Best Food Steamer to Keep Food Warm

A food steamer is a kitchen appliance used to prepare foods by means of keeping foods in a closed container to prevent stream damage. The way of cooking food is called steaming. Using the best food steamer means you are not allowing food values to steam out while cooking the favorite recipes your own. The features and functions are unique, applying right way is a fun that fascinates you in every meal that you want to serve for family. If you foster a demand for a steamer in kitchen, in-depth research you need to suit this best for kitchen. The steamers we have picked to review, time and our concentrations to the steamers made us tired to find them. On our demands, features and customers feedback’s were the viewpoint we considered to make this best list.

Top Rated Food Steamer

Stumbled to some silicon food steamers, electric food steamers and many more options that people love to steam foods in. We have got them aligned in a row to balance the weight of quality, features, comfort for each steamer; you will be exposed here to each of the steamer. It’s easy to stretch hand to pick that easy. So continue reading below.


Product Name



Healthy Food Steamer with 2-Tier Stackable

All-Clad Steamer Cookware

Anolon Classic Food Steamer

Farberware Pot with Steamer

Food Steamer and Rice Cooker

⌛ 1

Healthy Food Steamer with 2-Tier Stackable

In Brief:

  • Stunning Steamer Capacity: The 7.4 quart digital steamer is for multiple dishes at once to cook in a short time.
  • Auto Shut-Off: Auto shut-off system will not hang you around cooking foods. It automatically shuts off when it has got finished cooking.
  • Boil Dry Protection: Boil dry protection features for greater results.
  • Large Steaming Container: BPA free and dishwasher safe steaming container is large enough to cook easy. It’s also easy to clean.
  • Multiple Items to Cook: You can cook fish, meat, dumpling, tofu and much more.
  • Water View Window: Water view window to see water inside.
  • Accurate in Timely Cooking: A timing chart for multiple items is embedded on the unit is helpful for users.Healthy Food Steamer with 2-Tier Stackable Baskets

Bella is a renowned brand around the world. I’m not someone to make you introduce to the brand anew. Bella 7.4 quart healthy food steamer is so exceptional for the brand’s clients across the world. It has a large capacity to cook, two separable steam containers for added benefit. From a simple one turn, it can prepare a full meal with sides. The automatic shut-off system will not cost you time to see the cooking condition repeatedly. It’s great for safe and simple cooking.

You can preserve your valuable time for other jobs as the two-tier design of the steamer will help you cook multiple items at once. It’s quick and easy operation for steamer as much meals as you want to cook. When you are putting it on the oven, preset the timer for the meals to cook. It will finish it on time; it will give you a taste that is natural. A grain tray, two-steaming containers and a lid it includes all are dishwasher-safe.

It features the water view window to see inside. If you are confused with the water whether it is enough or not to cook the meal, you can see it your own. For steaming suggestion, the embedded chart on the unit will guide you what to do and when to do. It allows having just perfect results every time.

For faster cooking, Bella 7.4 quart healthy food steamer features a quick start heating system. If you are busy for work, the feature will help you steaming as little as 30 seconds. You can enlist foods from fish, shellfish, poultry, vegetables, tofu, grains and red meat for steaming. At your special dietary needs, you can include foods such as dim sum and dumplings. There are no limits to apply the versatile steamer for your needs.

Bella 7.4 quart has two-cooking systems. It allows you to cook vegetables and meats simultaneously. So for special dietary needs, you will be able to cook different dishes at the same time saving your time for works.

Things to Consider

The digits on the timer dial is difficult to understand for the poor vision people and in dimly lit kitchen areas.

⌛ 2

All-Clad Steamer Cookware

In Brief:

  • Aluminum Base: Warp-resistant aluminum base for evenly heat and steam.
  • Non-stick Cooking Surface: 18/10 non-stick stainless steel surface for cleaning easy.
  • Broiler, Oven and Dishwasher Safe: The steamer is oven and broiler safe to 600-degree F.
  • Light-Weighted and Durable Materials: It’s light-weighted yet sturdy.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The sale offers lifetime limited warranty.

All-Clad Stainless Steel Steamer CookwareNot all things, but some things can be essential in the moment you need it very much. All-Clad steamer is a thing like that. All-Clad 5-quart stainless steel steamer is a kitchen accessory for you if you are a healthy and conscious cook at your home. The flavorful foods and faster cooking of the steamer round up people around the world. Vegetables, seafood, or Chinese dumplings are ideal choice for you to make them tasty All-Clad steamer is the best. It creates healthy and flavored meals for you.

