The 5 Best Tattoo Aftercare Lotion for Tattooing

For centuries people have been advising skin wounds to “Dry Out”. Experts say that most of the time we practice using lotions or ointments to dry the skin wounds quickly.

But it is not always right to apply lotion or ointment. You must choose a good quality lotion or ointment to properly heal your tattoos, reduce skin irritation and create the best environment for your tattooed skin.

Treat your skin well during the tattoo healing process. This will reduce your tired and itchy skin. This is incredibly true. I have selected 5 best tattoo lotions to present the information to you in the right way. Since the lotions are made with a completely natural extract and will suit your skin, you can see the following pictures, choose the products of your choice.

Our Top Picks Best Tattoo Aftercare Lotion for Sensitive Skin

Tattoo care is a big deal and can be very essential for you. It’s important to find the best aftercare products for your tattoo that we review them here.


Product Name



After Hand Washing for Skin Protector

Tattoo Aftercare Lotion Moisturizer Cream

Aftercare Tattoo Helps Heal and Maintain Lotion

Tattoo Aftercare Brightener Balm

Dry Skin Moisturizing Lotion

Reviews on the Best Tattoo Aftercare Products for Sensitive Skin

Tattoo care is a big deal and can be very essential for you. It’s important to find the best aftercare products for your tattoo that we review them here.

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After Hand Washing for Skin Protector

Healing Ointment is a creative breakthrough in skincare, and once you experience all of its benefits for yourself, there’s no going back. Aquaphor epitomizes cosmetic science with minimal ingredients that give people what they really want — effective relief from dry skin.

It’s easy to apply and has a pleasant feel, making it the perfect solution for anyone looking to care for their skin from head to toe. The magical Vaseline petroleum jelly turns Healing Ointment into a cream hybrid that cares for your skin better than others in the market. After Hand Washing for Skin Protector

Aquaphor Healing Ointment is specially designed for dry, chapped skin. It’s made with ingredients like petroleum jelly, glycerin, mineral oil, and lanolin that soften your skin to keep it hydrated without irritating the surface. Aquaphor Skin Care has never contained sulfates or fragrances which can lead to acne flare-ups. This gentle ointment allows you to forget about harsh ingredients while still protecting your sensitive drying skin from irritation by keeping moisture in its natural environment.

Protect your hands and cuticles with Aquaphor. Hand dryness, due to water exposure or frequent hand-washing, can lead to cracks and infection — all of which will be exacerbated by the harsh winter cold. The healing ointment is a great way of keeping your fingertips nourished and soft during these tough months.

Aquaphor is especially great for those with extreme skin sensitivities. It’s a BPA-free container of healing ointment that repairs and protects irritated, dry, or injured skin—to give you truly healthier-looking skin. Aquaphor has been proven to provide immediate relief on contact for babies and adults alike.

The 14oz jar of Aquaphor Healing Ointment is a beautifully simple way to care for your family’s skin. It repairs and protects, which can make it even more helpful for caring for dry skin or eczema. This multipurpose skin balm helps repair minor cuts, scrapes, and burns while soothing; shielding; moisturizing; reducing the appearance of scars; relieving itchiness – all in one product.

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Tattoo Aftercare Lotion Moisturizer Cream

Tattoos are among the most popular forms of self-expression, but they also can be painful and uncomfortable. Ora’s tattoo aftercare includes soft tattoo care to help it heal faster. Its Ingredients use base oil that is slowly infused with organic herbs for a convenient way to deal with not just the pain of your new tattoo but it cures any itchiness as well.

