The Best Electric Multi Cooker for Healthy Cooking

Cooking multiple foods in a cooker same time is a pleasure when no tiredness left for the next meals to prepare. The best electric multi cooker reduces hassles for items you want to cook. Apparently, it’s difficult if they are cooked separately messing pans and pots for the busy kitchen. But it’s a matter of enjoy when you will be using an electric multi cooker for your kitchen ground. This is automatic and reads timer to make meals in time.

Multiple functions programmed are used to operate the cooker for delicious meals on demand. If your propensity is to make variety of foods, an electric multi cooker will save your time cooking the certain foods in a certain time. It’s able to simmer, boil, bake, fry, grill, deep grill, stew, roast, brown and steam food.

Our reviews herein about some popular electric multi cookers will include best brands and models that are threading most positive feed backs at the end. Our deployed team has sweated out to find the best some so that you feel cozy in the kitchen all around. Have a better look below to match yours as a kitchen help.

Top Rated 5 Best Electric Multi Cooker

The review section includes renowned brands, models, popular features and customer’s feedback that help you determine easy. The following products listed maintained the way that the customers of the products will be satisfied as well.


Product Name



Fast Slow Pro Multi Function Cooker

Rice Cooker with Induction Cooker

Apple Multi-Cooker with Stir Tower

Induction Heating Multi Cooker

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

⌛ 1

Fast Slow Pro Multi Function Cooker

11 pressure cook settings will help you to adjust the heat level for the certain type of recipe. It also allows a custom setting based on the cooking type. To make the meals delicious there are high, low and slow pressure settings from 2—12 hours. Turning on the function, you can easily warm foods for serving whenever you need.

Breville BPR700BSS has dual sensors to monitor the temperature and control pressure. The sensors at the top and bottom control the accuracy of temperature for ingredients you are cooking. Featuring the hands-free steam releasing system automatically maximizes the food flavor and texture.Fast Slow Pro Multi Function Cooker - Breville

The safety of foods is important when you are cooking food in a multi cooker. Breville BPR700BSS has triple safety systems. Hands-free auto steam release, safety valve and safety locking lid ensure the food quality maintaining the pressure it produces during cooking. You need not to approach the cooker to release the steam inside. Everything is done by functions set for the cooking.

You can operate the cooker on custom settings. Pressure cooker, slow cooker, saute, sear and more available settings of the cooker enhance the cooking ability. A color changing display is to monitor pressure, cooking and releasing steam.

To check the condensation drips it features a wide wrap-around moat to hassle free cleaning up. The life of the cooker is long and lasts until the time wishing to change it.

For better heat consumption, stainless steel steamer is used to cook recipes. Vegetables, seafood, proteins are easy to fast cook.

While cooking foods with Breville BPR700BSS, a stainless rack supports the steamer basket. The rack also raises food out of the cooking liquid while preparing foods with this best multi cooker.

It is also easy to clean the cooker. The fitting seal used to assemble the cooker is much easy to disassemble for the cleaning convenience. It’s hassle free and comfortable to clean.

Things That Customers Dislike

Sometimes some parts are not available due to being available shipment crisis. Another thing is not satisfied that one buyer gets its short life. It also mention about replacement gasket lacking in the service center. But all are excellent with the best Breville BPR700BSS multi cooker.

⌛ 2

Rice Cooker with Induction Cooker

If you know about Japan, a high-tech country in the world, the Panasonic is also recognized to you for the service-oriented products by them. Panasonic Japanese rice cooker is a product that you can trust.

Induction heating system of the Panasonic rice cooker creates an electrical current to heat the foods inside. This way you will be able to cook all recipes you like best at home. This is perfect for making soup, porridge, rice, brown rice and etc.Rice Cooker with Induction Heating System and Pre-Programmed Cooking-Panasonic

The inner pan of the food maker is very much durable. This is 7-layered and diamond coating. Non-stick inner pan is great to cook at any heat. Exterior design is made of copper and heat protected for years. It serves efficiently making delicious foods for its customers around the world.

This is automatic and programmed for different types of cooking.13-preset programs allow you to cook a variety of recipes like quinoa, brown rice, porridge, sticky rice, frozen rice and more.

