How Many Tattoo Machines Do You Need?

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Having a tattoo on hands, shoulder, chest or back has become a fashion and many people want to have it on their body. There are many tattoo artists who use many types of machines to design the desired tattoo. The expert needs to have the best coil tattoo machine to design the tattoo. People who … Read more

Should You Get A Temporary or Permanent Tattoo?

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Thinking about getting a tattoo? Do you think if a temporary or permanent one is best for you? With the trend nowadays, having a tattoo is very fashionable. While it may be cool to have the permanent ones, changes in personal tastes over time may opt for them to choose for the temporary ones. You … Read more

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

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I recently talked a considerable amount about tattoo machines, how to make them, and even how they work. In any case, for all you tattoo specialists that follow this site, I want to provide some specialized information just for you! This also helps any tattoo newbs who feel inspired by all these tattoo gun posts … Read more

What is the Best Rotary Tattoo Machine for Beginner

Best Rotary Tattoo Machine

Later on, in 1978, Manfred Kohrs invented the primary rotary tattoo machine, with the main part of an electric motor and an ink reservoir. After that date, the evolution of the tattoo machine skyrocketed! Several designs were introduced to the tattoo Artists round the world making tattooing a good more enjoyable experience for the artist … Read more

The Evolution of the Tattoo Machine

Evolution of the Tattoo Machine

The techniques wont to embed the tattoo within the skin are sometimes linked to a specific region or culture. For instance, some tattoos are obtained during cultural ceremonies, as rites of passage. However, all tattoos end in creating permanent marks and styles on the body. Here I’ll discuss for The Tattoo Machine Evolution. In more … Read more