Ora’s Amazing Organic Herbal Tattoo Ingredients are organic, vegan-friendly and PVC & Paraben-free. By using this product, you can make sure that the process of getting a tattoo is as natural as possible. The amazing Organic Herbal Tattoo Ingredients are the petroleum-free alternative that will never make you regret getting it inked on your skin for life. Tattoo aftercare Lotion Moisturizer Cream

The tattoo kit is the perfect mix of organic herbs and pure natural ingredients that are free from any synthetic dyes. Not only can you get a vibrant color tattoo with Ora’s amazing herbal, but it will have the benefits of healing your skin too. It’s made from all-natural plant extracts and 100% vegan dye, so this product won’t harm your body or environment. However, it’s safe and the best tattoo aftercare product for sensitive skin.

Unlike many organic products in the market, Ora’s Amazing Organic Herbal Tattoo Ingredients does not use any lanolin, aloe, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, wheat or grain. This product is gluten-free and made with natural dyes providing a laughing emotion for the amateur or professional tattoo lovers in mind.

Lastly, Ora’s Amazing Organic Herbal Tattoo Ingredients is a product for tattoos. It’s made to help keep the skin healthy and fresh. The ingredients in this product are organic which makes it suitable for all skin types. This product is also safe to use even if you have sensitive skin conditions like Eczema or Psoriasis, but we always recommend spot testing first before use for the new tattoo. The reason is that you may require using a more concentrated dose of any particular ingredient to tame the severity of the ingredient.

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Aftercare Tattoo Helps Heal and Maintain Lotion

Hustle Butter Deluxe is essential aftercare for tattoos. Made with all-natural ingredients, that repair and protect skin throughout the entire tattoo process. The butter helps to prepare the skin by making it suppler and more glide-friendly while helping retain moisture in the process. It means you are getting a fresh tattoo will not only be easier but faster. Hustle Butter Deluxe applies beautifully as an unscented moisturizer. It provides long-lasting protection against irritated and dry skin. Aftercare Tattoo Helps Heal and Maintain Lotion

The Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Aftercare Tan Balm is a godsend for those who just got their ink done on the skin. Unlike other products, this product does not remove stencils and won’t lead to clogged tubes or petroleum buildup. It keeps the skin workable reducing redness, swelling and even bleeding.

You know that the color has never gone so easy before using the Hustle Butter Deluxe as it promotes healing upon contact. Yellows and whites go in the first time but you don’t have to worry about overworked highlights when using this wonderful balm as aftercare.

The Aftercare Balm is certified cruelty-free. And is an absolutely vegan aftercare balm that will soothe your new tattoo while repairing it. It uses only the finest ingredients, including Shea butter, Mango, Aloe butter, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Rice Bran oils rosemary oleoresin green tea, Vitamin E Complex and Mint Arvenatis essential oils.

The Deluxe Tattoo Aftercare Tattoo Balm is for tattoo artists machine and their clients worldwide. This product has a wide variety of uses to help to heal over time as it offers moisture and protection to all skin types during or before use. It not only keeps tattoos beautifully but can also provide relief from certain body aches that come along with getting a new tattoo on the skin. Made in Brooklyn in New York City’s favorite tattoo shop since 2010, it’s been the tattoos Aftercare for sensitive skin.

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Tattoo Aftercare Brightener Balm

Tattoo Care Black Rose is an innovative medicinal tattoo ointment designed to protect and beautify your tattoos. An active ingredient of vitamin A has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can also provide itch relief results when applied over the skin. Not only does it last up to several hours but Tattoo Care Black Rose can also be used as a rehydrating cream for dry, cracked or sore skin. Developed with input from professional tattoo artists gun, this revolutionary product provides advanced skincare benefits wherever you are.

This dermatologically tested Tattoo Care Ointment is made to protect your tattoos and skin with natural ingredients. It will heal faster, moisturize longer and can prevent water exposure for hours at a time. The ointment absorbs quickly into the body after only 60 seconds of contact. So you don’t need to worry about it staining your clothes or anything like that while this is being the best tattoo aftercare for sensitive skin. Tattoo Aftercare Brightener Balm

Tattoo Care Black Rose tattoo lotion is specially developed for tattoo treatment but can be used for everyday dry skin issues such as cracked heels or dried-out elbows. You may not know how much you need it when considering a new tattoo, but this aftercare will leave your ink bright and vibrant every day. It also helps with light burns or scratches. Tattoos are like pieces of your personality that set you apart from the common people giving them the correct ways to keep your tattoos fresh and beautiful.

