Best Digital Tattoo Power Supply for Tattoo Artists

If you own a tattoo studio or are a tattoo artist, you will surely know the importance of a tattoo power supply. The tattoo machine is utterly useless without a suitable power supply. It’s essential to buy the best tattoo power supply to bring out the best performance from your tattoo machine and for yourself also.

Before buying any tattoo power supply, it’s best to research to obtain the best power supply. Let us discuss the best tattoo power supply and how you can buy the best product that will meet your expectations.

Top 6 Best Tattoo Power Supply


Product Name



Tattoo Digital LCD Power Supply Touch Screen

Mini Portable Tattoo Wireless Power Supply

Digital LCD Tattoo Power Supply

Digital Tattoo Power Supply

Professional LCD Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply

Tattoo Dual Digital Power Supply

We have enlisted the top 6 best power supplies all the information is discussed in detail. Once you read the details, we hope you will decide which tattoo power supply you need for your tattoo studio or other purposes.

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Tattoo Digital LCD Power Supply Touch Screen

BRONC professional tattoo power supply is one of the modernized best tattoo power supplies available in recent days. TPN-035 is the model number for this power supply.

However, this tattoo power supply comes with an easy-to-use touch screen LCD panel. With the help of its touch screen panel, you will be able to control all the features of your tattoo machine and will be able to control the power output and input of the power supply.Tattoo Digital LCD Power Supply Touch Screen

Afterward, this tattoo power supply is capable of supplying 0.3 to 68-watt power. If you convert it to volts, it’s 3 to 18 volts. To provide this power, it requires an input voltage of 90 to 240 volts. Some power supply is unstable, and they cannot prevent overload, but BRONC professional tattoo power supply has over load protection. Also, the operating temperature of this power supply stays below 45 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, the touch display of this power supply comes with a lot of features. Tactical buttons are available to make it simple to use, that you will be able to turn on and turn off the machine with a simple switch. Other buttons are also attached to control the air flow, the current flow, and power supply features.


  • Simple tactical buttons make it easy to control
  • The operating temperature is below 45℃
  • LCD digital display to keep your setting in check
  • The power supply has an inbuilt overloading protection
  • It’s capable of converting 18 volts of electricity


  • The plastic body frame makes it less durable
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Mini Portable Tattoo Wireless Power Supply

Ambition Professional mini portable RCA wireless tattoo power supply is a modernized machine. This power frame contains aluminum alloy that makes it almost weightless, weighs only 73 grams. It was designed in this manner to be travel-friendly. When you are a travel tattoo artist, you will not carry traditional tattoo machinery during traveling. Therefore, if you have a rotary tattoo machine, this power supply will be the best choice.Mini Portable Tattoo Wireless Power Supply

Moreover, it has a lithium battery of 1800 mAh. With this massive battery, you will be able to do your work for 5- long hours. Though this power supply is small compared to other power supplies, it is full of features. Within this small power supply, there is a small LED digital display that shows the battery life of your power supply and the power of your tattoo machine.

Furthermore, 3-tactical buttons are available on this power supply; one button has a plus mark that indicates it will increase the power of your power supply. The second button has a minus mark that helps you decrease the power. And the last button is for starting and stopping the power supply.

Again, the box contents are- a USB cable and the ambition professional mini power supply. This power supply supports fast charging. With the help of fast charging, it will take about 2 hours to recharge. Besides, 8- different voltages make it more convenient. Although the working voltage is around 4-volts, it will cover 5-volts to 12-volts corresponding to your needs.


  • A small digital LED display indicates the battery power and the voltages
  • It will be able to supply voltage for straight 5 hours
  • There are 8-different voltage setup
  • It features aluminum alloy construction
  • This power supply has an 1800 mAh battery that is charged through a USB cable


  • This power supply faces power loss problems
⌛ 3

Digital LCD Tattoo Power Supply

If you want a durable tattoo power supply, then the One Tattoo World OTW-P008-3R dual digital LCD tattoo power supply will be the best choice for you. This power supply has stainless steel construction, making it more durable and convenient than other tattoo power supplies.Digital LCD Tattoo Power Supply

Usually, most power supplies can give power to one tattoo machine, but this power supply is designed to simultaneously provide power to 2 tattoo machines. So you will be able to do your work more efficiently, artists will be able to do their bulky jobs faster.

Furthermore, 2-analog rotational buttons help to control the voltage output and input. One tactical switch for start and stop and two cord that allows attaching two tattoo machines. Also, its digital LCD panels will help you in controlling this power supply. You will be able to power both the shader and the liner tattoo machine simultaneously. You will have to turn on the switch with a marking liner/shader to attach these machines.

