Best Tool Gifts Under $250

Master Magnetics Magnetic Tool Holder

The hooking tools on the pegboard are quite simple. It’s easier when you add a magnetic bar holder to it or two or three. These things are invaluable for storing neat tools and accessories in the workshop. This one is the number one tool gifts under $250.

DeWalt DW1361 Drill Bit Set

Give these if you want an absolute no-miss presence for a DIY person. This may be the only set of drill bits they will need. This will allow you to drill hard and corrosive synthetic materials such as wood, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals – especially solid steel and fibrous strong plastics. We used them in the PM’s shop. These are rigid and are compatible with both drill and impact drivers.

Buck Brothers 1201030 Chisel Set

There are fancier chisel sets here, but they are no better or more subtle than the usual American-made sets of Buck Brothers. We own Buck Brothers Chinook and we can vote for them. Three sizes 1 / 2-, 3 / 4- and 1 inch you need to do virtually all woodwork. These are easily sharpened, maintain a good edge and are a great presentation for any homeowner or budding woodworker.

Zircon A100 Stud Sensor

Our experiments have found that the A100 is a reliable detector of wood, pipes and electrical wires buried in the walls. Use it to scan with confidence.

Gojo Hand Cleaner

Give that tool-loving, color-applying, car-fixing, plumbing-repair person the gift of clean hands and they may smile a little but they will appreciate it. As a gift, I received a uniform jug many years ago and I bought another one after emptying it and later bought another one. I have had cleaner hands ever since. It also cleans tools this is the best cleaner tool gifts under $250.

Craftsman 9-Inch Torpedo Level

Hang a shelf, plumb a post, or look 45 degrees. All are easily achieved with this small but angry torpedo layer that fits on the top shelf of any toolbox and slides into your back pocket.

Tool Gifts Under $250

Craftsman Steel Pry Bar Set

This artisan set of PR bars is especially effective when your car needs to be engraved. With four to choose from, there are options for work of almost any size.

Milwaukee 12-Piece Sawzall Blade Set

This handy blade set will be a boon for anyone in the midst of a great remodeling task or anyone looking forward to tackling it soon. They may not make the actual reconstruction much easier but these blades will help the destruction move forward quite quickly.

Maglite ML300L

We know a good flashlight when we see one and that’s why we partnered with Magelite about what the final version might be. Powered by four alkaline D-cell batteries, the ML300 SLT has a surprising 5 hour 45 minute run time of high and 434 hours run time in a low-power eco setting. And the way Maglite makes them, you can use them for life.

Case Small Brown Stockman Pocket Knife

Everyone needs a pocket knife. (Just don’t forget it in your pocket when you try to go through airport security) This little traditional themed tool from Case is versatile for doing everything from American-made and cutting a sandwich to cutting sticks.

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