Your tension-free cooking will be done automatically when you will set Keep-warm setting. Using the ‘Keep-warm’ function will prevent foods overcooking. When cooking is done, the system will automatically shut-off the cooker and keep food warm at the serving temperature up to 12 hours.

Built-in umsmi-enhancing taste catcher will preserve the taste of your recipe when your favorite recipe is cooked. Because of 7-layer inner cooking pan helps catch the cooking steam inside.

Things That Customers Dislike

It’s expensive. Porridge was not got in right format by a verified Amazon customer.

⌛ 3

Apple Multi-Cooker with Stir Tower

KitchenAid’s candy Apple multi-cooker is for versatile and stylish cooking. All levels of cooking are easily delicious when the ingredients of food are cooked in the KitchenAid multi-cooker. 10 settings for recipe are rice, risotto, sear, simmer, saute, soup, yogurt and steam/boil. The cooker has high, low and slow cook functions to make ingredients delicious. It also keeps food warm up to 24 hours.Candy Apple Multi-Cooker with Stir Tower – KitchenAid

How often you are cooking food is not a matter for KitchenAid. Every time it presents perfect results in cooking items. Temperature control is one of the best features as you are making your meals as to your own wish. Settings that you use for recipes give consistent results whenever you put ingredients in.

You can be tired staying in the kitchen up to 12 hours. But the piece you are using in your kitchen will guide you all the way, instruct you step-by step by. This means you are going to make a surprise for the guests invited. This is because of a digital display. The digital display hints the temperature and timer. So you are very fast cooking overlooking the tension of overcooking the foods you love for your family and friends.

Things That Customers Dislike

A downside is found relates to stir tower adjust in place. Also two taps were found inside. This was actually a bit defect product for the customers. Not happens this for all. It’s good so far while all the feed backs bend over its fineness.

⌛ 4

Induction Heating Multi Cooker

If you are exhausted to run after the best electric multi cooker around the whole online market, a stumble will help you find the right choice you love here.

2-layer induction heat system is a great way for faster cooking of 10 cup uncooked rice. While 20 cups for cooked rice of the system is an enhanced power for the Panasonic SR. The diversity in food recipes soon back when it sits on your countertop in the kitchen.Induction Heating System Multi-Cooker - Panasonic

The digital settings of the Panasonic SR are modern, time-saving. The built-in 12 pre-set will allow you to cook a variety of foods you have ever had with others used before. It settles your mental appetite making rice, soup, plus, cakes, conger and many more. It also includes functions for slow cooking and steaming foods.

It may get past the life you live on. 4-layer diamond-coated inner is so sturdy that the high pressure heat it takes as simple as usual. The exterior is stainless steel and scratch-resistant. All the features for the multi cooker have empowered Panasonic SR to cut times so easy. It’s lasts long.

Texture and flavor of cooking is an extra-ordinary. If you do not prevent them from overflowing, the time spent is in vain. To catch the high temperature inside, it uses a built-in umami-enhancing taste catcher to get stability in the taste of the foods. It controls inner heat to make food texture and flavor.

Keep-warm function is for making you in rest. When you are not monitoring cooking, it will automatically shut-off and keep foods warm for better serve. It saves heat for 12 hours. This is the best electric multi cooker.

Things That Customers Dislike

It’s heavy and big. Someone suffered for not cooking rice well. Except for this one, everything goes the way you may like to buy.

⌛ 5

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant pot Lux 6-in-1 is an electric pressure cooker. There are six appliances in one. The versatile cooker includes rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, high cooker, steamer and warmer.

12 one- touch smart cooking programs are used to cook different type of recipes. Soups, ribs, rice, beans, poultry and desserts are tasty when you use the Instant Pro lux.

The making material of the cooker is fingerprint-resistant. It looks always glossy. The lid is also made of stainless steel that tames the steam inside the pressure cooker. All other accessories for the Lux are dishwasher-safe. So there is no stain sits on if you wash them by the traditional dishwashers. It’s extremely easy to clean.Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Safety is must for the users of the Instant Pot Lux. So it ensures maximum safety featuring some built-in measures. Safety lock is used to keep the cooker tower fixed when the pressure is increased inside the cooker. It helps reduce incidents during the time of cooking foods. The overheat protection is also available for Instant Pot.

