Best All Purpose Floor Cleaner

The best all-purpose floor cleaner is a tool that tames dust and pollen for healthier living in your cozy home. Even the paramountcy of Covid-19 has reached its peak to let people think of the utmost nifty of the home environment. So you need an all-purpose floor cleaner. Follow these tips to learn more about some of the best all-purpose floor cleaners at a glance.

Top Rated All Purpose Floor Cleaner

Understanding the concentration for your flooring is essential, so we review spray or all-purpose liquid cleaners. There are several brands for several floor types which is safe for a specific type of floor at your home. So read below.


Product Name



Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Wood, Floor Mopping Cleaning WetJet

Floors Cleaner With Pads

Magic Eraser Original Mr. Clean

Floor Mopping Cleaning Starter

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Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Bona Hardwood cleaner is a spray cleaner. When you are simply using the other types of sprays for the hardwood floors, the result may be a faintness that doesn’t ensure the beauty of the floors. But Bona hardwood floor cleaner plays it exceptionally otherwise. The dilution of Bona spray is fairly residue-free. So it smears floors so that every invisible crevice of the floor absorbs drops of spray and cleans it, making it the best multi-purpose floor cleaner.

One of the best things about Bona is how long the sparkle will last, even after repeated uses. It is not necessary to clean the floors very regularly if you maintain them clear of dust and dirt. That it only requires one click, one spray, and once every three months is a huge plus.

The available economy-size refills will save you from the frequent purchase of new bottles of formula every time. 

It is also environment-friendly and ensures kids, pets, and family security. The indoor air quality remains almost fresh due to having low VOC emissions from this cleaner.

Benefits Of Hardwood Floor Cleaner

No complications have been seen ever with the mixing issues. It doesn’t require mixing with other elements before use. Just plainly spraying on the floor and cleaning is everything you have to do. Even this doesn’t require rinsing after use — fast-drying liquid element. High traffic areas, kids and pets are safe while it dries fast without making a halt over cleaning the floors. 

Bona includes a pH-neutral chemical agent in the formula to maintain the original finish of the flooring. It also protects floors from discoloration and doesn’t make anything harmful, leaving floors a bad look.

How To Use It 

The use of the Bona spray means the revelation of the natural shine of the floors. Because during cleaning, it starts extracting grime, dust, and dirt from pinpoint holes on the flat surface of the floor. It is also a fast-drying solution that actively works for all types of floors. But this is mainly for unwaxed and finely finished hardwood floors.


While it does an excellent job of cleaning, this one isn’t suitable for polishing your floors. The spray container was poorly designed, according to feedback from customers. It can be tricky to mop it up and distribute it evenly.

What Expert’s Opinion Says

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is expensive, but many people with hardwood floors and professional floor installers consider it a safe and reliable must-have. People with smell and allergy sensitivity will appreciate how simple it is to use.

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Wood, Floor Mopping Cleaning WetJet

WetJet all purpose hardwood floor mopping and cleaning is a bunch of floor cleaning kits you will love its performance. Made with mist spray nozzles that allow solution dispersal to coat floor so evenly that a smooth polishing on the floor.

It keeps lights illuminating while walking and driving mopping on the way of washing the floor. Greater control on solution dispersal is easy in the light.All Purpose Wood, Floor Mopping and Cleaning Kit - Swiffer WetJet

Compatible wood cleaning cloths used for washing the hardwood floor type. They have a soft touch on the floor with no scratches on. Microfiber-like materials have a soft impact and attitude gently while pulling the cleaner on the hardwood floor.

On buying, you will be getting a set of useful kits for cleaning. WetJet wood device is used to make the cleaning job easy. It includes wood cleaning cloths as supplies you need during cleaning your floor. A quick-dry solution is also an addition to making a whole set for your cleaning effort.

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Floors Cleaner With Pads

The all purpose floor mop has enhanced performance of long time washing. The professional microfiber mop is great in the sense-making of the natural shine of all types of floors.

You can drive it in a maneuver changing or attaching pads for the better service. Under-furniture is easy to clean while it doesn’t require much bending position for you.

Professional Microfiber Mop For Hardwood Tile Laminate & Stone Floors Cleaner PadsMicrofiber pads are seemed to be the perfect combination to roll over the hardwood, laminate and stone floors. In rough use, the pad’s fibers remain straight and do not shrink over time. They are easy to clean and last beyond expectations.

An adjustable handle will allow you to adjust the handle for any heights. If you are outgrown the handle, this is easy to adjust according to your height. No bending is needed at the moment of cleaning. From 29-inch to 62-inch, you will be able to adjust the mop handle for convenient mopping the floor.

