The 7 Best Kitchen Drain Cleaner

The best kitchen drain cleaner is a vital part of kitchen applications to clear off soapy or greasy water clogged in the drain over time. If you notice your kitchen drain is getting clogged and the water is passing slowly, this is due time you need to clear it. If you do not take steps in time, bad odor produced up from the drain will make your kitchen environment unhygienic. It will breed germs and cause several diseases leaving you in a condition of health risk.

Some most effective drain cleaners are used to prevent clogging for kitchen drains. Drain sticks and chemical methods are the best way you can apply for drainage system. For chemical cleaner, you need to clear solid stuff inside the drain using the right plunger based on where you guess a clog is located. When using a plunger through the drain, the overflow outlet needs to be covered to prevent water against maximum pressure of the plunger that pushes up and down. On the other hand, the stick cleaners are simply put inside the drain to dissolve clogs and other solid gunk to remove.

  Best Kitchen Drain Cleaner Reviews

The review part of the article includes some products for home improvement. Kitchen drain cleaners are most important when your drainage systems become slow and sometimes clogged. So our research for some best drain cleaner for sink will let you know about their features and usability. If you want a drain cleaner for your kitchen, the following products, models you can read for you. Every detail of a product has been clearly shown for your convenience.

Our Top Rated Drain Cleaner


Product Name



Thrift Drain Cleaner

Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner

Plumr Liquid Drain Cleaner

Rockwell Invade Bio Drain Gel

ECOS Drain Maintainer Friendly Products

Drain Cleaning Sticks ECOZONE

Kitchen Sink Bathroom Cleaner Sticks

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Thrift Drain Cleaner

There are many specialties you will find in this chemical drain cleaner. The following features will help you understand the effectiveness of the drain cleaner. See the applications and actions of the Thrift drain cleaner below. Thrift Marketing GIDDS Drain Cleaner

  • It lasts for longer time in the drain or on anything else. So the actions of the chemical cleaner stay until the clogs vanished properly.
  • Compared to others traditional cleaners, this is the best addition to the kitchen drain cleaners.
  • The quality drain cleaner is made in United states
  • It can play its actions on swear line, grease traps, kitchen drains and septic tanks.
  • Very little time the Thrift takes to clean the drain clogs. The action of Thrift seen in less than 60 seconds.

This is safe to use on the most lavatory or kitchen surfaces.

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Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner

The Green Gobbler is a chemical drain cleaner used to clear off clogs and other grime, gunk of the drain line and other materials. A short review is written for you. Green Gobbler Best Drain Cleaner, Opener and Clog Remover

  • The drainer uses biodegradable formula to faster clean
  • The effectiveness of the cleaner is great on grease, toilet papers, bathroom sinks, bathtub, showers, and kitchen sinks, organic materials, body oils, lime buildup, hair, baby wipes, calcium etc.
  • The method is easy to use. No need to measure or guess.

For using convenience, it includes an extra 22-inch plastic stick to clear off the tougher materials that block water in the drains.

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Plumr Liquid Drain Cleaner

Hard clogs are easy to remove if you use Liquid–Plumr clog destroyer. In some very simple steps you will be a winner to your blocked or slow drains. Your home environment will get life back and give fun in every work. Liquid-Plumr is best for—Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Full Clog Liquid Drain Cleaner

  • This is used to remove drain clogs, blocked and slow drains.
  • Liquid-Plumr is a powerful chemical acts on the multiple clog types such grease, hair, soap-scum and tough most gunk and grime that that smell bad from drainage system.
  • The pipe guard is wonderful. It is a safe use for septic system, pipes, disposals, PVC, plastic, old drain pipes, aluminum and copper.
  • It also prevents pipes from clogging if you use it monthly basis.

The gel clog remover will stop drain odor and clean the bathtub, sinks, bathroom sinks, garbage disposals and kitchen sinks.

