landscape Tools

However, to the over-familiar implements, there are other garden hand tools that can make working in a garden easier.

Mattock: This tool is available with various types of blades for heavy work in the ground. You can find mattocks with different combinations of flat blades or cutting blades for chopping through roots, picks that break up the soil and tilling blades that help turn the soil, breaking up ground.

Wheelbarrows and Yard Carts

Because of not tools in the traditional wheelbarrows, sense and yard carts take a lot of the effort out of gardening and landscape work. If you’re carrying a load of mulch, a bag of garden soil or even your hand tools, a wheelbarrow or yard cart makes hauling easier.


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