The Best Battery Powered Chainsaws

After becoming cordless, the great American battery-powered chainsaws revolutionized. High-powered lithium batteries and advanced motors (especially the brushless type) have created quiet, clean-cutting, well-balanced and productive battery-powered chainsaws.

Check out the quick information below on the top five battery-powered chainsaws from our test, then scroll down to buy advice and a more in-depth review of these and other top-performing models.

How We Tested

With yard-based applications in mind, we assembled a team of cordless saws and drove them through trucks of white-oak and ash logs. We charged each tax battery, pressed each test log onto the saw box, and proceeded to cut test discs (or “Cookies”) through the log. The test reveals a lack of vibration, stalling, hesitationi and a lack of trigger response. If there is a lower edge of the tax thermal cut-off to protect the exp battery and circuitry, it will appear because there is nothing more like a quick repeat cut through hardwood to generate heat.

We tested some of the action in the fields directly in the trees when the storm hit in late autumn or early winter. In this case, you will see that the calculation of the test disc has been marked as NA. Generally speaking, depending on the diameter of the wood being cut in the ones being tested here, the lower limbs or the whole tree will have to be cut slightly between 60 and 100s.

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Stihl MSA 220 C-B

Steele is the best of power tools and we have made the best use of it so far. To keep in mind this all-encompassing statement, consider that our experimental editors have put this work together for more than 30 years, using saws designed to cut rock, concrete, steel, construction wood, hardwood, drywall, composite materials, plastics, And trees. A few of these cuts were in the test equipment, but in other cases, they were in the real world, through car parts, house walls, floors, roofs and tree roots and during disaster relief work where flooded houses and their contents were locked? Mud. It’s a lot of cuts, sweat, and dirt. Steel is as easy to use as we are in terms of its power, productivity, protection, handling, silence, and convenience. And many of these include gas engine chain saws. It’s slender, strong, cut through the pits nicely without vibrating or vibrating through, and when it comes time to add oil you get a quarter bar oil cap that is quickly released and tightens. Chain tension is easy to adjust because it is tool-free.

Husqvarna 536 LiXP

Take a look at how much disc this saw has produced and you think it would have done something. And you’ll be fine. What this number does not tell you is how quickly and easily it reaches the number without stalling, vibrating, or exhausting the user. The saw is equipped with a 9.36-AH battery and this has certainly helped to increase its number. But there is more to this saw than the battery enclosure. Obviously, it got a great motor and drive train. Unless it can be compared to steel, we need to be clear that its test discs were slightly smaller in diameter. The MSA 220C-B cut so much, we ran and had to go back to the next small size test material when it came time to run Husqvarna. It is a powerful power tool that directly competes with steel. The 540i XP saw is perfectly capable of firewood production, storm cleaning and landscaping maintenance and closes the gap between electric and gas engine saws.

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