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Rockwell Invade Bio Drain Gel

Using drain gel will clear off the blocked or slow going drains within a few minute after use. The nature-friendly chemical gel is used to remove clogs, grime and gunk that the drains hold over time. Some conveniences are mentioned below to let you know.Rockwell Labs Invade Bio Drain Gel

  • Chronic moisture and organic matters are removed more efficiently than other simple cleaners
  • This is perfect to fight against clogs any other types of drain blockers as it contains powerful, natural microbes and citrus oil for efficient clearing and eliminating odor.
  • The probiotics of the gel dissolves organic matters as the microbe spores of the Bio drain gel is in function while it comes in a contact with organic debris left in the drain.
  • The formula is specialized that clings to the sides of drains and increase digestion of gunk, grime and scum to remove and eliminate odors
  • The green gel can be used in multiple ways. Mopping applications, hose-end prayer and simple power sprayer can be used to dispense the gel into drains.
  • No harsh chemicals of fumes are used to keep you safe from skin irritation or respiratory problems.

If you use it for your septic system or municipal water, you will get excellent performance. Green Zone products are naturally active compounds and are the best kitchen sink drain cleaner.

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ECOS Drain Maintainer Friendly Products

This is all-in-one. No consideration to clog that block your whole drainage system, odorize the environment. The high-performance drain opener will allow you to clear off the drain clogs for kitchen, bathroom, toilet and more outlets. See detail below. ECOS Earth Enzymes Drain Maintainer Friendly Products

  • This is to clear septic tanks, drains and cesspools. The Earth Enzyme is an efficient drain cleaner that cleans drains and maintains them.
  • The solid waste easily comes into liquid for its increased drain clearing efficiency.
  • Just put two cups of Earth Enzyme in two quarts of warm water in a separate container and dilute it. Take time to be dissolved completely. You can start stirring if needed. Now pour the liquid down the clogged drain. After 24 hours, this is important to run water through the drain to clear the lines.
  • No protein, hair buildup, oil, grease can’t stay in.
  • Used Enzyme power to make it efficient
  • The non-corrosive norms of the Earth Enzyme will not damage pipes

No dyes, phosphates, phthalates or parabens used in this Enzyme drain cleaner. This is environmentally good and no odors just after use for kitchen drains.

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Drain Cleaning Sticks ECOZONE

If you want to well maintain and keep clean household drainage system, Ecozone drain sticks are the right choice you can put through drains blocked by clogs or any other gunk and Drain Cleaning Sticks ECOZONEgrime. The sticks break down buildups of the plugholes that cause blockage and bad odor in the kitchen or bathroom. The sticks are used for the following reasons.

  • Putting a piece of sticks for a month means the drains are safe and odor-free.
  • It continuously works to remove residues running through drains.
  • Break to dissolve grease, food and fat which can cause blockage and bitter smells.
  • The sticks are made of natural bacteria and enzymes to make the drains free flowing.
  • It also safe to use for safety tanks
  • 12-stick packet easily lasts for a year (each for every month).
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Kitchen Sink Bathroom Cleaner Sticks

Do not call in a plumber to ease drains that are blocked and deodorized. Simply put out a stick from the packet and drop it down into the drains. It will start working since it is sunk into the drain clogs. More things you need to know. See below. Drain Sticks, Drain Cleaner and Kitchen Bathroom Sinks Unclog Eliminate Odor Septic Tank

  • You kitchen sinks and drains will be prevented from clogs and bad odors.
  • Powerful enzyme of the sticks will break all solids residues in the drains and save you from calling in a plumber or using drain snakes.
  • One stick per month will make you sure that you are getting rid of embarrassing smells and a huge buildup inside your drainage system. Your kitchen drain will run faster than before.
  • As the sticks are not of toxic compounds, they are safe to use for septic tanks.
  • The sticks are the cleaning supplies for the whole year you can preserve for your safety.

Bio clean natural fragrance will give you pleasant scent that you like. Also, you have options for color.

Types of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Based on the drain locations, pipe and clog, there are three types of liquid drain cleaners are used to clear of the jammed drains. Before using any chemical methods for your kitchen drain, you need to inspect it first; you need to know the overall state of the clog types. If you have use a drain cover, remove it, use a flashlight to see inside. You will see the clog location or its present condition inside. When you have finished your inspection, the time is for applying methods according to the clog for kitchen drain. Let’s know the types of the best sink drain cleaner.