If you are looking for more recipes for cooking, iOS and Android apps will help you find loved ones. It’s loaded with hundreds of recipes for cuisines to make a step for a variety and stylish cooking.

6-quart is for six people. This is also perfect for a little family. You can also use for a big family of 7 to eight members. This is great for meal preparing and batch cooking.

There are three temperature settings are used to cook in different heating systems. Based on the consumption of heat intake, you will be able to use different heat for different recipes. High, slow and pressure cook functions are convenient to make delicious foods at home.

Stainless steel inner pot keeps heavy exterior. So the both parts of the rice cooker are impact-resistant. Steel inner pot puts on a 3-ply bottom for durability. This is healthy and dishwasher-safe.

Things That Customers Dislike

The sealer bent was broken and found no room to replace it. So sorry for only inconvenience the verified customer suffered. All other features and the usability of the Instant Pot Lux are great to all. So narrowing the single issue is wise and it looks good with others. All say it a great in the market.

Why Will I Be Using an Electric Multi Cooker?

Trying for a stove top will make you fool while it already has gone past. Nowadays you are so faster that you have to walk in the digital steps. During the cooking we are not sitting idly to see what happens with our foods. Rather, we do something profitable like teaching children or anything else we love. Stove top will make you peep up every after a minute. Plus, you will be waiting until finally the food is prepared. So this is not for you. It’s traditional. Walk for next…

Electric pressure cooker is racing paralleled an electric pressure multi cooker. Depending on your demand, either can be your best option for cooking foods. If you want to avoid multi cooking at the same time, an electric pressure is an immense option for you. A single item within a few minutes is great with an electric pressure cooker. Putting ingredients inside a pressure cooker, you can sit crossed legs. Just on time, the signal of pressure will wake you up to handle your foods. This is faster and lessens the bills of power consumption.

On the other hand, an electric multi cooker jumps over either. Advanced functions and multiple chambers for several items to cook have ranked an electric multi cooker atop. Saving time and cooking multiple foods at the same time have matched the people’s demand.  So it’s popular now.

Adjudication: Multiple cooking is easy for family and friends. No wastage of time. This is the electric multi cooker. I’ll suggest you for an electric multi cooker. The electric pressure cooker is used for the certain situation for the certain type of recipe. For common use, multi cooker is the best one for you.

What Benefits of Using an Electric Multi Cooker?

When getting an electric multi cooker, you are getting rid of a huge arrangement of pans or pots around you in the kitchen. Cluttering utensils slows down the work spree and boring to wash them at times when to move fast for work. So an electric multi cooker is so much useful and comfortable for cooking foods when you are alone to make it. Some points mentioned below for your better understanding.

  • Cool Designed: At first seen, you will not show your distaste to the smart size and finishing. There are different sizes and model based on the family size. Everything looks cool and focuses the touch of modernization on their body.

They are also portable and easy carrying. This is easy to move for countertop or tabletop. If you want to use it for dorms, RV van or boats, it will not give pains in system disruption. Because they are jerk-resistant.

  • Cost-Efficient: A separately buying pans and pots costs much more than a single piece of cooking utensil. An electric multi cooker is single piece that costs less than many. So this is assumable that a single electric multi cooker is cost-saving with huge benefits of cooking foods for your dinner or breakfast.
  • Keeps Kitchen Clean: The lid of the electric cooker will not splatter out messing the kitchen room during cooking. On the other hand, when using some pans or pots that are required to open during cooking, they spread oils, grease or steam in the whole kitchen area. Sticky spots everywhere in the kitchen look odds and cleaning is very difficult.

So as a multiple cooking appliance, an electric cooker is best for you. Because it can be used alternative to many appliances used as fryer, steamer, yogurt maker, curry maker and so on. So this is not essential to gather many pots or pans in your kitchen.

  • Ease of Use: It’s so easy to use. It’s so comfortable to cook. The programmable functions means the cooking is half done. After putting ingredients inside the cooker, push the button for the certain heat for the certain type of cooking. Go to rest and the alert of the cooker will let you advance towards the cooker about the foods cooking on.
  • Power Saving: This is comprehensive that multiple cooking requires multiple pans or pots. It’s time-consuming. So if you use your cooker for multiple times, it costs much for a single dinner or lunch. But when every item into a single cooker, it will save time and power.