Prominent side handles of the steamer are convenient. When you transport the pot from sink to the stovetop, handles ensure a secured hold and never make slippage for the time. The construction of the steamer is single-ply polished and stainless steel. It also uses thick aluminum for lasting long. Warp-resistant base is created to prevent impact that leads a longer life for the cookware.

The cooking surface is highly polished 18/10 stainless steel. It doesn’t react with food and is stick-resistant. So no need to be panic when you are going to clean it. The non-stick feature offers a super time with the best food steamer like All-Clad.

If you already have experiences with some traditional pots, you will be able to compare the changes of the whole stainless steel made steamer. The stainless steel handles fastened with the stainless steel rivet is an excellent security for the steamer. It’s a lifetime kitchen model for the hope you have for your kitchen help.

The heat consumption power is great when it comes to oven and broiler-safe up to 600-degree F. In addition, the whole capacity of the steamer is etched on the pot’s base to securely steam the foods. It saves foods from a direct heat of the cooker. There is perfect notion that you can use an induction for steaming food. It’s induction compatible and dishwasher-safe to enhance your kitchen jobs fast.

Things to Consider

Very few customers noted it that the bottom of the steamer may discolor due to having a use for years.

⌛ 3

Anolon Classic Food Steamer

In Brief:

  • Easy to Clean: This is non-stick. So requires no scrubbing during cleaning the steamer. The cookware dishwasher safe.
  • Durable Materials: Iron-based alloys used for improved durability. The lid of the steamer is made of shatter-resistant glass.
  • Oven Safe: it’s oven safe to 500-degree F.
  • Fits a Wide Range of Cookware: The steamer fits both tulip and straight-sided 2-quart, 3 quart, and 4-quart saucepots.

Anolon classic Insert 77447 is a stainless steel food steamer. Apparently, the material is very much durable and non-stick due to being a family of iron-based alloys in it. The 11% chromium and other composite are used to prevent the iron from rust and corrosion. Anolon Classic Stainless Steel Steamer

No doubt, you can step ahead, be determined. There are many options left that it is compatible with 2-quart, 3-quart, 4-quart cookware for your convenience. It’s sleek and cheaper, but looks great that one can easily see it is very expensive. So saying, this is not simple in performance. The dishwasher safe food steamer is easy to use in your oven for preparing meals for your family. At a low price, you will have almost all options covered in Anolon Classice Insert 77447.

When you are using a multi-quart cookware set for kitchen, you are panic-free that Anolon will fit wide variety of cookware set available near you in the kitchen. Choosing the right size will extend its duty being paired even with 6-quart of pots for steaming foods. This is a versatile food steamer to choose.

The steamer lid is also stainless steel. It provides an excellent snug fitting to keep heat in for perfectly steamed foods. When you are going to serve foods, you will get them heat and retaining the right portions of nutrient values that is natural.

The Anolon has riveted handles to grip during moving it around the kitchen. The handles are large enough to grip and will prevent slippage if you have fast moving with it. When you are working with the hot steamer, the handles will create more opportunities, easiness and safety so that it does not bake your fingers on a sudden. It’s a 500-degree F safe universal food steamer. Therefore, this is easy and fast to steam foods in the oven.

To finish cleaning easy, you can use your dishwasher. It’s dishwasher safe. However, the faster washing will save your time, give amusement of the whole operations in the kitchen.

Things to Consider

You may need to require using potholders or mitts for extra cautions. Handles of steamer and lid may be a little hot.

⌛ 4

Farberware Pot with Steamer

In Brief:

  • Drip Resistant Pouring: The rolled rims design for drip-resistant pouring to ensure a safer use of the steamer.
  • Aluminum Core Base: Aluminum core base is used to evenly distribute heat and steam at the bottom of the steamer.
  • Oven and Stovetop Safe: The cookware is oven and stovetop safe to 350-degree F.
  • Durable: It features 18/10 stainless steel polished to mirror finish with an aluminum base.

Farberware Classic Series Sauce Pot with SteamerWhen you walk into spaces for the right version of food steamer, you can make a halt before Farberware Classic Stack ‘N’ steamer Insert. This is a versatile model used for sauce, boil, simmer and steam. This is also a stainless steel saucepot and steamer. Begin with lobster pot to soup pot everything is fit for the steamer. This is also a perfect multipurpose cookware combo you can use with or without steamer insert during cooking or steaming foods.