  • Enzymatic Drain Cleaners: The chemical drain cleaner contains enzyme-producing bacteria. The bacillus-like chemical can be used on the clog to vanish. The chemical is made for a certain time. A monthly use of this cleaner can prevent and clear soft materials such as hair, paper etc. But this is not seriously effective on a bit tougher materials—soap scum, grease etc. It also takes as long as 24 hours when applying on the soft clogs to clear off.

The enzymatic drain clear is a formulation that you can use it only non-corrosive, metal pipes, sink, shower tub and toilets. As the chemical cleaner suits softer materials, hence, this is free of harmful toxins. This is why it does not require wearing any protective gear during its application, no skin or eye irritants.

  • Caustic Drain Cleaner: The alkaline chemical component is used to make caustic drain cleaner. The powerful sodium hydroxide-like chemical can turn the clogged materials into liquid substance and dissolve it under water to pass through. The chemical cleaner is ideal for removing grease, food, and soap-scum from tub drains, sink drains and shower. The action of the cleaner starts within 30 minutes from the time of use. Though most of the cleaners of this group are not used in toilets. Because of the inactiveness on paper-products.Easy to UseThe limitation of the cleaner is, it’s safe only for newer materials that are less than 20 years old. Otherwise, this is applicable to plastic, stainless steel, metal pipes or copper.If you want to use it for plastic materials, make sure the plastic is less than 20 years old to get the better performance or avoid it. If unfortunately you apply it on materials like metal pipes, brass, aluminum chrome, or galvanized steel that are older than 20 years, it may cause corrosions on them and reduce the longevity of the materials.Caustic drain cleaner is less toxic than acidic drain cleaners. It may cause the skin burn, eye irritants, inhalation, and so on. So this is important to wear gears like safety glasses, gloves, respirator, chemical-resistant gloves and some more gears you may need to handle it.
  • Acidic Drain Cleaners: Sulfuric or hydrochloric acids are used in acidic drain cleaners. The cleaners are so powerful and very effective to clear off tough most hair, grease, soap-scum, food, and paper-based clogs within 15 minutes or less.

It’s safe for newer plastic or metal pipes, copper, shower, tub, toilet drains and kitchen sink. But things that corrosive and older than 20 years, this is not wise to use acidic cleaners to remove clog from them. Furthermore, this is precaution that stainless steel, aluminum chrome, or galvanized steel can be put away from acidic cleaners as the cleaners have a stronger reaction to them. It can cause discoloration for things.

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Safety measures are a must when you use the chemicals for things. It can irritate your eyes, skin or sometimes it has a serious impact on the lung and respiratory system. So using safety gears is the right way to keep you safe from the lethal effects of these acidic best kitchen drain cleaner.

Safety Usages of Drain Cleaners

Some important precautions are to obey before using drain cleaners. You know chemicals are not health-friendly in some way. When you are taking a preparation for cleaning your drains, some important notes you need to remember. The following guidelines will help you keep yourself safe from the serious dangers of the drain cleaners. Read below.

Safety Usages of Drain Cleaners

  • Read User’s Manual: According to your home inspection report, you can buy cleaners to remove clogs or other gunk from your drainage system. So when using it, this is important to read the instructions written in it. This is an extra measure and has a zero chance to happen something bad for you.

Now begin with ventilating your room well. If your rooms are well-ventilated, the air will not stay in for a longer time. As a result, the chemical will not spread it odors inside that may harm you. And, never let the drain cleaners stay for longer than stated in the instructions.

