Cardio Exercise Equipment Buying Guide

Strength training with weights is critical for building muscle, but a little cardio goes a long way to burning calories and toning. The best way to help you get your workout when you want it is with in-home cardio exercise equipment. Cardio exercise equipment is one of the biggest and most important purchases you can make for your home gym.

Fortunately, there’s an amazing array of Precor materials available for you to choose from. If you’re interested in a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike or other cardio product, read through these tips from our Precor fitness experts before you buy.

Know Before You Go

Before purchasing and installing a large piece of cardio exercise equipment in your house, ensure that you have a good space already allocated. Each type of material will have various space needs based on its size and range of motion, so it’s important to plan and measure accurately. Be sure to give yourself enough space for simple maintenance and room for storage nearby to prevent clutter. It’s not all about floor space; measure your ceiling height too. Whether you have low ceilings, which will affect what type of equipment you can bring into your house.

To help you visualize where your new cardio exercise equipment will fit in your house, visit the Precor Space Planner tool.

Try Before You Buy

When you compare various brands of equipment types—treadmills, ellipticals and other cardio exercise equipment—each one will have a completely various feel and offer unique features. It is a good idea to “Road Test” any type of equipment in your gym or specialty exercise fitness store before you bring one house. Check the product for a stable and sturdy feel. Look at the welds and space where sweat will drip on. This reflects quality and longevity. Try out the ergonomics, such as seat design, back support and handrails, to ensure you are comfortable on the machine. Ensure you ask the fitness specialty expert to show you how to make simple adjustments to fit your needs. There is no one-adjustment-fits-all setting, and that’s by design.

To receive try out the various brands of equipment, visit our authorized Precor dealer locator to find a store near you.

Cardio Exercise Equipment Check the Warranty, Delivery Options and Set-up Charge

Whether you want peace of mind when buying your cardio exercise equipment, ensure it is built to last and has a warranty that stands behind that quality. Rest assured, Precor warranties are the best in the business.

* Lifetime guarantee on frame and welds
* 10-year parts and wear items
* 3-year for the consoles
* 1-year for labor

In addition to best-in-class warranties, you require to consider delivery and installation for your cardio exercise equipment buying. While some products can be self-installed, we recommend that premium cardio equipment models in the treadmill, elliptical and AMT categories be properly installed by a trained service professional.

All Precor authorized dealers to offer delivery and professional setup. When you order online at Precor At Home, your exercise equipment delivery will include professional setup and installation in your house when it is convenient for you.

Click the following link to review delivery and installation considerations.

Protect Your Floor

  • Protect carpet and flooring
  • Reduce vibration and muffle the noise
  • Resist moisture absorption
  • Maintain stability and safety
  • Prolong equipment life

View Precor accessories here, which include mats, tablet mounts and more.

No matter what type of cardio exercise equipment you’re considering for your house gym, Precor offers the quality, features and service that will serve you well for years to come.

Our team of online experts is happy to chat with you about the options or you are welcome to contact your local Precor authorized dealer. Together we are confident you’ll find the cardio equipment that best fits your needs.

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