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Customers who buy home appliances want the best quality, performance, and price. Many shoppers believe Big Sandy Superstore in three distributions, including a massive selection of our time-tested and budget-favorable appliance brands.

Want all the new appliances to complete your home remodel? Our Four-Piece Kitchen Appliance Packages provide shoppers with an affordable way to decorate their kitchen in style by combining a range of ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves with one perfect purchase. For those who have a newly built home or a more extensive renovation project, we sell six-piece appliance sets to help you save more money.

Kitchen Appliance Packages

Big Sandy’s four-piece kitchen app packages provide buyers with the best deals by combining daily promotional specials, strong manufacturer discounts, and even 0% financing for 3 months at selected brands.

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A matching refrigerator, oven range, dishwasher, and microwave add a great look to the most used room in your home. From trusted brands like LG, Bosch, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire, our knowledgeable staff can help you find package deals on high-performance kitchen appliances for any budget.

Want a minimalist look? Consider the Frigidaire 4-Piece, Stainless Steel package for only $ 1,499.99. It comes with a 25.5-cubic-foot side-by-side refrigerator, a 30-inch coil-top electric range, a 24-inch built-in dishwasher, and a countertop microwave

Prefer to upgrade natural-gas stoves and French door refrigerators?

Check out the Bosch 4-piece Package with French Door, Bottom Freezer Refrigerator for $5,899, including a 10% manufacturer rebate and 0% financing for 36 months. It comes with a 21-cubic-feet refrigerator, 31.5-inch slide-in gas range, a 23.56-inch built-in dishwasher, and a 30-inch over-the-range microwave.

Shower Head Tips

To make your bath funny, the diverse style shower head you think for bathing. There are many shower heads in the market, but checking all of the features is difficult for someone sometimes. Our fair guides here on useful features will help you target the right one. See the most convenient features of a showerhead.

  • In fact, the spray pattern of a showerhead brings diverse feelings to the bath. If you have a well-patterned showerhead, the different types of rain you can enjoy from a household waster system.
  • Water saving issue is the most important when you bathe in the showerhead. Some showerheads will spray water but do not give the full satisfaction in the way you love. Moreover, some kinds of showerheads deliver much more water than it requires bathing. Therefore, this is significant that you check the pattern type of showerhead.
  • The hose length will reach up to the area you need to water. According to the area of your bathroom, choose a wonderful hose-length showerhead so that you can comfortably use it all time.

There are two types of showerhead fixed and handheld review. This is up to you what type is better for you. If you have children to wash every day, the children always love it bathing under handheld shower. Because they can move it wherever they like. So choose the best kitchen equipment here.

Shower Head Water Filter Tips

The showerhead water filter delivers fresh water. If you are a health-conscious person, you must love to save your skin and hair. A shower head water filter filters the water that contains viruses or bacteria. Moreover, the water filter is a perfect way to bathe children to avoid skin issues.

You will find several designs of shower head water filters in the markets. A filtered showerhead is a built-in filter showerhead called a filtered shower head. In-line shower filter this type of water filter is installed somewhere between a shower head.

Except for something like them, you will also see chlorine filters, chloramine filters, or fluoride water filters in the market. However, be determined to pick one that best suits you.

Shower Head Water Filter

Water Leak Detector Tips

The leak pipes become devastating if you do not notice it for days. It dampens walls or any other furniture at home. In this situation, a water detector can be your home watchdog to inspect the leakages that pass water around. In this discussion, the guides you can follow to buy a water leak detector.

The automatic shut-off function of a water detector saves energy. If you do not get it running for a particular time, the timer automatically will shut off the system.

An ideal water leak detector can monitor the temperature of the home environment.

Water Leak Detector

The apps can be installed on your phone to operate or see the display monitor wherever you are. Therefore, see the features that you importantly need for your kitchen idea.

Kitchen Sink Tips

Among all other home appliances, a kitchen sink is your all-time friend to clean up utensils after use. The design and other technical sides are the most common things you need to see before a buy. The following information is for you when you are determined to get one instant. See them below.

  • Brands and models can be the first ones recognized in the market. Because of the provided services of points to view for an item.
  • Whether it is top-mount or under-mount, this is absolutely what you know for your kitchen space. So the issue is quite depending upon you to choose the right one.
  • Making material needs to be extended life that you buy for a heavy price. Therefore, the several reviews will give you tips written in the reviews article to read. Check your point there. Remember, you should be keen when reading the tips for buying home appliances.

Otherwise, there are a lot of features you can see based on the size and models. Just pick the correct match you need for tour home use.

Whole House Water Filtration System Tips

You pass a most crucial moment when it lacks pure drinking water for your family members. If you do not supply hygienic water for your children, you must suffer the expensive visit to doctors. This is not good for you. So a whole house water filtration system can bring solutions if you inspect it well before a buy. Tips are below to see.

  • It needs to have stronger water pressure for a steady water supply for all corners of every water delivery system.
  • Multi-gradient sediment filter makes water purest for drinking standards.
  • The water filtration system will be a thing that all-time produces good water condition. It’s mentioned on the label of features.
  • The thing that is easy to maintain, the most usefulness comes from the item at home. This is why; you need to see things when you want to a thing by reading the tips for buying a home appliances.
Whole House Water Filtration System

Pure water delivery capacity of the whole-house water filtration system is necessary. If you serve a big family, this is necessary you will have a big size of water filtration system to have full coverage of water. so be careful, when checking all features to finalize a whole house water filtration system full reviews.

Cooking Range

Love to cook, braise, broil, and bake? Choose from induction ranges, gas ranges, and electric ranges in our extensive online catalog, or visit 18 showrooms in Big Sandy, Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia to satisfy your appetite for a better cooking experience.

Big Sandy Superstore offers the latest styles in electric and gas cooktops, double ovens, and stovetops, including 4 to 8 burners, with a wide range of high-quality brands, starting with the brands you trust. Find your perfect range in stainless steel, a traditional themed white finish, or the most popular black stainless steel look.

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Still, need help making decisions? Use the filters in our online catalog to search by range type, manufacturer, price, number of burners and components, specific measurements and overall color. We are here to help anyone that is convenient. You can click the “Request for more information” button on any product listed online to get more details, and you can use our website’s “Ask a Question” feature to get instant feedback by text when you make a decision. Take our online quiz to narrow down your choices, then go to the showroom to talk to our equipment experts and explore your equipment options in person.


What are the different types of appliances?

There are many different types of appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, and more.

How do I know which appliance is right for me?

The best way to determine which appliance is right for you is to consider your needs and budget.

What are some things to keep in mind when appliance shopping?

Some things to keep in mind when appliance shopping include energy efficiency, size, and features.

Where can I find appliance reviews?

There are many appliance reviews available online from websites and retailers.


If you are looking to buy a new appliance, it is important to do your research to find the best option for you. This appliance buying guide can help you compare different models and brands to find the right one for your needs. Be sure to take into consideration the size, features, and price of each appliance before making your final decision.