Besides, as the heat is trapped into the cooker, the coking process is faster than any other methods of cooking. The kitchen also remains cool because of lid of the cooker is tightened during cooking meals.

  • The Cooker is Cleaning Easy: A balanced distribution of heat occurs inside an electric cooker. So there is no particular area inside affected by heavy burns. Moreover, this is non-stick. So no burnt-spots on the specialized cooker while on the countertop. So this is easy to clean and lasts long.

What to Look for a Multi Cooker Before a Buy?

Some features of the electric multi cooker have a wide range of usability. For new buyers, this may be unknown to them. If you get known about common and advanced features of an electric multi cooker, very easily you will get the right one you need to buy. Look at a glance the points that need to know.

  • Design: Considering design of the multi cooker is important. Not only the outer look, but the capacity, size, color everything needs to know before a buy. Typically the capacity of an electric multi cooker ranges between 1 and eight quarts.

For one person or two, one quart cooker is excellent. The compact size of the cooking bowl is great. It also consumes heat so efficiently that the food can be ready in time.

So for the big family, think otherwise. Choose the large bowl of 8 quarts. It will completely serve for three or four persons at a time. If you are a frequently host of guests, the larger the better. The capacity for four or five persons will cover six to eight.

If you do not want to take risk, pay for a bigger one. It will not fall you hesitation on the sudden.

Healthy Cooking Healthy LifeElectric multi cooker is always operated on the several functions. You may see some buttons or knobs on the outer part of the cooker. They are used to operate the functions that an efficient cooker needs to have. An LCD display to show the pressure, time and temperature.

  • Performance: The performance of an electric multi cooker is all in all. If the performance of the cooker is not good enough, this is just waste of money. Multi cooker features a lot of functions. The price and the size will determine how many functions you need for cooking easiness. Going through updated models means you are getting all around within the multi cooker. Searing, cooking, boiling, frying and many more in the electric cooker.

If you walk a bit in eagle’s eye, you will find more advanced programmed electric multi cooker. There are many recipes preset beforehand as the conveniences are for your cooking easiness. You will get built-in programs that make oatmeal, soup, risotto etc. Just putting ingredients inside the cooker bowl and pushing the right button to start your recipe. It’s automatically done by the cooker.

Pressure setting is one of the very useful functions. It allows you to cook under high or low pressure. Heat management programs are set for the function. For cooking a particular type of recipe, pressure setting will help you determine what setting is required — low, medium or high.

It’s also your pleasure that the timer setting will ask you the time you want to finish cooking. Interestingly, the time will automatically switch off the cooker according to the setting you have done before starting of your electric multi cooker.

The state of cooking report is displayed on the LCD display — the duration, pressure condition, temperature and everything. You can say it a self-run cooker that no need to supervise the whole system of cooking.

  • Delayed-Start-Function: If you want the best electric multi cooker to start cooking just before you reach home, delayed start function is applicable. You know you are reaching home after 30 minutes. Get ready your recipe. Take the ingredients inside the cooker bowl. Set the delayed-start-function before you leaving home. It will just start cooking that will complete foods within 30 minutes. You will get even fresh-hot meals for the day.
  • Locking System: Good locking system for an electric multi cooker is essential to escape any incidents during cooking foods. The pressure-based cooker is always steamed inside. The explosion is common if the lid of the cooker is loosening. The relaxed lid will scatter foods around the kitchen as it is under pressure. So avoid poor lid system cooker reading the customer’s feedback on the product you want to buy, avoid untoward incidents in your kitchen.

It’s time-consuming to get used to all functions of a new appliance. But you will get known about all after a certain period of learning. Controlling pressure, setting time, observing display and more functions will come easy once if you use the same-functioned of appliance for home. Or, if you are feared of exploring the functions and settings for the new purchase, buy the popular brands or models that have customers support available.

What Are You Telling Me Now?

This is simple. The practical experiences of the people who are using this product tell everything in my article written on product reviews. The best electric multi cooker you need to have. Just eye on the whole article that discussed the features of some brand- products. You will also find customer feed backs here. The weak points of the multi cookers are mentioned to help you. Also, do not stick only to some I have reviewed. You can move your eye balls to others may be some good ones. My godsend is you buy a perfect one that is cost-effective and comfortable to use.

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