Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment


Battery-powered equipment is rapidly changing the landscape (pun definitely intended) of the outdoor ability equipment industry. With no gas or oil to mix and no cord to limit your equipment’s range, these lithium-ion powered tools can be both easier to maintain and easier to manage. As little as a couple of years ago, the options for cordless outdoor ability equipment were limited. Now, nearly every ability tool company and ability equipment brand is touting their own line of cordless equipment.

We’re here to give you a disruption of the major manufacturers and their battery-powered tools you can search at your local, independently owned Do it Best store as well as Whether you’re starting from scratch and are in the market for battery-powered equipment, check out the cordless outdoor ability equipment guide below

Less Maintenance than Gas-Powered Tools

Gas-powered outdoor equipment often requires gas & oil mixes and daily refueling, which can lead to messes in your garage (although our Sure Can gas can eliminate some of those refueling spills).

Either way, maintaining the right mixes, using a fuel stabilizer in storage, and cleaning carbs and other engine components all adds up to significantly more maintenance than simply attaching a lithium-ion battery and then putting it on a charger when you’re done.

Whether you’re sick of maintaining your gas-powered equipment, it’s time to take a long look at the cordless ability equipment options on the market today.

A Better Solution for Smaller Outdoor Spaces

For the longest time, homeowners with yard maintenance need but short outdoor footprints really only had two alternatives to gas-powered outdoor equipment: paying for a lawn care service or using corded outdoor power equipment. Whether you don’t want to spend the money on a lawn care service and don’t want to deal with the tangles and danger of running corded equipment around your house, then battery-powered equipment may be the answer for you. With a variety of sizes and power outputs, cordless ability equipment manufacturers offer a tool for nearly any outdoor space, no matter how small. For example, whether you need to keep your lawn in great shape but just don’t have many places, a 20V trimmer may be exactly what you need!

Improved Ability Output and Run-Time

The days of cordless equipment being under powered are gone. Top-of-the-line cordless outdoor ability equipment now offers equal or better ability and extended run-times than rival gas-powered models.

With manufacturers now rolling out 60V, 80V, or even professional-level 120V cordless outdoor ability equipment tools, you can receive the ability and run-time you need without the weight and additional maintenance.


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