However, it can supply 120 to 220 volts of power. If you run a tattoo parlor, this power is more than sufficient for you. 13 different voltage parameters give you maximum productivity. It weighs only 2.9 pounds and has a diameter of 5.5 x 4.5 x 3.25 inches.


  • It’s LCD screen is ultra-bright that shows correct voltage output
  • This power supply has 13 different parameters
  • It can provide 120 to 220 volts of power
  • Both shader and liner tattoo machine is supported
  • The power supply weighs only 2.9 pounds


  • It has less effective overload protection
⌛ 4

Digital Tattoo Power Supply

Aurora 2nd gen colorful voltage fits power supply is one of the best tattoo power supplies available recently. This device is portable and small in size compared to other power supplies. The power supply is manufactured by Dragon art, and this company is well known for making all sorts of tattoo equipment.Digital  Tattoo Power Supply

Although, a regular type tattoo power supply can support only one tattoo machine at a time, whether it’s a rotary tattoo machine or a coil tattoo machine. But aurora and gen power supply can provide power to rotary and coil tattoo machines simultaneously. If you own a tattoo salon, you need many different types of tattoo machines to complete a tattoo, so that this multi-functional power supply will be the best choice for you.

Moreover, this power supply adds a considerable number of features. Another helpful feature is the ability to select between different foot pedal modes. A ¼ inch cord will help you attach a foot pedal or a clip cord; you can run this power supply without a foot pedal. Digital LED display, responsive control buttons, and reflective color are critical features of this power supply. This power supply weighs only 1.2 pounds and has a dimension of 7.17 x 5.16 x 3.19 inches.


  • This power supply has built-in magnets and silicone grips
  • Two types of pedal mode make work easy
  • LED display with illumination color indicators
  • It has a standard ¼ inch clip cord
  • Simple buttons to control the voltage


  • Sometimes the pedal system malfunction
⌛ 5

Professional LCD Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply

This power supply represents the modern-day professional power supply. BRONC is one of the leading companies that manufacture the best quality tattoo power supply. Bronco makes it affordable and capable of performing as requirements of their consumers. So if you want a professional power supply, you can buy BRONC Professional Dual digital tattoo power supply. The power supply is as convenient as it can be; it can plug two tattoo machines simultaneously.Professional LCD Dual Digital Tattoo Power Supply

Furthermore, a large colorful LCD panel provides better options to monitor the tattoo machine. On the screen, you’ll see the voltage, amps, speed, and power level. Also, the company manufactured this power supply with a unique feature: the timer. You will be able to control your power supply by setting the time. It supports all types of tattoo machines, the coil, the shader, and many more.

Afterward, its input voltage is around 90 volts to 240 volts, and if you compare in Hz then 50/60 Hz, the output voltage of this power supply is about 3 to 18 volts. A voltage overload protection system is infused in this power supply to prevent any voltage overload problems. Touch responsive buttons and gold-plated technology are at the center of attraction for consumers.


  • 24k gold-plating technology is used to make all the inner parts
  • It has 12 preset systems for voltage control
  • The colorful LCD screen provides all the required details
  • It comes with one year of warranty
  • This power supply powers two tattoo machines at the same time


  • The foot pedal system is near average
⌛ 6

Tattoo Dual Digital Power Supply

If you want a multi-featured power supply that supports both shader and liner tattoo machines, then a pirate face tattoo dual digital power supply can be your solution. Most of the time, tattoo designers had to buy two different power supplies corresponding to their tattoo machine, but it will solve a lot of your hassle if you buy this power supply.Tattoo Dual Digital Power Supply

Likewise, the steel frame body makes this power supply more durable than other power supplies available. The design of this power supply is user-friendly and straightforward; they have marked all the ports and buttons. At the front panel of this power supply, you will be able to see a digital screen, two plug-in cords, a button that switches between liner and shader, and two adjustable rolling buttons.

Moreover, this power supply inputs AC from 60 volts to 260 volts, and as an output, you will get DC starting from 1.5 volts to 18 volts. Also, its power cord is supported by those countries that support 110-120 volt. They provide many accessories as box content; you will get two 6 foot cable cords to attach your tattoo machine, a stainless-steel foot pedal, and a matching power cord according to your country.


  1. Both liner and shader tattoo machine support
  2. Steel frame body makes it more durable
  3. Digital LCD panel provides better management
  4. Simple and user-friendly control panel
  5. A stainless-steel foot pedal comes with this power supply


  • The cords that come within the box are not the durable

Best Tattoo Power Supply A Comprehension Buying Guide

Before buying any tattoo power supply, it’s necessary to know its features, workability, power, type, etc. knowing these parts will increase the chance to buy the best tattoo power supply. Without knowing what you are buying can bring many problems for you.