Using a duster pad or wet pad doesn’t matter. The massive 18-inch base of the mop cleans faster while covering a lot of space in a sweeping. Your feelings will invigorate you to clean multi surfaces like laminate, hardwood, vinyl or tile floors.

You will not feel hesitation in storing the cleaning mop. It’s light-weighted. And, the handling easiness will help to carry anywhere you want. It also holds a little space in the store.

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Magic Eraser Original Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean’s magic eraser is a double strength of cleaning pads with Durafoam. Cleaning performance is amazing compared to the other leading all purpose bleach spray.

The cleaning scrubber is great to remove hard dirt and dust that commonly stick to the floor. Using all purpose scrubber means fighting against all around house of hard dirt. Mr. Clean is used to clean all surface types, wall, oven door, bathtub, oven, light-switches, door and much more.Magic Eraser Original, Cleaning Pads - Mr. Clean

In a combination only with water, Mr. Clean can steadily hard stuff out from the floors. The soft-touch brushing with the scrubber clean tough spots and any other thick scratches on the floors. This is the best all purpose floor cleaner that you can apply to any type of decorations.

To save the environment, the scrubber is kept alone with harmless chemicals and other environmentally friendly agents. You can refill it or not. If you think the refilling is not your choice through it into the trash.

For more powerful performance, this is also available in extra durable, kitchen and original forms. This is a helpful scrubber that keeps your home clean.

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Floor Mopping Cleaning Starter

Swiffer’s heavy-duty refills come with dry and wet floor mopping convenience for its worldwide customers. The dual performance is more convenient for both wet mopping and then to dry mopping.All Purpose Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit - Swiffer

Using the Swiffer, you will be able to save more 90% refills reducing the cost of the regular basis cleaning. There are several kits in the box in a single buy. One sweeper device it includes to mop the floor. 4 dry heavy duty clothes for drying the floor immediately after mopping the floor.

The main parts that clean the floor are the pads. 3 wet heavy-duty pads included in the pack to benefit you more while cleaning the floor. The pack also offers for more 10 dry sweeping cloths and 2 wet mopping pads.

Wet mopping cloths of the Swiffer do excellently trapping and locking 50% more dirt while slipping flat on the floor. Hard floor surfaces come easy to clean. It does as faster as you need. The refills are available for mopping the floors. This is also the best all purpose floor cleaner you can see for your home or office.

What Are All Purpose Floor Cleaner Liquids For Use?

Floor cleaner liquids are chemical elements that are intended to be used on floors to clean through cutting tough grime, dust and dirt. Hardwood, laminate, vinyl or tile floors are polished to back a longer life. There are several formulas available based on different floor types. This is easy to match that you can pick in your need.

The liquid cleaners play great in fetching transparent look for floors. Using liquid cleaners, it is easy to protect the home environment while removing allergens, pollen, filthy streaks that make a home on floors.


A less-visible floor portion can be used to test liquid whether it’s a good match for your floor. If you see an adverse reaction occurs on that floor part, you will be able to stop using the liquid, it will protect the floor from wholly spoil.

Types Of Floor Cleaner Liquids Available On The Market

This is somewhat common that a wide range of liquid floor cleaners available in the market. Some liquids are very popular due to having quality cleaning performance. You will come to know the whole details below.

Natural Cleaning Liquids

Natural cleaning liquids are produced to be environmentally friendly. They are also safe and secured. Natural cleaning liquids are typically non-toxic while organic cleaning agents are used to protecting the home environment. The vinegar is the master agent used to formulate these natural liquids. Moreover, the formulas do not use artificial colors and fragrances.

Natural Cleaning Liquids

These products are made to use on a variety of floors. They are also safe for areas where the little kids and pets build up their relationship, spend time playing.

If you want to be steady on regular cleaning your floor, it is great for light cleaning. The liquids also work excellently on the multiple floor types. No harmful chemical agents to formula. It’s safe for home use.

Ready To  Use Cleaning Liquids

This is more convenient to use. Not a single minute is required to prep it. If you buy it and get ready to use, you need not spend time at the moment you are going to mop your floor. For ready-to-use liquids, you need to take care of the bottle so that children cannot reach it. The supplies may cause health hazard to children or pets.

There are a wide variety of types of ready-liquids in the market. They have also different types of fragrance. Pick one of them that best suits you. Also, thinking about the floor type is important. They may have less success on tough grime.