The Rose is a protective cream for your tattoo. Not only does it preserve the intensity of your colors, but also it keeps the colors natural. So you don’t have to worry about things like a burning or other skin irritations.

Moreover, this cream includes ingredients that moisturize and soften your skin and promote cell regeneration. In addition, it protects against drying out the color for its specially formulated blend of rose oil. It also prolongs the vibrancy of your tattoo work.

The tattoo-care ointment is made of all-natural ingredients that will help you heal your tattoos quicker and achieve a cleaner and more refined result. Made with tee tree oil and Shea butter, the ointment provides immediate relief from itching or mild inflammation.

Tattoo Care Black Rose is the perfect ointment to give your tattoo that extra layer of protection. It contains quality natural ingredients including Calendula, Jojoba oil with added Vitamins A and E to deeply moisturize dry skin from tattoos or piercings. So it can be applied directly on tattooed areas at any time.

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Dry Skin Moisturizing Lotion

Stay soft with the rich blend of 7 intensive moisturizers and oils that will nourish your skin for up to 24 hours. This lotion also infuses vitamins A, C & E as well as aloe Vera that serve to soften and smooth dry skin after just one use. Enhance everyday living by using Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion on parts of your body.

Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Lotion does more than just soothe dry skin. This dermatologist-tested lotion with a fresh clean scent provides 24-hour moisturization. Plus it’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, meaning it can be used for any type of skin without worrying about side effects that other products may have. In addition, this quick-absorbing formula won’t leave a greasy residue on your clothes or furniture. Dry Skin Moisturizing Lotion

The Ultimate is designed with the most technologically advanced ingredients to give you that healthy glow. The lotion is enriched with seven moisturizers, three vitamins for superb hydration, and special ingredients like collagen. All of the formulations are clinically proven to be effective in providing relief from your current skin condition; they can also make even stubborn wrinkles disappear instantly.

Moreover, the Gold Bond Super Advanced Healing Skin Therapy Lotion with Collagen improves the appearance of dry skin by adding moisture to restore suppleness and elasticity into the skin.

For over a century, the Gold Bond lotions have been becoming the perfect compromise for all. It provides both deep hydration and soothing relief for any skin type. With 24 hours of moisturization and anti-itch properties, this lotion replaces creams and sprays on top of baths essential oils and oatmeal masks to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation.

This oil-free lotion will keep you looking refreshed by combating dryness and flaky patches, hydrate the skin to reveal a smoother texture, relieve itchiness, reduce irritation from eczema or psoriasis flare-ups.

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy is your moisturizer that helps to repair, heal and protect against moisture loss throughout the day or night. It also reduces itching and inflammation from rashes, sores, and bug bites. So get up close with healing aloe vera, well-known botanical extracts such as comfrey root extract for circulatory support, and soothing calendula to soothe minor skin irritations.

Why Is Aftercare So Important For Tattoo Lovers?

You are probably wondering why aftercare is so important for a tattoo lover. Well, it’s because tattoos can be long-lasting or short-lived and you want them to last as long as possible. So it’s important to know what your tattoo artist suggests in terms of aftercare products and how often they should be applied. This is why this information is so vital. One important reason is that your skin needs time to heal from the shock of getting a tattoo. Anyway, if you don’t take care of it properly then your gorgeous new ink will fade away quicker than expected.


If you’re a tattoo lover, you’ve likely been one among many of beautiful pieces of artwork. However, this is to mention that, there is still plenty to do to ensure your new ink looking good for a long time. And, the proper aftercare will help keep your skin healthy and heal faster than if left untreated.

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