It supports a rapid use while this is made of whole stainless steel except the base that is made of thick aluminum core and surrounded by stainless steel. The aluminum base is used to spread heat evenly for faster cooking. The steamer is compatible with stovetop and induction. It absorbs rapid heat lasts long. Moreover, the stacking steamer pot is dishwasher-safe and stainless steel polished to mirror finish.

The bottom of the steamer pot is a very important part as it suctions heat from the cooker. So especially made base of the pot is corrosion-resistant and prevents discoloring. You will also enjoy cleaning off the pot just after making foods for everyday. It’s easy for you, it’s dishwasher-safe.

The steamer design includes thick rolled rims for the pot for added durability. The rolled rims are convenient as to pour from the steamer pot without dripping. Because 4-1/2-inch deep pot is tight fitting with a domed lid sitting on it. A large space inside of the pot makes it roomy for simmering stocks and soups. The steamer is for versatile use. It can be used for braising shanks or cooking chili in the oven or on the stovetop. The handles of the cookware are oven-safe up to 350-degree F. if you put it on the stovetop, it will always be cool. This is the best small food steamer in the line of others in the market.

Things to Consider

The 3-qaurt capacity steamer with 2-quart bowl is not quite enough to cook for a big meal.

⌛ 5

Food Steamer and Rice Cooker

In Brief:

  • Fast Steaming Featured: The fast steaming feature allows users to make veggies and foods in minutes.
  • Auto Shut-off: When finished cooking or steaming, it gets automatically shut-off and rings bell to alert you.
  • Both Steams and Cooks Foods: The versatile cookware steams and cooks foods simultaneously. It’s two-in one functioned cookware.
  • Flavor Scenter Screen: It features to hold in the real flavor and taste of the cooked foods. It retains natural flavor and taste without food values tampered.
  • Operates Easy: This is easy to operate, comfortable and faster in cooking and steaming.

Handy Steamer Plus Food Steamer and Rice CookerThis is somewhere you stranded for a multipurpose food steamer. Black and Decker handy steamer is that one you need it very much for your kitchen. It not only steams foods, but also cooks rice in the same platform if you want.

This classical white color best fits other appliances in your kitchen. If you set it once on the oven or stovetop, you will not supervise to look after the cooking. Automatic shut-off program will stop the food steamer when the cooking is finished within a certain time of digital setting. It will also ring a bell before closing it.

The steamer bowl is 2-quart. It consumes 4-cup rice for boiling. The 75 minutes timer is enough to finish a full cooking of rice. If you want to serve the finest and tastiest foods in certain time, the Black and Decker food steamer and rice cooker is the best option you can spend your wallet.

To grasp in smell and taste of foods, it features a built-in Flavor Scenter screen. The way the steamer holds the original flavor and taste inside the steamer while cooking. If you fashionably add wine or broth for improved flavor, you will just enjoy the exact taste what you have chosen for your meals. It’s great and the best food steamer you have ever searched for.

Things to Consider

The 2-qaurt steamer with a 4-cup cooker is a little in size for those who need to make foods for more than 3 or 4 people.

What to Look Before Buying a Food Steamer?

 It’s just simple, you want to buy a food steamer. Why are you buying it? What benefits will you have from using a food steamer? There are so many questions will create a puzzle before a buy. So the following facts you have to consider that will make your steamer cost-effective. Read the points below.

  • Capacity: The foremost option you must consider of how much food you can cook at once. Perhaps, you need to see the family members you want to cook food in a food steamer. For a single meal, silicon or small digital food steamer sounds well. But you need to move for a larger size if you choose cooking for two or more people. So measure it in quart, based on the family members you live with. Remember, the capacity of stovetop or electric food steamer is measured in quart. You will get it mentioned on label of the steamer.
  • Convenient: It needs to be hands-on, convenient. Silicon type or stovetop food steamer requires you supervising while it cooking because of no timer on it. On the other hand, you will be in rest on preset timer of the electric steamers. It automatically finishes cooking without monitoring for a moment closely. This is convenient for its dishwasher safe technology. And, is easy to clean.
  • Making Materials: Iron-based alloys and other composite materials are used to shape the structure of a food steamer. It gives quality and diversity of food steamer. This is why some food steamers are pretty safe in the oven. Stainless steel is the best choice and the steamers are made of stainless steel are also oven safe.

On the other hand, the other types of the food steamers can only be used on the stovetop. If you want to buy an electric food steamer, notice every part so that it doesn’t hamper cooking. The materials are not so important for an electric food steamer. Look into features that are most convenient to you. Non-stick, BPA free materials and other similar features may be your good option for a food steamer.

