The Best Cordless Framing Nail Gun in 2021

Best 5 Cordless Nail Gun

The craftsman’s CMCN 616C1 deserves the moniker of “The Most Advanced” when you consider its predecessor, the C3 Speed ​​Shot. Don’t get us wrong; It wasn’t a bad little product. But the new craftsman has more nail driving power, better visibility at the tip and more comfortable handles. We reliably cast soft wooden nails 2.5 inches thick and 1.5 inches up to the oak. Just be careful, when we throw the more powerful red OK 2.5-inch nails, most of the fasteners had their heads sunk or almost sunk, it wasn’t set just below the surface as standard. These nails, the head standing “Proud” of the surface, we need an old fashioned nail set and a hammer to finish their run. On the one hand, it is a good, strong and reliable the cordless Framing nail gun.

Metabo-HPT NT1865DMS

This Metabo and Craftsman above are almost identical in terms of performance, with this tool having slightly shorter long nail capabilities in both Hardwood and Douglas Farr. The NT1865DMS casts 1.5-inch nails reliably and quickly and sets them up correctly, even red OK in. When we tried to fire 2.5-inch nails, we found something that wasn’t properly countersunk, but we didn’t experience any wrong stops. . Put it this way: For most softwood trim installations, this nailer is a good choice. Given that you use the cordless nail gun it has a number of dazzling positions, from crouching at the bottom to tying the baseboard to pin moldings to a roof using the overhead, we appreciate its thin handle and the front of its nitrogen-charged cylinder position Which coincidentally, these many forms a good handle for mismatched nailing positions. We like its speed and a good line on the right side of its tip (especially for right-handed users) which is further enhanced in light of the great workmanship of the gun.

Ryobi P320

Ryobi is a self-made cordless nail gun. It does not have the long nail driving power of our test top finishers (Milwaukee, Craftsman and DeWalt) lacks. But when two pieces of cheap wood are tied together, think of it as a cheap and quite effective craft project for most of the work that a homeowner will need, when softwood door and window molding, baseboard and small crown molding are nailed and when shoe molding is attached. Being done. Hobbyist craftsmen and DIYers will appreciate the lack of bulkiness of the Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment; It is slightly smaller and slightly thinner than the professional-duty nailer displayed here. Also, the dial on the back of the tool makes it quick and easy to adjust the output air pressure to control the depth of the nail. Rotating the dial clockwise increases wind pressure and driving power while rotating clockwise has the opposite effect. Simple and intuitive.

Senco F18

Senko and Milwaukee have very short cycles (how long a gun needs to run from one nail to another); Both of these tools are so fast that they come close to competing with the nail-driving output of the pneumatic nailer. The F18, however, has an innovative design so that the bottom half of the nose is part of the magazine door. This allows the nails to be cleaned quickly and easily. But we have two small complaints. One is that there is enough conflict with the speed of this gun to come back, which is tiring. Second, it was relatively less efficient than the 1.5-inch oak-driven nails of DeWalt and Milwaukee.

Makita XNB02RJ

The thinness of the XNB02RJ cordless nail gun helps it tremendously in small spaces and awkward corners, such as when you are stunned at floor level. Its thin profile simply surpasses Senko. And most of its surface area especially its base and sides are covered with rubber, which protects both the tool on why you place it. The kit version of the device comes with two thin 2-AH batteries, which is good because we noticed a heavy bias on the back when we tried the device with a larger battery. This shouldn’t be a problem if you bought the kit; Two batteries provide more than enough power for a day’s work. This is more of a problem for people who buy this device empty and put a big battery set in it.


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