Concentrate Floor Cleaning Liquids

Concentrate floor cleaning liquid is the best all purpose floor cleaning liquid. A concentrated liquid needs to mix water before cleaning. Only the concentrate liquid is not quite enough to work well on the floor. There are several types of liquids, this is available in the market. You can customize the strength of your mixture according to the hardness of the floor mess.
The formula can fit well if your mixture is precisely made. It will complete your floor successfully. The cleaning floor by the concentrate liquids lasts long. It’s cost-effective and less application is required for a large space. The only downside is, it takes more prep to get it ready for cleaning the floor. So typically more equipment needed to prepare it. It takes a large space in the store.

Floor-Specific Cleaning Liquids

This is wise to store multi-purpose floor cleaning liquids at home. But, otherwise, if you want to have an exceptional cleaning for your floor, the specific cleaning liquid is a must for you.

Floor specific liquid is required to make up the particular type of floors. If you want to use the liquid on the natural floors like wood or stone, they can refill needed oils to shine your floors longer. Also, it will increase the outer look of the floor. On the other hand, for synthetic floors, more harder cleaning chemicals will allow you a faster and deeper clean.

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Floor specific cleaning liquid can be customized for the specific floor types. It will never have bad impacts on the sensitive floors. They are expensive and need more cleaners for the rough-surfaced floors.

How To Choose The All Purpose Floor Cleaner Liquids

 To choose the right cleaner liquid for your home, you need to follow some factors. They will help you understand all-around your floor type. Read the following information.

  • The Type Of Floor: Some cleaners are made for some particular types of floor. You need to think first of what type of flooring you have. If you do not match the cleaner with the floor type, it may not work well, rather may damage it. Just see the right match; never hear from others about the cleaners that work well.
  • The Type Of Cleaning Tools You Use For Home: This is important to know about the cleaning tools you use for your home floor. You’ll find some certain types of cleaners do best with certain types of cleaning implements. If you want to use a new cleaning tool, think it on your own before buying the cleaner liquids. Look for compatible designs for liquids you are going to use.
  • Think About Cleaning Frequency: Some liquids are used for hard cleaning. If you have a hard floor, this is considered to see that the way for the best cleaning performance. Some are used for light-duty use on the regular basis. So this imperative to pick the right choice needs to clean your floor
  • Keep In Mind For Multiple Products: It’s not likely that you are buying a product that will work for your floor all time. Think of it otherwise; you have to address different floor types in your home. Also, you have to complete the different sessions for the different floor types.
Best All Purpose Floor Cleaner Liquids

Coinciding Budget For All Purpose Cleaner Liquids

You will find cleaning products from affordable to expensive. But this is likely you will not use all at the same time. Some of them are required dilution while a fewer applications for your floor. So consider the convenient side that will save money and last longer your purchase.

Eyeing Some Crucial Points Before Picking The Best All Purpose Floor Cleaner

The following points, some reminders, will surge over your mindset that you need to remember before finalizing an all-purpose floor cleaner. Attend them carefully.

Floor Cleaner Basics

Let’s know the floor types — laminate, timber, vinyl, bamboo, cork, tile, carpet, rubber and more something. I don’t know which one is for your floor.

However, you are stepping towards a floor cleaner you already have determined to buy. Stop a bit longer. Mind your floor type how it feels like. Or, you are ascertained to hold an all purpose floor cleaner that will dance with all surface types. Remember, very few of the floor types can be washed with an all-in-single floor cleaner.

So you need to know the information while checking out the features of a floor cleaner. You will also eye the features of the floor cleaner whether it has mentioned the floor types for the cleaner you are standing before. This is important for you to know.

Some manufacturers always try to take on their competitors. So they try to use high-tech maneuvers in their product features to stunt the customers all over the world. So there are a few manufacturers you can see marketing the all-purpose floor cleaners.

This is also important to you and waiting for a moment to know the brands and models. Though I’m deployed to let you know the right information about the features you will be reading through my product review section in this article.

An all purpose floor cleaner will discuss the floor types that it is perfect for cleaning. If not mentioned, never walk by the products. It will cheat you, cost you.

There are more revelations that you will not apply all types of all purpose floor cleaners on floors that are waxed, porous, unsealed or something oil-finished wood floors. It will make you panicked; they are not perfect for those kinds of floors.

Some floor cleaners are hold-to-use. It means the pre-installation of the cleaners will not keep you waiting for getting ready. Just hold it and start cleaning. They are hassle-free and save time when you are hurried for work. They can be used directly from the container you store them after use.

Some are concentrated all purpose floor cleaners. If you are very keen on the aesthetic issues of the floor, the solvent is a must for you to increased transparency of the floor. The solvent also protects floors from germs and grime.