  • Use Safety Gears: Using safety gears will give you protections from the drain cleaners. As the drain cleaners are some types of chemical, they have bitter reactions to harm your health. So make sure you are not standing before a tub or kitchen sink after applying the drain cleaner.
  • Be Careful When Pouring Drain Cleaner: If you start pouring the caustic chemical drain cleaner in, be careful there is no spillage of it. The caustic nature of the chemical can damage your surrounding establishment, aluminum chrome, stainless steel, stone, marble, and other materials.
  • Never Mix One with Others: You may experience that first cleaner is working well. So you want to use other cleaners whether it is your home made or bought from market. But never do it. When you already have applied one. The chemical reaction can produce toxic gas or even cause a mild explosion.
  • Flush the Drain Well: Follow the manual instructions for how long it needs to flush the drain once you have used the drain cleaners. Precisely flushing of the drain will allow drain cleaner to rinse well.
  • Avoid Clearing a Toilet Clog with Chemical Cleaner: Do not use chemical cleaners for toilet fixtures. Rather use a plunger, drain snake, or a toilet auger to damage or crack the porcelain. You can also use a natural enzyme cleaner for your toilet fittings. If every way is done, but it is not giving working well, call in a professional plumber to solve the problems.

 What are the Drain Sticks?

Drain sticks are typically made of blend of powerful enzymes which can attack and dissolve the organic deposits in drains. They also prevent clogs or any buildups in drains, deodorize the home environment. When used in drains, the sticks break down and digest grease buildup or any organic deposits. It saves you on money, because you need not to call in a plumber in the time of clearing off the drains clogged and blocked.

How do Drain Sticks Work?

Before using drain sticks you need to have some steps to get increased results of the drain sticks. One of the most points is to clean the clogged drains or sinks before you use drain sticks. The sticks dissolve slowly in drains, but not these are some things to open the clogged or blocked drains.

How do Drain Sticks Work

When dropped in drains the sticks rest in the pipe trap. Then they start slowly releasing the concentrated blend of enzymes. This way the sticks stop backup, odor and clogs. And, keep drains clean as long as you will be using them for drains.

How to Unclog Drains Naturally?

If you want to unclog the drain naturally, a few methods will help you doing so. You have to use baking soda and vinegar, apply the methods properly. However, when you are prepared to clean your drain, follow what it is said in to do.

Clear the area you want to clean of your sink. Put ½ cup of baking soda into the drain which is badly affected by residual clogs. Just follow the same as for baking soda—put ½ cup of vinegar again down the drain. Now you are waiting for an hour as you already have got plugged the drain.

After an hour, your waiting is over. Unplug the drain and pour some hot water down the drain. This is definite that it has worked for drain you have used the method to clear off.

Can I Deodorize the Drain?

Yes. You need to take some simple steps to deodorize the drain you are suffering most. Just you have to leave a handful of baking soda into the drain. Wait for at least 15 minutes to be dissolved it. Do not use water within this time. And, now take ¼ to ½ cup of white vinegar. Dump again into the drain. You will notice the chemical reactions are happening through bubbles, fizz and pops inside. Now, again you have to wait at least 15 minutes. Then pour some boiling water into the drain.

How does Baking Soda and Vinegar Unclog Kitchen Drains?

The base of the baking soda is sodium bicarbonate whereas vinegar is a composite of water and acetic acid which is an acid. The combination of both agents has a reaction happens and the molecules existing get exchanged during reaction. As a result, it creates carbon dioxide and the water starts bubbling through the clogs and breaking down to dissolving level of the materials.

What Break Down Hair in a Drain?

Like chemical drain clears, a perfect combination of vinegar and baking soda does the same. They are (vinegar and baking soda) ecologically great, safer and very simple to use. The reactions of both agents can break down the solid clogs into a dissolving level and can pass through the drain. Pour a cup of baking soda and vinegar into the drain. It will be an acidic chemical reaction that can help clean drain and remove hair clogs at the same time.

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This is time to clear off your kitchen drain. And, you are looking for some way to accomplish the job done soon. So landed on my page to get suggested for the best kitchen drain cleaner. It’s okay. Read the review well that are results of our team’s time investment. We have found some most popular brands on the chemical drain cleaners. Some of the items are liquid and some are drain sticks. The performance of the selected items is justified by the verified customers. So we collected them for you. We have avoided products that have mostly negative feed backs. However, you can choose from the list threaded in this article.

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