Let us enlighten you with the knowledge that will help you in choosing your desired power supply. We have made sure to provide you with the best buying guide.

Type of Power Supply

The first and most crucial part is knowing the type of power supply that will help you understand what you need to work with and how this power supply will help you. Mainly there are two types of power supply available these days, one is analog power supply, and the other one is digital power supply. Of these two, power supply digital power supply is the favorite because of its extra features.

The analog tattoo power supply can provide power to more than two tattoo machines, but reading the voltage graph and electric value is difficult in analog meters. It requires high skill and knowledge to run this type of tattoo power supply.

On the other hand, the digital tattoo power supply comes with an LCD that provides accurate and better values and additional information such as power, input, and output voltage. There is no hassle of wire.

So if you are okay with a lot of wire and analog electric value and want to add more than two tattoo machines in the same power supply, then an analog tattoo power supply will do the job for you. But if you don’t want to take the hassle of wire and want a more professional power supply, you can buy the digital power supply.



The second you need to see is the voltage of that power supply. This part is also crucial for tattooing; with less productive voltage, your work will be disastrous. The voltage will give you an idea of the power that you will be able to work with.

Many types of power supplies provide different kinds of voltage, some may provide one or two volts, and some will be able to provide 10 to 15 volts of power. The usually less expensive power supply provides small volts such as 1.5 or 2 volts, but the costly power supply offers 10 to 15 volts. It’s better to get the high voltage even if you have to buy an expensive one because their structure and service are up to the mark.


After you saw the voltage, you made up your mind on the type of power supply. It would be best if you thought about whether the tattoo power supply is portable or not. If you own a tattoo salon or you own a small space to work, then you know how important it is to have a portable power supply.

Also, if you are a tattoo artist and travel a lot, then a portable power supply will increase your workability. Many people don’t like portable power supplies, but it’s better to have one. In recent days, most power supply is compact, wireless, and gives a professional look.


Price is also important to buying a good quality tattoo power supply. You will find less expensive power supplies and costly power supplies. That power supply takes more money and will provide you with extra power and extra features.

Suppose you buy a power supply that costs a small portion of the money, but it cannot offer better voltage and sometimes faces power loss problems. You will waste your money. These problems do not exist in an expensive power supply. So the price range is dependable to your budget, but it’s always better to buy a good quality power supply.


The display is not a thing to neglect. A high-quality LCD panel will show you all of the necessary details while tattooing. All the digital tattoo power supply consists of LCD or LED display. You can choose between these two types of display, but LCD will always stay above-LED display for their color and features.



Q1. How Does a Tattoo Power Supply Work?

Answer: A tattoo power supply is a bridge between your tattoo gun and electricity. Without a tattoo power supply, you will not be able to do your art properly. The tattoo machine controls the regulation of electricity. When you plug your tattoo machine into the power supply, you will be able to set the voltage according to your needs. The power supply takes an input voltage and provides voltage as you specified. You can set the voltage as you like.

Q2. Can I add More than two Tattoo Machines to a Digital Power Supply?

Answer: No, you will be unable to connect more than two tattoo machines. Because the digital power supply is portable and less venerable, manufacturers also design these power supplies in these ways. Most digital tattoo power supply only supports one tattoo machine, but few digital power supplies can provide power for only two tattoo machines.

Q3. What is the Ideal Voltage for a Power Supply?

Answer: The power supply can provide different types of voltage for tattooing. They are capable of providing up to 13 or 14 volts of power. Between these voltages, 6.67 to 7.6 volts is the ideal power supply. But if you need more power or less power, you can adjust the power to your need.

Q4. Is Power Supply Important for Tattooing?

Answer: Yes, the power supply is the most crucial accessory for tattooing. Tattoo artists use electricity as their primary source for tattooing, but you and your clients may absorb electric shock if you apply direct electricity. To avoid this and regain control over electricity, you’ll need a power supply. The power supply takes electricity, and then the power supply modifies that power and gives you complete control over your tattoo machine. Also, experts recommend using a tattoo power supply for a tattoo machine.

Q5. Will a Rotary Tattoo Machine Work on an Analog Tattoo Power Supply?

Answer: Yes, a rotary tattoo machine will work if you power it through an analog tattoo power supply. This type of tattoo machine will also work in a digital power supply. Measuring and monitoring the voltage and electric graphs is difficult in an analog power supply. However, it will never be a problem if you understand how to read those sections.

Final Verdict

For a smooth and effective performance, you need a good quality tattoo power supply. A good quality power supply will always increase the performance of your tattoo machine. So there is no doubt that you need the best tattoo power supply.

We have covered all the essential information that you need to choose your desired tattoo power supply. Also, we provided you with a buying guide. We hope you will surely be able to select and buy your expected power supply.