When making chemicals with water, the ratio of the water to the chemical should be accurate. The instructions of the solvent ratio you need to read carefully for better performance and healthier cleaning. If you fail to mix chemicals proportionately, the bad result will discourage you to use the cleaner for further time. So it needs to know about it.

Besides, an ideal floor cleaner never leaves any spots on the floors and is capable to clean the floors a breeze. Scuff marks and any other grease buildups are easy to remove for the best all purpose floors cleaner. This is a cozy feel in cleaning up. This is where you will meet all of the best floor cleaners in the review section.

Safety Of Using A Floor Cleaner

Safe use of a floor cleaner will not make any concern for the users. When you start cleaning the floor, the installation of the cleaner needs to be very easy. Any complex setting or operation may hamper the system as well as the time too. Plus, it is noticeable, if there is any harmful toxic or chemical such as phthalates, ammonia or alkalis used in the materials of the cleaner. Though the cleaners made of the compositions like neutral PH are good as well.

The Ease Of Use Of The Cleaners

The handle of cleaner is important. It needs to be convenient and adjustable so that every height is easily adjustable. You may use concentrations or chemicals to flash your floors. So the storage system of the chemical mixture should be easy to fill.

The best all purpose floor cleaner is the best when it is seen as a light-weighted one amongst other features. This is carrying and transferring easy. The foldable ones are great when they catch a little of space. It is a matter of think about the easiness of an all-purpose floor cleaner.

Sometimes The Price Doesn’t Matter

Your consideration for an all purpose floor cleaner may vary based on the quality of a product. This is sometimes you may not be fixed with the value you want to spend on one. If you think that the quality is good, your budget constraint is nothing there. It depends on the features and brand value of the product.

Otherwise, a cheaper match of a cleaner can be a high-quality one. This is the situation comprehensive one can understand well just standing before the products comparing and bargaining to each other.

Ease Of Use Of The Cleaners

Customer’s Feed Backs Read Great To Pick An Ideal Floor Cleaner

The feedback evidence is a third eye that will help to identify the correct floor cleaner. Opening up a floor cleaner, go through the verified customer’s feed backs to see what they say about.

The rating and the comments of the feed backs are open secrets there. So it is easy to assume which product is doing well in the markets. When you scroll down all the reviews of the feed backs, you will also able to count the numbers of the downside of the products. If the numbers of positive feed backs are less than that of critical feed backs, avoid it.

Sometimes some minor issues are that have no huge impacts on buying. You can stay there and think about the potentiality of buying it.


FAQs: All The Best Purpose Floor Cleaner

Q: What is Eucadet?

A: Eucadet is a detergent concentrate or all types of surface cleaner liquid detergent. This is used on any washable tough surface for easy cleaning. This is popular for its multi-purpose uses on different floor types.

Q: What Does HC-90 Describe?

A: This is a powerful grease-cutting agent used on a low foaming cleaner. This is typically used in hospitals, food preparation areas, restaurants, building maintenance and ultrasonic cleaning due to having a low alkaline detergent.

Q: What Do You Mean by Mop ‘N’ Dry?

A: If you use a spray, glide or microfiber mop on your floor, you need to use the formula Mop ‘N’ Dry for fast drying. It’s a powerful detergent that helps dry floors faster. Stubborn stains and grime are to dry fast leaving no residues on the floor. It’s excellent for spot cleaning of the floors.

Q: What is pH-7?

A: pH is a neutral floor cleaner. The neutral detergent is eco-friendly and has a versatility of applications for cleaning hard-surfaced floors. It’s specially formulated to be environmentally friendly.

Q: What Does The Super force Mean?

A: This is a kind of concentrated deodorant and powerful cleaner liquid. It’s used on all washable hard surfaces. Super force reacts well and removes all food spills, dust, dirt, soils, oily films, fat, smoke deposits, carbon, ink spills and all bathroom buildups. It also cleans floors, tiles, polished vinyl, car tires, walls, glass, upholstery, kitchen ducking, porcelain, Venetian blinds and stainless steel.

Bottom Line

When you are using multiple types of floors, you need to clean them on the regular basis. The best all purpose floor cleaner liquid is the way you have to clean your floors by using it. Before going to buy a type of floor cleaner liquids, this is safe to understand the type of floors. Because you will not likely buy all the types of floor cleaner at the same time. So as the helping tips, you can read our all through reviews and information are given in the article. We have mentioned pinpoint information for your convenience to buy the right one for your home floors.

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