  • Maintenance: As you are using a food steamer daily basis, preparing meals for times, it needs to maintain some aspects over time. The simple models with removable parts are easy to clean. But for multiple parts, some of them are very complex to remove is difficult to clean and takes a lot of time. Dishwasher safe steamer, however, can reduce time eliminating all other problems for cleaning the steamer.
  • Budget: You may run beyond the budget if the quality of food steamer attracts you to the features you love. If nothing happens anything exceptional, a medium budget one is the great, as you will have a super chance to buy later a super model of high technology. Moreover, you can consider features of the steamer before taking a final step to buy. So budget doesn’t matter to a quality steamer that is the best food steamer in the market.

What are the Health Benefits of Steamed Foods?

Food steamer is an invention that evolved from the conventional cooking systems. According to health experts, steaming foods are healthier than simply cooking foods. Directly cooking foods have contact with water and pan. When the foods get overheating, the food burns and sticks to the pan used to cook food. Plus, when the foods steams out from the pan, it means some nutrition value flies out. However, for steamed foods, boiling water completes the course of steaming foods. The water gives off steam and cooks foods. There are some benefits of steamed foods mentioned below.

Health Benefits of Steamed Foods

  • Keeps Nutrition Value Exactly: If you want to retain natural values of the vegetables, a food steamer is an excellent way as it keeps it as exactly as it is. It preserves fiber, flavor, color, texture and nutrition values in the steamer. Moreover, a food steamer retains water-soluble potassium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B and vitamin C to add more important nutrients from boiled vegetables. Steamed foods ensure about 99% of antioxidants in fresh vegetables.
  • No Oil Requires Steaming Foods: Unlike other cooking systems that traditionally require cooking oils, steaming doesn’t mean you are using oils for cooking foods. This is the way you can get fresh and natural taste in the meals.
  • Anti-Cancer Compounds: Glucosinolates are important food supplement fight against cancer of human body. The supplements typically do not stay in the foods of if they are overheated. But steaming system can easily retain the food supplement while cooking. Because steamed foods do not lose these anti-cancer compounds from the natural state of food supplements due to having a lower temperature for steaming.
  • Controls Cholesterol: Using food-steaming method, you can lower the cholesterol in meats. The conventional method will just cook foods; it will not guard the level of cholesterol. But when you will be using a food steamer, simmering of water will slowly destroy the cholesterol from meats. It will make foods without so much fat.
  • Maintain Food Moisture: As foods do not get directly burning from the cooker but uses boiling water to be steamed, food moisture and freshness remain exactly taste natural.
  • Softens Foods: A food steamer is designed in a high technology adding many features to retain the food quality. When you use a steamer, you will get the steamed foods soft with full fibers. This is because to be most digestible.
  • Cooking Easy: You can easily cook foods in a single heat source by stacking strays on the oven. Almost every recipe can be steamed keeping the vibrant color and flavor of the foods. Sea foods are great to steam and serve.
  • Cleaning Easy: No mess while preparing foods for steaming. No grime or gunk is produced during steaming. So this is very easy to clean, keeps the environment healthy.

Methods of Steaming Foods

When steaming foods, you need to consider methods that will help you do things easy. Nothing is difficult here, but some techniques are applied to get foods nutrient. The following techniques are-

  • Low Pressure Method: This is simple that a low pressure cooking takes time a bit to cook foods in a certain time. In a lower pressure steaming, there are two ways to cook foodsdirect and indirect. A direct method is that you need to place foods directly into steamer or you can use a pan of boiling water. Te boiling water is the main agent that steams foods.

On the other hand, indirect method extends the process a bit longer while you have to use a pan of boiling water. Then you need to place the foods in between two plates over the pan of boiling water.

  • High Pressure: The high-pressure steaming system makes it faster than a low pressure cooking. But the high pressure steamer is designed with special features that can retain the steam inside very well. It also saves time of cooking. Therefore, almost everything is the same for both high and low pressure food steamers. It varies only the pressure matter.


When you are going to buy the best food steamer for home use, you may be new one or someone unknown to issues that matter. But in the era of internet, things have become easy to reach people who are accustomed to using the same. Here, we have picked some brands and models that feature what you need to steam and cook foods in the moment to serve it for your guests and family. Every feature you will come to know in detail. You have a room to compare the features and conveniences. So when you will study the reviews, look into the features helpful for making foods. The way is, you will easily reach the item you need to best fit for your kitchen.

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